Built To Blast

A wide side door opening and large viewing window make this blast cabinet ideal for cleaning automotive parts. With cyclone separator and 150lb capacity media storage hopper can be adjusted to control the size of fines extracted from the blast media. With blasting cabinets costing more than the compressor did, I decided to build my own. To build sandblasting cabinet, you then have to remove the top flap on the front of the would-be cabinet and place it in the underside so that it functions as a cushion that protects the tape from the parts that will be blasted. Cutting the door using my build as you go” mentality almost bit me in the neck, because after I cut what at the time I thought would be used as the door, I realized it wouldn’t work at all.

My thought was that I wanted the heavier grit to fall down back into the hopper – and the lighter dust / muck to be extracted out of the top – this way I hoped to keep as much grit as possible inside the cabinet. When media blasting always wear long layered clothing and gloves to protect your skin. Soda blasting is a great alternative to sand or shot blasting, because the blasting medium doesn’t damage the underlying metal. The Hurricane Exhaust Blower and low-velocity scrubber/filter maintains a negative cabinet pressure that prevents the cabinet mist from escaping during the blasting application.

THANK YOU, KAY for sending me the sandblasting kit-I had a total blast this afternoon (if you can’t tell) and I have lots more experiments I can’t wait to try. They can pull down a home shop compressor pretty fast, and regardless what you do there will be abrasive on the floor and everything else inclose proximity to it. We have them in their own room with air filtration and sticky mats at the door to help with the containment of the mess.

Finally, mine lives outside the garage and i always wear a sealed mask with a filter, there is a vent so i do not need a vaccum cleaner attached, but i somtimes switch on a big floor standing fan to blow the dust over the garden! You may want to consider the open back cabinet and video camera and how it will improve your sandcarving. This type of cabinet allows total movement of hands and arms when doing airbrush technique blasting. For small units, Kirby Vacuum cleaner motors with bags make excellent dust collectors.

A small home glass carving setup can be acquired for less than US$800, while a system with a cabinet capable of handling larger pieces of glass and more nuanced sandblasting can cost between US$1000 and US$3000. I use sand when I blast so no actual reason to reclaim it. If you make one let us know how it went. They are a good source of advice for the correct compressor to use and most things relating to blast cabinets. The life you get on them depends on how close you blast to your window and what PSI your blasting at. Once the film becomes etched, just peel it off, clean the glass, and apply a new film.

There are three advantages to a plastic cabinet: light weight, will not shock you when blasting with aluminum oxide, and less chance of glass breakage when you bang the glass against the side. Your face will be different depending on how deep or shallow you want your ceiling to be. But be careful here and make sure you end up with an angle you will feel comfortable with. As of now it seems adequate providing you keep the dust to a minimum with a vac system.