Luxe Shawl Kit

I am delighted to offer a limited number of The Big Woods shawl kits for the holiday season. The Campaign for Wool website has an area under LoveWool where events can be uploaded and will then appear on our wool map and our calendar. Please see -antrim-woollen-woods/ for more information and to download patterns. In the beautiful Hudson Valley, conveniently located between Woodstock and Saugerties, just 3 1/2 miles form the Saugerties Thruway Exit 20 and approximately 5 miles from Woodstock. Tannins make the vinegar (or baking soda and water) react, so cedar and pine type woods darken right away. These wool quilts have assorted swatches of the very same wool we use in our wool pullovers and jackets.

Since I’ve got a few days to experiment with things, I just got some steel wool and set-up my first jar of solution. It was started in 2010 by HRH The Prince of Wales and is run and funded by the wool growing organisations of the world. The jar is just to produce an acidic, metallic mixture that will react with the tannins and wood fiber to age and weather it. Here are the ways you might run into trouble…. 1) Steel wool is too thick or vinegar too diluted or cheap to dissolve enough of the steel wool in 24 hours. Stains made with steel wool and vinegar range from a reddish, rusty brown, to a very dark, burnt brown.

I agree that pine (and other paint-grade woods like poplar) can be tricky to colour without covering the grain pattern, but it’s possible. To make it really easy to play around with the BAUX Acoustic Tiles and Panels we’ve also included a Keynote and Powerpoint file and includes all inspiration patterns as well. Woollen Woods was launched in 2013 by Eden Arts, bringing crafters from across the world together to create a magical fibre forest in the grounds of two National Trust properties – Acorn Bank in 2013 and Sizergh Castle in 2014. I especially love the stitch markers and yarn; this was my first time using Plucky Knitter.

I tend to use steel wool more often and that is mainly due to the fact that I refinish furniture on a regular basis…and there are curves and grooves that sandpaper just can’t handle. Woollen Woods logo strip – you can use this on publicity associated with your Woollen Woods i.e. posters, flyers and on your website/social media. Wood wool fibers can be compressed and when the pressure is removed they resume their initial volume. All of these Asbell accessories compliment our other wool items and complete the layering system.

I woke early, took every scent precaution, hit the woods well before first light with the wind in my face, located my blind in the dark, reinforced my cover, and sat motionless for hours in anticipation of a deer; only to blow the entire operation at 10 a.m. because of a yelp. I even used an old crock pot to get a deeper brown with the steel wool and vinegar. With that in mind we offer accessories items like our Wind-blocker vests, and wool bandanas.

Beefy wool blend with double thick cape to ward off the fiercest winter weather. So I will generally throw one steel wool in a jar, old clean takeout containers Chinese soup containers are the best!, or large yogurt container and then fill the rest up with vinegar. Another technique is to back fill open grain woods like oak, ash, hickory with a contrasting color. If you need faster results you can bring the steel wool and vinegar to a boil, then remove it from the heat. The tannin-heavy woods-walnut, oak, cherry-are much darker than the other woods.

In May 2015 seven flagship Woollen Woods popped up in woodland venues across the UK and Ireland – over 6,000 woolly creations were sent in from across the world to be exhibited, partnerships were formed between venues, community groups and craft groups and thousands of people visited to see the work on display. Typically, woods with higher tannin content will react more dramatically with this treatment.

The outdoor art installation called Woollen Woods is part of this year’s Voluntary Arts Week, which starts on Friday 15 May and runs until Sunday 24 May. I created each concoction by cutting up a steel wool pad use 1/2 in each solution and 1 cup of vinegar. You can increase the ebonizing effect in some woods by pre-treating it with a water solution of tannic acid. You can’t beat the soft silent and even water resistant qualities of our wool for outdoor activities, but Asbell wool is especially good for stalking and still hunting.

Available in many patterns to match or compliment your Asbell wool outer wear of the day. These factors are influenced by the ratio of steel wool to vinegar, and by how long you let the mixture sit. The bottom line is that tea has a lot of tannins in it, so it’s a tannin-additive for low tannin woods. To make ebonizing solution put a coarse steel wool pad in the jar and pour in enough vinegar to cover it, loosely screw the lid on the jar. If you’re visiting the Woollen Woods and feel inspired to photograph them, or to create your own, please share it with us on social media using the hashtag #bbcgetcreative.

Assorted swatches of the wool we use in our wool pullovers and jackets are stitched together and attached to a Sherpa fleece backing. In my experience, assuming the finish is dry, there isn’t a difference other than the coarseness of the sand paper or steel wool. Only good things to say and I hope Little Skein in the Big Wool does this again! I’ve tried to do the steel wool an vinegar stain, but it’s not changing color and it’s been two days.

Each of these Mackinaw wool pullovers are hand made one at a time from patterns that we’ve chosen especially for the traditional bowhunter, but they’re great for anyone who spends time in the outdoors. I would definitely recommend a Little Skein in the Big Wool kit to anyone who is considering buying one. Break up the steel wool so that the most surface area is in contact with the vinegar.

The first Jar you see is Apple Cider Mix, with ONE WHOLE steel wool (0000), ripped into pieces to try and speed up the process of degradation. I guess it’s probably a good idea to let the steel wool disintegrate completely (and it was well on its way) but I’m impatient. BAUX Acoustic Wood Wool stores heat from the ambient air and emits it when the air temperature falls. There are less expensive alternatives out there, just as long as it’ wool…. Filson wool is what I recommend.

With apple cider vinegar and real steel wool my solution turned a dark rusty color. When you combine vinegar with steel wool and let it sit for a length of time, it oxidizes (fancy word for rusts) and creates something called iron acetate. If all i need is scuffing, the steel wool worked well and no more worrying about sanding off the stain on the edges. The Plucky Yarn is marvelous and I liked all of colors though I chose the red one.

Cut the steel wool into small pieces with scissors and place pieces into vinegar. With the steel wool in a glass jar, pour vinegar over it. You’ll know it’s working when bubbles are coming off the steel wool. If you’re using a oil based finish, you should use 0000 steel wool as lindac says. Break apart the steel wool pads, and put the pieces in the container you are mixing your stain in. I’ve read that you can warm up the tone by letting the vinegar/steel wool sit longer.