Doweling Jig

General 841 EZ Pro Doweling Jig Kit includes everything you need to make beautiful wood joints like a pro. This self-centering doweling jig helps you make accurate butt joints, miter joints and edge joints with ease. Stanley Doweling Jig #59 comes in the original box, with all pieces shown in photos, including the instructions. The dowelling jig should guide the drill when making perpendicular holes in the edge, face or the end of a board. They’re metal tools that guide the angle and location of drill bits in a handheld drill as they bore into wood. The ideal diameter of the dowel used should be ½ the thickness of the stock being joined together.

Thirdly, in order to dowel the ends of narrow pieces that WILL register against both rods, you have to get the E-clamp right up close to the jig – and the knobs that operate the clamps of both interfere with each other… just making the threaded rod on the jig a bit longer would have alleviated that. Up for sale is this vintage Sears Craftsman No. 9-4186 Dowel Jig in it’s original box.

This is when you drill mating holes into two parts of a joint and insert a length of dowel that’s hidden from view. You can measure each hole, a tedious and undependable process, or buy one of many available doweling jigs, or you can make your own jig from wood or aluminum (Image 2). Use dowel centers (see Sources, bottom of page) to transfer dowel-hole positions from the edge of one piece to the face of the mating piece. The most useful tool you need for accurate and fast wood drilling is the dowel jigs.

This real wood veneer is made into a flexible tape backed with a heat activated adhesive, and it’s sized to fit a 3/4” thick plywood edge. Any movements will spoil the precision drilling which is the entry point of buying a dowel jig. If you have tried to pull together a joint made more or less by reckoning or from the use of dowel points you will likely be aware of the essential requirement for accuracy. Make a choice based on your budget, but you have to budget for a high quality dowel jigs. Align the jig with the marks drawn on the right rail, and use the right set of bushings to drill that pair of holes.

With piece number 1 in the vice and the Dowelmax jig clamped to the workpiece and referenced correctly, you can go ahead and drill the holes as needed. The jig should be easy to position over the work board when you want to align it with the marked points where the dowel holes will be drilled. The wolfcraft 4641 dowel quick doweling jig: it is very affordable and has versatility. My introduction to dowel making and to using the Dowelmax was an enormously pleasant surprise. Dowel max precision engineered wood joinery system: it delivers strong accurate wood joints of any size and configuration.

Most doweling jigs come with several different sleeves for different-sized drill bits. When you want to buy dowel jigs pay close attention to how each refers the hole. I have a jig that cost three times as much and doesn’t work half as good.I had to center it before use, but it works great. The other dowel jigs may refer off one face making offset holes a snap and easy. The pointed notches on the working edges of the jig center the drill bit automatically for precise registration. The one I’m using is a self centering doweling jig that allows for five different diameters of dowels.

You can use couple pieces of scrap wood and bushings to make your own dowel jig that is cheap and accurate. A butt joint – one piece of wood butted up to the other (Image 1) – is a weak joint, but it can be strengthened by adding dowels. The dowel material can be a simple ambiguous ‘hardwood’ dowel picked up in a home center, a dowel of a specific species ordered from a supplier or even one you custom turn from a treasured blank on your lathe.

The use of a jig to accurately space and position dowel holes is strongly advised for all doweling operations. After drilling the first two holes in each board, if needed loosen the spin nut, slide the jig down to where you want the next dowels, tighten and drill both boards, again. Step 8: Mark your drill bit for the proper drilling depth with a piece of tape wrapped around it or with a stop collar. Cost: many people prefer dowel jigs because it is cheaper than other types of jigs on the market. Aligning and clamping the Dowelmax to the second workpiece, again ensuring our check marks on the timber line up with the refernce marks on the Dowelmax jig.

Step 2: Although you could make this jig without bushings, it won’t take long before your drill bit will begin to widen the guide holes — and that will ruin the jig’s accuracy. The CDJ-2 provides a simple and efficient way of creating accurate dowel joints in wood, MDF and similar processed timbers. I’ve seen them at various stores and for widely fluctuating prices, but the operation of the jig is about the same.

Store your new jig where you keep your dowels or drill bits and it will be ready to go every time a face frame is on your to do” list. Rip the scrap to match the usual width of your face frame parts — a 2-in.-wide jig is a good general size — and crosscut the jig blank 2 1/2-in. The only people who can believe that dowels are as strong as a M&T joint are those who have drunk the dowel KoolAid (are religious about it). Many woodworkers have used doweling for a long time to strengthen the woodworking joints. Make this cut with the jig backed up and clamped against a miter gauge (see Photo 3).