How To Engrave Letters On Wood

The elegant simplicity of laser engraving makes a beautiful gift extra special! These are just as important as wood selection and usually requires a significant amount of testing. The deeper that we need to engrave into the wood requires that we use more power (or slower speed). If the wood item has a sealer finish on it than all you need to do is to take damp rag or shammy and wipe off the excess residue. The wood you choose has a direct effect on the outcome of your engraving project.

AlderĀ – With it’s light color, high resin content and light streaking alder wood is a good choice for most laser engraving wood projects. The box contained a piece of scrap wood to practice on too, but I found it to be really soft and burned differently than the bamboo. Then I started burning my words in. I worked on an old cookie sheet so that the wood burning tool wasn’t on anything it could burn (or catch on fire). Also the grain can cause deviation from its intended path with use of woodturning pen unless you apply more pressure and burn slower on the grain.

Figure 11 shows that I have small patches of silver painted trapped in the grain of the wood. Thus you will need to either mask off the wood so that there is no stain or sand down the wood after you have lasered it. The sanding process will get rid of any residue that stains the wood. Vector engraving (Figure 2) in wood is when the machine runs like a plotter or a rotary engraving machine. Let’s say you find a good quality wood that laser engraves with a nice dark burn.

When you are cutting out the wood because of the high power sometimes you create excess flaming. A lower resolution can decrease our engraving time but we may need to supply more power to the engraving machine to make up for the lack of dots that are there. A computerized wood-burning laser engraving machine attaches to your computer like a printer. Nothing has changed, your using the same settings, same wood vendor, same everything. Now, I bought my wood burning tool at Michaels Arts and Craft store for about $9.99. It came with about 6 different tips so I could control what my wood burning design looks like.

We guarantee our Hand Tools to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the life of the product. If you are a killer artist and drawing is your thing, you may find it fun to draw directly onto the wood you’re using with a graphite pencil. Pyrography or pyrogravure is the art of decorating wood or other materials with burn marks resulting from the controlled application of a heated object such as a poker.

Now that is easy and you spent time with your kids making their very own wood burned and engrave baseball bat. I tried copy/paste and got something called a vector smart object, but it’s apparently much smarter than I am. I’m guessing a vector is fine – I don’t think the text needs to actually be editable text, as long as I’ve got vector shapes into which I can paste the wood image – but I can’t get it to behave. These units come in light or heavy duty, the latter will last longer since they’re heavier and and more appealing to artists who prefer durable tools.

If you want a deep cut the laser will typically need to run slower which means the job will take longer to engrave than if we required a shallower engraving or cut. With wood this will result in a desirable burned appearance as the laser heats and reacts with the material. Wood burning your own baseball in any script or design you want is simple to do. If you do want to have the kids make this simple wood burning project with you though, be sure to help them. Note: you may need to be careful not to get to much shoe polish in the surrounding area as the polish can become trapped in the pores of the wood.