Woodmaster Molding Knives

Molding Knives : Custom Knives Woodmaster Shopfox, Belsaw, Sears, Grizzly, William and Hussey, corrugated and smooth knives $12.50 per knife inch this week only. Black Nitride HSS: Black Nitride is a premium HSS with a case hardened and black oxide coating to resist wear and pitch build up. Black Nitride is another tool in your arsenal that can deliver 20-50% longer run times than standard M2 moulding knives, yet they are as easy to machine as standard M2. Our special case hardening procedure hardens the cutting edge to a depth of010 and a high hardness of 73 RC, similar to that of (Opti Steel™).

In a follow up conversation with Woodmaster they indicated that they can customize a 718 for faster feed rates (up to 27 FPM), but to be honest, if I hadn’t noticed this on paper, I wouldn’t have noticed it at all because it doesn’t feel slow to me. Also, because it allows such a deep cut into the wood, it will make short work of any planing that I need to do in my shop.

I like it…set up time between knives is maybe 5 minutes….indexing them ( getting both knives in same cutting plane ) is dead simple….they drop onto a shoulder, and 2-4 bolts hold the knife to the head ( depending on knife width ). Woodmaster ULTRA Molding Knives combine the latest in hi-tech manufacturing techniques with old-world hand craftsmanship. I think it is pretty dominant in the molding market, and Woodmaster markets it more based on that capability, which makes sense because they make a lot more profit margin when someone buys a lot of molding knives versus just using the machine as a planer.

Seems like some knives do and some don’t, and I was wondering if there is a reason for that. M2 moulder knives are the guage that most all high speed steels are measured against.Great for medium to long runs in hardwoods and softwoods. I also have a 718, and never even ordered the free set of blades for moulding that Woodmaster owes me…..but I bet they still have it on file. Adding the Woodmaster dual router attachment turns your Model 718 Molder into a three.

I have a specific need for some short runs of molding and I’m tired of grinding shaper knives and making do with routers and the shaper, a simpler planer that can accomplish this as well as jobsite stock thicknessing would be great. I buy my planer blades & profile knives from Not sure about parts, I usually go to woodmaster for that. The woodmaster should have a dual belt setup and you do not need to hange the motor off a hinge. Woodmaster is great about cutting custom knives & has a large selection of knives in their library.

Custom moulding knives,molding knives,williams and hussey,shop fox, woodmaster,powermatic,jet, grizzly and more. At that time no one else was manufacturing moulding knives with EDM machines so it was a bit of a risk at first,” explains Blois. Basically you are questioning the difference between a dedicated machine (Woodmaster) vs. a more general use machine (shaper). Some common Brand applications:Fits Rbi model 812, Foley-Belsaw, Powermatic, Woodmaster 712, RBI Jet.

Woodmaster has taken its professional combination machine, the Extreme Duty Woodmaster 725, to a higher level. I know how to grind knives and balance as I worked at a custom cabinet shop, I’m just not sure if the cutter exposure and the like on one of these vintage planers would allow for that or if I have to suck it up and save for a Woodmaster. This Elliptical Jig enables the W1812 Shop Fox® Planer/Moulder to make extremely high quality arched casings and mouldings to match the same straight moulding profiles produced by the Planer. I would guess the Woodmaster is about the lightest duty specialty moulding cutter out there.

The used machine came with a couple of sets and we ran some stock just to try it. I’ve seen those old belsaw planers on ebay and craig’s list for a couple hundred bucks. Choose from one of over 500 standard molding patterns or let us create custom molding knives from your sample or drawing! Quick knife changes, no tear out, reasonable price for Quality knives, takes almost no space, and for short run or custom molding IMHO it can’t be beat. For one project I would buy the molding or have a shop cut it if I had the wood.

If you can’t afford that then you shouldn’t be making your own molding for your jobs and should be outsourcing it to someone with the capability to s4s and run the molding for you. We often say owning a Woodmaster Planer is like having a lumberyard right in your shop. We recommend Xtreme Form molding foam for use in CKK sheath/holster molding presses, as well as for use in professional custom shop pressing appliances.

Or, if you own a sawmill, you can add big value to your lumber by surfacing it before you sell it. Either way, the planing capability of the Woodmaster is a big, big part of the Woodmaster Advantage! Just US$5.58 + free shipping, buy 12mm Alloy Steel Rosary Bead Molding Cutter Knife Drill Tool at and enjoy worldwide free shipping. But to make room for snaggle toothed molding profiles, Belsaw (and, I assume, Woodmaster) pushed the chipbreaker WAY back, to the point that it’s a complete non-issue. Your Woodmaster equipment and all Woodmaster attachments have been carefully inspected at our factory.

I like the idea of a machine that can do multiple tasks, since I have a small shop.I looked at the RBI online after you told me about it and sent for more information on it. The RBI looks like a pretty solid machine, a little bit different set up then the woodmaster. I’ve used a lot of equipment and I’ve never seen one that can cut molding in one pass like my Woodmaster can.

Only Woodmaster offers this Exclusive Service…just another part of what we call the Woodmaster Advantage. He had gone from that expensive molding machine to a Woodmaster because it was more versatile. The machine is sloooow but steady and somehow yields decent, usable moldings, especially if you use three profile knives instead of the usual one. I had stumbled across a reference in a manual and in a parts list to molding cutters for one of the non-Belsaw Sears planers. My Woodmaster 718 now makes moulding as good as or maybe even better than a $50,000 machine. I do both surface planing and edge planing with this machine, as well as cutting custom molding.

If excessive roller wear during planing ever becomes a problem, Woodmaster sells a serrated steel infeed roller for just this purpose, but I doubt it will ever become an issue for me. Jobs take less time; they’re less labor intensive, less demanding, and the Woodmaster does a better job that you do. The Fox and Williams & Hussey are nice as well but more of a molding machine than a planer, sold throught grizzly, the fox is. I can multi-task now: I run a panel through the sander do something else while the Woodmaster is doing its thing. It was always a pain switching stuff around from cutting to molding or whatever.

If you want a superior molding effect, Xtreme Form is the top of the class for thermoform molding applications. I’m also able to offer moldings nobody else can because I have access to Woodmaster’s 600 molding knife patterns; custom moldings, too. We use the latest CAD design programs and highly sophisticated water jet technology to literally cut your molding knife to a razor edge from solid tool steel. One Woodmaster is mounted with a back cutter , a crown mold cutter, a shoe mold, and a 1-13/16” bead mold knife. Like new condition shop fox.Optional Curved molding attachment available from Shop Fox – not included.

You can buy ‘em cheaper but it will cost you more in the long run because it doesn’t have the quality Woodmaster does. We are passionate about knives and blades- pocket, folding, fixed-blade, tactical, survival, edc – you name it, we love them and and will write about them! I built my own home in 1993 and my shop’s in the basement, about 1,800 sq. ft. I have a lot of equipment including both the Woodmaster Molder/Planer and the Woodmaster Drum Sander. RBI is another option( better than Woodmaster in my opinion), I have one but use it for the gang rip function.