Vertical Plywood Saw

Nothing beats a panel saw for quickly breaking down sheets of plywood for a project. Other accessories available are: (a) a sliding dust extraction kit with a 6.5m hose which slides over the rollers at the top of the machine as the saw moves up and down, (b) a multiposition length stop which allows for up to eight pre-set lengths to be set and (c) a hold down bar with support fingers and non marring rollers for use when cutting thin materials such as Perspex.

I do have some experience with a small CNC machine and it would make it far more versatile, however the cost would also go up. If I were to build a CNC machine I’d build it vertical like this panel saw and would probably use a vacuum hold-down for it. I’ve only ever seen one commercial vertical CNC machine and one home-made one, but by using some of the ideas that you have in your panel saw I think that it would turn out well.

Releasing the Windlass and partly releasing the brake lever 37, he permits the saw to be drawn up above the work by the counter-weight 31. The cut pieces become removable by releasing the levers 50 and 51, As the ordinary full panel may easily be manipulated by one man when ‘held vertically, the operation of sawing such a panel becomes a one-man job.

If your supplier offers a cutting service, it is a great bargain in the short and long run. You’ve researched your project; know what plywood you want; grabbed your cut sheet, tape measure and pencil…and now, the adventure begins. Its flexibility and range of options makes in the ideal panel saw for businesses of all sizes. An additional blade suitable for cutting non-ferrous materials is also ordering this saw for shipment to offshore islands or overseas you must purchase the fixed stand (110074) to enable the item to be sent safely.

When in a horizontal plane, the piece must be held by various blocks and guides to keep it from slipping sideways, whereas in a vertical plane the weight of the piece will materially assist in holding the piece firmly. Safety Speed Cut also offers two portable models (C4 and C5), three entry-level full-sized models (H-Series), two models with worn-gear driven saw motors (6400 and 6800), and two 3-hp models (7400 and 7400XL). Check to be sure the blade isn’t contacting the board, then squeeze the trigger and allow the saw to reach full speed.

I build desks and other pieces of furniture that require the use of plywood in many occasions. It seems that a panel saw would save a lot of time and be especially useful if you are doing a lot of panel cutting. Believe it or not, the biggest key to getting plywood cut correctly is your attitude. Loading a vertical saw can be a lot easier than working with a sliding table saw, especially in a small shop that doesn’t own a forklift. After working for some time where we had a panel saw available at the shop, I really began to appreciate how easy it did the job.

The weight of the lever may easily be adjusted so that it will automatically hold the saw 11 at any point when the wheel 35 is released, a slight lift on the lever then releasing the band 38 and permitting the saw to rise at a controlled speed. A motorcycle lift can also be used as a rolling, adjustable height plywood cart. As part of the process, he cuts, sizes and bevels approximately 100 sheets of plywood a year.

Another thought is this… I also rough rip, then TS. I made a vertical frame like a VPS but I clamp the top edge to the frame so it doesn’t drop into the kerf. Keep in mind, the associate who will be operating” the saw doesn’t want to do it. They are usually understaffed, have a long work list, and have just cleaned up a mess that a rude customer left for them. Our DIY Panel Saw Kit includes 3 interchangeable base plates that can be swapped into the sliding carriage.

The saw 11, with a motor 18 to turn it, is mounted on a plate 19 which is slidable vertically against the rear side of the split panel 9. One vertical edge of the plate 19 is provided with a short vertical length of pipe 20 (Figs. This vertical panel saw incorporates both sawing and grooving into one machine with the flip of a switch. This Elcon wall saw is a 1997 machine originally specified with the Limpio extraction and 4kw motor upgrade. The saw can also be lowered into the work piece to cut out rectangular sections. All of a sudden, you feel like you are in a Ghost Store—all of those associates you saw earlier, suddenly vanished.