Black Friday 2015 Miter Saw Deals

Craftsman has been selling tools far longer than I’ve been alive so they certainly have their pulse on our industry. Craftsman 10inch compound miter saw has a spinning capacity of 4,800 RPM, making it super strong and fast to withstand all types of woodworking task. I don’t know anything about the saw so it might be pretty decent and it might not be worth much. In my opinion the laser is not worth the money especially if your are going to use the saw outdoors, you cannot see that laser in the sunlight.

My second choice is not a sliding saw but the Delta 36-412, half the money but not half the features. This is a really solid saw for the price (whether you get it for $155, $165, or $189). I installed a new Freud 80-tooth Thin Kerf Ultimate Cut-off Blade and put today’s models through a brutal test, making 50 crosscuts and 50 compound cuts through 1-3⁄4″.-thick, 10″- wide hard maple. Ten years ago miter saws were just beginning to make inroads into boat building and carpentry. Our Makita saw is the only one we tested with linear ball bearings on both rails.

For easy access and safety, the device’s controls are located on the front of the saw. You’ll learn how to set up a saw well, and keep it maintained, which will help you become a great woodworker. The Miter Mate comes with an removable angle finder” which has a locking function to hold the angle while you bring it back to the saw and match the saw fence to the angle finder. I used a Craftsman miter saw for a while before donating it, and aside from having to square things up once or twice, it was great. An effective dust collection system prevents the dust from getting inside the saw.

In years past I can remember trying to cut compound angles with my worm drive saw while I held the lumber at the same time. Setting up compound miter cuts is easy: DeWALT locates a big bevel tilt lever on top of the rail assembly. It still does up to 50-degree miters on both sides, but if you need to do compound angles you have to take into account how you position your piece. After using the Delta saw and the Bosch I became aware of how easy front only controls made using the saws. Okay, most of the major tool companies sell single compound miter saws that are very good in quality. On the whole, I found myself agreeing with them after putting this saw through its paces.

For plusses, this saw has slide-out table extensions with work stops similar to Craftsman that offer almost 42″ of workpiece support — helpful! The Craftsman and Festool project a dashed laser line (with their blade guards down), which is easier to align to a pencil mark than a solid laser line. Delta has equipped its version with a plastic base that adds stock support on both sides of the circular miter table.

Finally, adjust the right bevel stop at 45° using the Allen wrench supplied with the saw. Just like a compound saw, it is also available in single-bevel and dual-bevel action. The quick-release bevel and miter stops make this a truly useful carpentry tool for your woodworking shop or home garage. I am going to try and find a dado blade I can use to make these cuts with the Bosch saw.

As far as 10-inch sliders go (in this price range) the Craftsman Compact is leaps and bounds ahead on features and quality. Bottom line is if you need a decent saw for this low of budget it is a good little saw. In contrast to a radial-arm saw powerhead that’s simply hung from a relatively massive arm, a sliding compound miter saw’s powerhead is fixed to twin 1-3/16-in.-dia. Mine only leans to one side, but that hasn’t really been an issue at all, but I’ve only made a few compound angles with it over the years. In contrast, the Festool’s miter stop lever was a bit stiff to operate, but it locked rock solid and dead-on.

On the new black and silver version Craftsman moved the slider thumbwheel up and on the side of the slide so it is easy to reach and use. Miter settings either on or off the table’s nine detents are easy to set as well: thumb a slider knob ahead of the miter lock lever to swivel the table, then push the lever down to lock. Popular brand names that I like are Delta, DeWalt, Ridgid, Porter Cable, Hitachi and Craftsman.