8ftx 2.5ftx 2.5ft In Wall Tank And Fish Room Planning And Preparation

After the arrival of my first child, and the realization of the amount of time i spend in the fish room, i have decided it needs to change to make things more manageable, easier and faster for maintenance. So, you also want to know about the practical reasons for a fish room, both to justify the concept to others and because you may not realize the advantages a fish room brings to your hobby. You can also have a library of aquarium books, maps of the exotic origins of your fish on the wall and places to set everything from fish show awards to your collection of ceramic fish (or whatever). To me… I built the fish room around my needs and wants… im only 2 tanks high, except for the racks that have the 2.5 gals on top… then those are 3 high. And yes, the place we moved to had a small basement room that wasn’t going to be used for anything special.

The Boss is giving me alot more room to work with the more we talk about it and is getiing a little excited to see how this turns out, but I don’t want to go to big or else the whole heating the room plan goes out the window. Before he began breeding discuss, Thode had bred angel fish for his friend Merrill Cohen, the owner and founder of the Baltimore-based Aquarium Products Company. You can see the utility sink I installed at the left end (looking out toward the living room) of the room.

My wife and I met the tractor trailer on a winter night alongside Interstate 81 in Lexington, VA. All six tanks fit into the bed of my pickup truck with room for several more. I made a sketch of the room’s layout on a piece of paper and started to place imaginary tanks and racks in it. Very soon I understood that this was pretty far from an ideal room for this purpose, but there was really nothing to choose from so it had to work. The problem will be the same if you use PVC to make drain points around the room.

I had setup some 10 gallons as some temporary tanks to use but since the construction is going ahead of schedule will probably not end up using them and will take the rack down. This posting gives information on setting up a small fish room of 10-30 fresh water tanks (total of 100-300 gallons). The fish room will be beside the downstairs bathroom and there is a ventilation fan in the wall that it shares. As dedicated as any cichlid parent, males will aggressively defend the eggs against other fish. I should have about 3 feet between the racks for room to move maybe a little more.

And the Pelvicachromis humilis ‘Friya’ are in there to grow up. All the smaller fish are African tetras that have been sitting in my fish room for months with nobody buying them… so I brought them home. A fish room can be within an existing structure, or you can even construct a separate building for this (typically quite modest in size) with a built-in water supply, floor drain and numerous electrical outlets.

Having effective insulation in walls and the ceiling can make a big difference, regardless of what combination of tank and room heaters you end up with, so make sure you can insulate your fish room in some way. We do a 40-50% water change in our stocking and growing-on system and 20% water change on our breeding setup every day depending on the stocking levels.

One way to get around having many aquarium heaters in operation is to heat the room instead, which will be more efficient and cost effective in the long run than multiple heaters in the tanks. All tanks LONGWISE… as i want to sit and WATCH those fish just as much as i enjoy BREEDING them. He explained that getting discus to spawn isn’t that difficult, if the fish are well fed, kept away from visitors, and are given water conditions they like.

As I mentioned, the room is already equipped with air, I just have to get some pvc and tubing to distribute to all the tanks. Not only does this allow for isolation of specific strains of fish from the rest of the room population, but it also facilitates removal or redistribution of the racks. In final I should make it clear that I am still not convinced single point filtration is a viable long-term option for most guppy breeders who are showing or exchanging fish on a regular basis. A fish room provides a place where you can relax and enjoy your hobby without imposing upon others.

I also use it when I import fish from places where the water is very soft, so it is easier to acclimate them to life in hard water over a week or so. On a daily or weekly basis, I use relatively little RO water, about 30-40 gallons. I also try to use these tanks more for breeding than the tanks on the water changer, because breeding tanks contain fewer fish and do not need water changes as frequently. I’m considering making it out of 2×4 or 2×6’s and wondering if anyone has any plans out there that i can sort of use as a guide.