The Best Rolling Pin

In an episode of The French Chef, Julia Child famously called American rolling pins toys” and tossed one to the back of the set. In not much more time than it takes to make pasta, you can roll out tens of individual ravioli. These glass rolling pins were often painted, gilded, and, later, printed with images of sailors and ships and phrases such as be true to me,” for my mother,” and may the eye of the Lord watch over you.” They were usually filled with goods like bath salts, vinegar, cocoa, or baking powder.

While function is the most important aspect of any kitchen tool, aesthetics make a difference in how you relate to it. Rolling pins are tinged with nostalgia for real or imagined mothers and grandmothers, and they are your tactile connection with the dough you shape. The shape of the pin allowed for rolling out large surfaces smoothly, as well as truly round discs.

A good scrubbing with a dish brush and some soap will make sure that all the dust in the engraving does not get in your dough. If you already own a rolling pin that you like, you needn’t fret over getting a better one: the best rolling pin is one that you are comfortable with. Just be sure to wash the rolling pin” off before using it. Despite the photo here, I usually put the food to be rolled between two sheets of waxed paper, with a little flour between the dough and the waxed paper. In South Asia , the rolling pin (belan) is used in combination with a chakla (flat circular rolling board).

If it’s tapered, look for a straight section in the middle of seven inches or more, or look for a very gradual arc across the whole pin. When the machining and treating of the wood is completed, the rolling pins and their handles are put on carts and taken to the assembly area. There are wonderful wooden rolling pins to be found in flea markets and antique stores, and from small manufacturers and craftspeople around the world. Stylish and durable, this stoneware rolling pin with a wood handle is safe to clean in your dishwasher.

Sometimes the ends were tapered like a sailor’s belaying pin (used to secure rigging on ships), while others had one or both ends turned to form handles. The JK Adams pin was the thickest and heaviest of these pins, so it took a little less pressure to flatten the dough. How often you should oil or buff your pin depends on how often you use it and the climate you live in; when the wood looks pale and feels rough like dry skin, it’s time to care for it. The JK Adams 19-inch Maple Rolling Dowel is available through Amazon , Sur la Table , and many other online and brick-and-mortar kitchen stores small and large.

Decide what diameter you want the rolling pin to have and make, or obtain, a wood blank that will yield that diameter. At $30, the hand-finished Whetstone Woodenware French Rolling Pi n has all the pleasing features of a high-end rolling pin without the outrageous price tag (similar hand-turned pins cost $60-$100). Bottle glass was cheaper, but generally drab to look at. The glassworks at Nailsea came up with methods of festooning, mottling, and flecking its bottle-glass rolling pins to achieve bright ribbons of color.

You’ll be able to make an informed choice as to the rolling pin that will have the features you’re looking for and the look you want as well. Ravioli rolling pin is perfect for purée-style pasta fillings, spread on a sheet of pasta: finely chopped spinach and ricotta, butternut squash and goats cheese, finely diced woodland mushroom with thyme, or simple ricotta with parmesan and egg. If you’re looking for a dishwasher that can be wiped off and stuck in the dishwasher, look for silicone and plastic rolling pins. Contrary to what one might expect, it was just as effective as the other tapered pins at evenly rolling out large surfaces.

The Tomnuk pin worked quickly and easily even though it was the second-lightest pin we tested (perhaps because we didn’t waste time re-applying flour or struggling with sticking dough). Rolling pins are tinged with nostalgia for real or imagined mothers and grandmothers, and they are your tactile connection with the dough you shape. Both handles should be similar in shape and size, of course, so I use a story stick to mark major and minor diameters, then turn the handle down to these dimensions using a caliper (Photo 10).

A turner aims for precisely centered holes (in this case, to make a handle that doesn’t wobble). The material that was commonly used for rolling pins, pine, was scarce so the manufacturer’s that were making rolling pins started looking at hardwood like maple and cherry. Rolling pins did not begin to be commercially produced until the mid-19th century. These top rated rolling pins are all simply designed but add an element of style and fashion due to their materials and shape.

