How They Are Made. ~ Kim Walker Part 1

Here is the orginal scallop design pattern that I developed with Peter Hackbarth based off my original design in 1992. When purchasing a pool cue , the best way to ensure its quality is to test the cue out and get a feel for its weight and quality, rather than its ornamentation. This and other cue care products are available at your nearest authorized Viking Cue dealer. Frenzy Sports – We manufacture professional-quality college logo 8-ball sets, cue balls (sold separately), cue sticks and dartboard accessories. I, and any decent player (I flatter myself), can walk into a bar and play at 95% with any cue in the building. Richard Chudy Custom Cues – You will see new examples of ‘classic style’ cues as well as new albums of cues organized into groups by design.

The butt of the cue is often a third piece, permanently affixed to the back half, is often made of a fancy piece of burl or other highly figured wood, ebony, or anything else that’s expensive and exotic. Let me just reiterate that paying hundreds or thousands of dollars on a cue won’t make you a better player. As a pool players, I am very concerned about the playability of the cues we sell.

For over 10 years Doug has been creating custom cues with a flair for design and function. Shannon Custom Cues – An up and coming cue maker in the Salinas Valley area of Northern California. Dominiak Custom Cues – Official web site of Dominiak Custom Cues and the high performance Dominator Cue Shaft. Crown Cues – Gene LaViness wanted his cues to look a little different, so he came up with the crown design when he first started building cues.

Wayne Custom Cues – Custom pool cues by Wayne Holmes, a 2nd generation cue maker. It is a shame that Bob Meucci clung so tightly to this design(it reminds me of the New Coke debacle decades ago). Bogo Cues – Cues designed by Dave Pearson the world’s number one pool entertainer, have exceptional quality with a pricing that has never been seen before. The conclusion is that a cue should flex alot at impact but then immediately swing back to straight and stop.

Rings and inlays provide the fine aesthetics when using different woods and materials, but we join them in a way that maintains the solid feel of a one piece cue. Jerry Terbrock Custom Cues – Jerry specializes in high quality handcrafted one of a kind pool cues. Jacoby Custom Cues produced about 2,000 cues last year and has generally has about 100 jobs cued up, as they say, at any given time, with over 40 new orders coming in each month. This is your main playing tool you can’t do the fancy trick shots or jump as easily but anyone who plays pool to win knows it’s all position. The shaft felt smooth compared to the roughed-up wood ones in the pool room, and it just felt better.

KwikFire Kues – A new brand of cue’s from Professional pool player Kelly Fisher has arrived. If you are looking for pool cues, Rays can provide fancy and great playing cues. Carter Custom Cues – Being a pool player for over 25 years has taught Chad how cues should play – and he incorporates a combination of these experiences into each and every cue that leaves his shop. Treadway Custom Cues was started by Josh Treadway, a long-time apprentice of the legendary cuemaker and good friend Jim Buss.

Whatever you do, do not buy any cue you have not held in your hands unless you are willing to risk buying a stick that you hate. Clements Custom Cues – My custom cues are built with the finest woods and materials from around the world. You’ll want to do this to even out the cue throughout so that it tapers to a smaller point at the end of the forearm. Take a look at all the different equipment which we use daily to build quality, precision Cue Components.

Much to the dismay of the older generation of skilled cue craftsmen (and sheer joy of the new guys), the use of machines has aided much in the production of high quality inlays as well as other ornaments. Valley Pool Cues – With quality design and durability that’s unmatched in the industry, Valley’s cue sticks are the industry standard. This is something special: A new game room in the Enclave development created by our friends at Design Work Interiors. Here is the orginal scallop design pattern that I developed with Peter Hackbarth based off my original design in 1992.