London Underground Map Table Plan. Rock N Roll Bride

If you’re having a Jubilee or British themed wedding then what could be more perfect than this London Underground map table plan!? On the idea of asking close friends and family for their seating preferences – I had a problem with this because we had a small wedding and there was family on the in-laws side (close family – siblings of my in-laws) who had traveled VERY far and my MIL tried to dictate where to put everyone which included not seating these family members, with their family!

Almost everyone commented on how lovely it was to have the chance to talk with people they might not have otherwise (and really, I love my extended family, but I know them well—I personally think it’s much more interesting to sit at a table with cousins from the other side of the aisle than one made up of just my cousins, who I likely just spent all of cocktail hour chatting with).

Truth is, I had no desire to write 120 names on post-its, so I just put everyone’s name into a document (they were copied and pasted from our spreadsheet) and then put 12 table numbers and grouped people according to who they knew and moved people around until the numbers added up – making sure that everyone knew at least 1 other person at the table.

And, if you’re currently in the weeds of post-it-note (or software) hell, just remember—your guests are adults (or have an adult with them); they love you and are happy to be there, and will hopefully be gracious about whatever table they end up being placed at. If not—just remember that a well-stocked bar can go a long way towards soothing things.

Now, if your wedding consists of a six-course plated meal that’s going to take three hours, you may want to work a little harder on creating great groups, but this is also where I encourage people to let the guests who won’t know anyone else at your wedding (see: that one former co-worker you’ve stayed close to, or childhood friend who lives out of state and doesn’t know any of your current friends) to bring a plus one, even if you’re not allowing them across the board.

With assigned tables you only need escort cards, or you can make things even easier, and scrap the escort cards for a seating chart (which is really just a big poster with a list of people’s names and table numbers on it. A chart also has the bonus benefit of not being able to get lost, which somehow always happens with escort cards even when no one is leaving the room).

Once I saw how each table looked on the map,” I made changes that I wouldn’t otherwise have thought of – like putting parents and kids near the door instead of across the room, putting my law school friends next to the bar (hey, they were going to be there all night anyways…), and keeping drama-prone folks on separate sides of the room instead of tables right next to each other.

I struggled, at first, to find a good way of displaying the map hearts on the tables, most real weddings in magazines or on blogs or even Pinterest seemed to use either metal stands which were working out stupidly expensive and made the displays too tall or the cheap Ikea plastic stands which I didn’t like the look of. I wanted people to be able to find their table and appreciate the map hearts without standing out too much.

If you are open to the idea of a map themed wedding why not try some ideas similar to the one we featured in our magazine The way the bride arranged each table setting into a gorgeous fan shape using paper tags just adds that little bit of extra drama and we just love it. Escort cards and table plans are a great way of using maps or map décor in a subtle way.

We’ll have to see how our tables work out, but right now I’m thinking one option for us will be to have a table with my MoH and her husband, who won’t know many people there, and the best man, my fiance’s brother, who is unlikely to have a date and who will have tons of family there and know plenty of my fiance’s friends, but not necessarily either want to sit with older family members or fit neatly into a table of people who know him but are actually friends with each other.

Available in two sizes – A2 for smaller weddings (up to eight tables including the top table) or A1 (9+ tables including the top table). This kit is an alternative to framing your map, the map sticks the wooden struts and can be hung from the twine at your wedding venue. Our wedding was small, 42 people, with no bridal party but we wanted to regonise our friends and enjoy a meal with them. I’m currently planning such for my wedding in August and look forward to any advice!

Create paper flowers from map paper as a unique DIY map centrepiece, or use light up globes as a stunning glowing evening table centrepiece. This family tree-inspired seating chart makes a beautiful accent at a rustic wedding. In the Treehouse , who operate from Devon, offer the most spectacular range of wedding stationery and accessories. Instead of one large seating chart, individual frames for each table makes for a decorative display. For the couple who love to travel , bring this passion into your wedding with this map table plan.

Then add in a few other similar people — people we’re really close to but who don’t know as many people there, and we have a table that we’ll enjoy and that will hopefully make it less likely we have a remainders table of people who didn’t know enough people to fit at a really coherent table. My mom, who already planned 3 Bar/Bat Mitzvah parties with seating charts was an old pro and got hers done in like 5 mins.

Luckily I knew a couple other people there who weren’t in the wedding, but if I had waited a few more minutes before sitting down the table could have filled up and I would be stuck with no where to sit. Seriously, this is one of the only parts of wedding planning that’s gone smoothly for us, and I’m so grateful. For larger weddings, consider multiple camera stations to avoid a seating delay.

I then created a new A5 document on Microsoft Word for each table name and pasted the map heart in. For the name, I downloaded a vintage typewriter font from called Travelling Typewriter. We reserved tables in the middle for members of the wedding party + their dates, and I reserved one table for each of my parents and my in-laws, and trusted that a room full of adults would be capable of seating themselves. This is exactly how I feel- I love organizing and may possibly be a little OCD, so I’m kind of looking forward to the seating chart!

Inked with vintage letter and number stamps from Anthropologie , escort-card tags hung from lines of packing string at this colorful wedding in Marfa, Texas. We are particularly fond of the heart shaped map garlands from Bookity and the oh so sweet and lovely mini map bunting from D Sharp If you ask me there are just TOO many lovely ways you could incorporate maps into your very special day. Is the largest online map shop with one of the largest range of maps world wide.

We couldn’t finish the project though until about a week before the wedding day, wanting to double check all our guests were coming before we printed out the plan. Photo frames in the end turned out to be the best option for our wedding and I bought a variety of cheap frames 7×5 inches in size from Wilkinson’s for about £1 each that were originally gold, but painted them cream with Annie Sloan chalk paint we had from previous interior projects. Luggage tags are a fun alternative to a classic escort card at a destination wedding. You are charged per table for your plan ensuring that you are not subject to a high flat charge, particularly important if you are having a smaller wedding.

The only scenarios where you can get away with not having a seating plan is if your reception is more intimate (50 guests or fewer), or if you’re having a cocktail party-style reception where guests can mix and mingle on their own. Put off plan ice Looking for unique wedding ceremony table plans expression no table plan map of the world Here at The marriage of my Dreams we have a scope of marriage table plans.

And the aunts + uncles at that table didn’t talk to them at all because of that and therefore wouldn’t talk to ME. We spent a lot of time going through every little detail of the wedding plans and what needed to be done. I got through a lot of packs of recycled, brown kraft paper for our wedding crafts. Use multiple large displays that can organize guests’ names neatly for the most efficient seating. To go along with a confetti theme, toss a smattering of color-coordinated circles announcing guests’ names and table numbers. Step Two: Choose underground stops in areas of London which will become your table names.