To the contrary, it’s pretty easy, delicious, and is now one of my go-to dishes for even a mid-week pasta craving. At the time we were studying abroad in Spain and we didn’t exactly have access to rolling pins, but you got to do what you got to do. Fold up the remaining side to make a triangle with the filling showing in the middle and pinch the other two corners well. We had no trouble rolling out large surfaces in spite of its unusual shape (or maybe because of it). Although we think the Whetstone Woodenware French Rolling P in will work best for most people, the JK Adams 19-inch Maple Rolling Dowel ($17) also performed well.

However, the final dimensions for the rolling pin created was 20″long with a middle diameter of 1.5 inches and end diameters of 1 in.. There is a 4 inch taper on each end. The answers to these questions will help narrow down your choices and make it much easier to know exactly what you are looking for. The Tomnuk walnut pin is thoughtfully designed for both aesthetics and function.

Other glass rolling pins, also called love tokens,” were produced as parlor conversation pieces, and not used in baking at all. In the late 1800s J.W. Reed invented a rolling pin that had a central rod and patented it. This particular, central rod design is still around today. One of the drawbacks to buying a tapered rolling pin is that they tend not to roll the dough out evenly.

Starting in the 18th century, glassworks in English port towns like Bristol, London, Sunderland, and Newcastle began producing hollow glass rolling pins that sailors would give t… loved ones, particularly young women they were hoping to woo for marriage. Walnut is more porous than the maple most rolling pins are turned from; when we dusted the pin with flour, it visibly collected in the grain of the wood.

Some high-end rolling pins are made from other hardwoods, like walnut or cherry, while the cheapest pins use beechwood. Thanks to the turn-of-the-century concept of novelty advertising , ceramic rolling pins were often printed with advertisements for grocery stores, five-and-dimes, banks, and flour mills. This dowel-shaped pin isn’t quite as agile as our main pick for making round shapes and needs to be dusted with flour more often. With the information we have given you in this buyer’s guide you have the tools you need to sort through all those choices and match your needs with the rolling pins that will fill the things you are looking for.

We do not give specific measurements throughout because this is intended to be a basic outline for making a french style rolling pin. When the dried, trimmed, and squared lengths are ready to be clipped into standard rolling pin lengths, they are carefully inspected for any defects. But it’s ideal for rolling oblong and rectangular shapes and can be fitted with spacers to help achieve precise thickness. Alternatively using a lathe make a rolling pin from a solid piece whereby the handles are attached to the pin.

Our 10-year old tester had an easier time with this pin: the quick turning of a tapered rolling pin provides an advantage for shaping even circles, but it takes more dexterity to control. The Norpro Professional Weight Stainless Steel Rolling Pin is simple in design but yet due to the look of the stainless steel, it looks high end and matches any décor your kitchen has. If you choose a marble rolling pin, remember to keep them away from acidic substances like vinegar, citrus fruit, wine, coffee, tea, tomatoes and mustard.

You can purchase rolling pin sets that contain 3 or 4 plastic rolling pins in a variety of lengths. Our adult testers couldn’t tell the difference between the weight of this and the 23-ounce Whetstone Woodenware French pin (which is thicker than other tapered pins we tested). The rolling pin is being used as one of the classic cooking utensils for food preparation since the times of the oldest civilizations. The handles do not tighten and the metal rod and the washers on the ends of the pin keep falling out. We want to hear your thoughts – good and bad – to make sure we make the new website as useful as possible.

The JK Adams French Rolling Pin isn’t as fun to use or nice to look at as the Whetstone and Tomnuk pins, but for $10 it gets the job done. The JK Adams pin weighs only an ounce more than the Whetstone Woodenware French pin, but that seemed to make the work easier for someone of small stature, such as our 10-year-old tester. I would be courious to know about the Springerle rolling pin used for cookie making. All our recipes are tested thoroughly by us to make sure they’re suitable for your kitchen at home. Select a 1.5-2″ wood dowel and cut the dowel to the desired length you want your rolling pin.

You probably don’t want to use the most expensive bottle you own, but if you have an everyday bottle of white wine, turn it into a rolling pin. Durability and Longevity – You don’t want to have to purchase a new rolling pin every couple of months so finding one that is made to last is important so you are not wasting money. It might be good for a specific task in a bakery, but doesn’t seem like the best pin for most home bakers. I don’t have a stand mixer, so I use my cuisinart to mix up the dough, and the pasta roller does an amazing job of kneading” the dough.