Wooden Comb

Natural Red Sandalwood Health No Static massage hair Wide tooth Wood Comb Color:Natural. For long curly hair, choose combs that have wider teeth, so the comb can go through the hair smoothly without tangling the hair. I have not tried a boar bristle brush, but cannot imagine it would be any more wonderful than the wood products I’m using now. In the American colonies, ivory grooming combs were coveted, but these imported luxuries were far too expensive for most families. We carry hair brushes for women, men or kids and offer a variety of types including ceramic, wood, metal or plastic.

Subsequently, my hair fall went to worse when I started usign this comb very regularly. It will explain about when to comb your hair and the benefits of it as well as how to choose the best hair comb for you. Combs are also still significant for certain Native American tribes, who use them for headdresses and ornaments worn during weddings and other ceremonies. It was just lint from pillowcases and clothing packed down with natural hair oils, but a few months of accumulation sure looked awful. It seems you are looking for the correct comb in order to eliminate dandruff and regrow hair. I bought it because of the anti static claim but…it makes my hair staticky like crazy!

I took off my scarf and she saw it. By that time, there was some black hair growing among the white hair, and I was so happy about it. I showed her the wooden comb and explained and gave a demo as how to comb my hair. UCS Neem Wood Hair Combs are non toxic and smooth (the teeth on many plastic combs are quite sharp and can scratch the scalp). It is a wide-teethed comb which is said to detangle wet hair but I don’t use it on wet hair. Continue gently removing debris until all the hair and visible buildup on the base and on the bristles disappear. As for which type of comb to use, I recommend using the wooden comb as it is natural & softer for your hair and scalp.

Professional Tips: For Hairdressing Training Head and any other wig hair, we strongly recommend you to use the steel or wooden comb for reducing the loss of hair when comb. Now I have bought more Widu brushes for myself and family, and am overjoyed to find they are better than ever. If your brush has a wood base, rubber padding, or has natural boar bristles, clean it under running warm water with shampoo – without submerging it in the water. This is super extra necessary with how long my hair is—I can practically fill the brush in a week or two!

I am 67 years old & get compliments all the time about my hair; I think it has to do with your brush. In Chinese culture, it is very common to gift wood comb and it means ‘see you everyday’. Hair brushes, combs, and mirrors have been excavated from the tombs of ancient Egyptians, and hieroglyphics even show royalty wearing neatly kept wigs. But it’s not just no static or good feel of wood comb, there are many more reasons to use a wood comb. As a hair comb: This lovely comb can be used in the hair, or as a decoration in the hair, for instance, holding hair back.

The fibers in the wood also help to spread the natural oils around for healthier hair. Finding a good comb can make as much difference to your hair as choosing a great conditioner. But you shouldn’t comb wet hair anyway (it’s very delicate), and besides a better quality comb is a good investment. First and foremost, always know the hair type that you have or that you will fix. Without brushes or combs you cannot define hair completely – yes, they are obviously bonded together. I sprinkle baking soda on the comb and use a wet brush to clean the comb between its teeth.

Well, plastic combs are often machine made, rather than being hand made and often machine made combs have tiny rough spot in the areas where the plastic has been cut out, these rough areas can catch on delicate Afro hair and tear it out. However water can make wood swell so you really have to look after the comb and ensure it dries thoroughly, use a dry cotton cloth to wipe the water off the comb. Earlier in ancient times, single sticks of either wood or animal bones were used as combs to detangle hair. She reached to her purse and took a wooden comb out and then, showed me how to comb her hair.

Soak in a sink filled with warm water, with a squirt of shampoo added to help break up any lingering oils, grease, or hair styling products for 15 minutes. If you’re looking for completely wood bristles, or, if you have thinner hair, or short hair, you may love my purse-sized brush below. Plastic hair combs are harmful for hair as they create electricity while you comb your hair with them. Italian artisans made these wooden bristles brushes and combs which are all natural. Make UCS Neem Wood Hair Comb your habit and you will have hair to comb for life! After extensive study and research the hard white wood of the hornbeam tree of the birch family was chosen for the bristles.

So, I decided that it wasn’t doing its job well-enough and I had to get a new comb. I made some design improvements between the two, and I’ll just be documenting the process of making the purple-heart comb. A wooden comb ensures that your hair remains clean for the most part, no static also means that the likelihood of your hair breaking is significantly reduced.