Make A Pistol Crossbow

Link to Plans -///2010/12/ List of materials: 50lb or 80lb draw weight pistol This took about 48 hours to make. This multifunctional pistol crossbow can shoot 2 wing bolts , 6 mm steel balls, short arrows and fishing barbed bolts It features a steel ball magazine with capacity of 15 , which feeds steel balls to the crossbow as the balls are being fired.Sturdy build , nylon handle aluminum body and steel limbs Cool compact design , because its compound bow it can still pack a punch with it’s small size.

One thing I recommend, with the self-cocking system, I noticed that some of the paint was getting scratched off every time I went to cock it. That is, where the cocking system would slide along the side of the crossbow frame work, it would make a scratching noise and ware the paint a bit, solution to this is to apply some grease of some sort and this basically makes loading/cocking the crossbow much easier.

While with a regular bow, you have to make sure not just your aim is spot-on… but also your hand placement, draw of the string, hold… hold… hold… (grunt)… hold… With a crossbow, you don’t have these factors and the weapon itself is holding the bolt back for you so you can let ‘er go at will with a trigger squeeze and a consistent draw strength every time.

Modern bolts are stamped with a proof mark to ensure their consistent weight and do not have fletching , i.e. feathered ends like those commonly seen on arrows 7 Crossbow bolts can be fitted with a variety of heads, some with sickle-shaped heads to cut rope or rigging; but the most common today is a four-sided point called a quarrel A highly specialized type of bolt is employed to collect blubber biopsy samples used in biology research.

With several avid bowhunters on the staff, and a research department eager to take on such an interesting challenge, it wasn’t too difficult to get the ball rolling on a project that we figured might be a first in the field: designing and building a quality crossbow from scratch; testing its range, accuracy, and overall effectiveness; and then comparing its performance to that of traditional recurve and compound bows.

Before you get your panties twisted the expensive ones will hunt rabbits and squirrels at ranges of about 20 yds but don’t expect much more then that…Remember that legal hunting draw weight for big game on a crossbow is usually 180 lbs (some places are lower but not damn many)…Don’t expect a 70 lb hand bow to perform anywhere near to capabilities.

In summary, much as we hate to burst a romantic balloon, we’ll have to concede to the facts: Although a crossbow has the advantages of compactness and mechanical cocking and locking (it can be held at full draw without strain on the user), it is really no more accurate than a conventional bow in proficient hands, can’t be loaded and fired as quickly, and doesn’t even approach the overall effectiveness of a rifle.

Once you practice with it, you will find you can make the balancing adjustments pretty well. The 12 inch long broadhead and field point bolts extend past the front of the pistol crossbow by a few inches. The open sights & scope rail are both very good (again, far better than earlier offerings), and at the price a very respectable little sporting pistol.

This is a pistol crossbow that is cool when you want to go for some adventures in hunting. There are vibration elements to shooting an crossbow that are unlike shooting a rifle or shotgun. It makes you have a chance to add a variety of accessories to this crossbow like flashlight, hand grip, laser or knife. If one side is slightly stiff, you can sand the underside of the limb to thin it and make both equal.

Hi my pistol crossbow came today very impressed with delivery speed and packaging, very nice piece of equipment, simple to put together. The size for the Cobra System Self Cocking Tactical Crossbow Pistol 80 lb has been made in such a way that it does not become a burden to carry. Pull it just hard enough so you can get the original string on. Once the real string is in place remove the bolts holding the steel cable together. From the front you can see the bolt channel as well as the alight curve on both sides of the stock.

Today, the crossbow often has a complicated legal status due to the possibility of lethal use and its similarities to both firearms and archery weapons. Use a wood rasp or chisel to carve about a ⅛ inch channel across the short part of the L-shaped wood. Coons, woodchuck, you name it in that size range, and that crossbow will kill it. If you were close enough, you could kill a coyote (I don’t want to get that close though…), but shot placement is critical. The problem that most people encounter is, which pistol crossbow is best for them.

During my treasure hunt, I stumbled across a crossbow pistol and it quickly piqued my interest. It’s a great way to have a more complex crossbow but still having the satisfaction of DIY. When the dead rise from thier graves (and they will) PSE has just the thing for the zombie apocalypse- the PSE Zombie Defense Pistol Crossbow!. If you’re like me and only plan on shooting boxes and soft targets for fun, a simple all-wood bolt works just fine.

It tends to shoot high because it actually has a bit of recoil, so two handed grip helps, wth one on the front grip and one on the pistol grip. The price for the brand Ace Martial Self Cocking 80LB Draw Pistol Crossbow is estimated to be about $45 US Dollars. This leverages your weight balance and allows for an easier cocking of the bow to load up with your favorite bolt of choice.

Tough to string thou when you get it 🙂 I have had a few problems hence the 4stars instead of 5. one of the cocking arms fell off BUT Blades and Bows sent out a replacement that arrived express service the next day 🙂 so A++ for customer service. The crossbow is difficult to string, but I can’t fault the bow for that, as all crossbows are hard to string.

Just tested this tomcat mk2, its a top quality pistol crossbow, very well made, looks and feels good. How to make a strong mini pistol crossbow from household materials that fires wooden dowels, pencils and chopsticks. Looking through the Google Images returns, I found a set of scans for a 1966 Science & Mechanics article, detailing how to make a pistol crossbow. The plastic crossbow bolts are great for target practice while the aluminum crossbow bolts are excellent for hunting small animals with. Too shallow and the bolt may hop over the string or be ejected from the bow sideways.

A lion holding a crossbow on the coat of arms of Småland , Sweden The province’s original coat of arms (1560) was of a crossbow alone, the lion being added later. We carry replacement bows for your pistol crossbows here so you can keep enjoying your pistol crossbow for many years. An additional feature with this crossbow is adjustable rear sight and front bead; these two help in improving the accuracy. Set it up so it looks just like your original string but a couple inches longer.

I test fired at a softwood plank from 10m and the bolts penetrated about 5/8” Shorter ranges gave less power (I guess the bolt was still accelerating) and velocity at the muzzle” was measured at 165 ft/sec with a Pro Chrono Digital chronograph, equating to approximately 6f/lb. Still required two of us in the end to get the string on. Overall really enjoying it! Finally, I fabricated a clip out of a piece of PVC that keeps the bolts from falling off the crossbow before they are fired. Those who have never used a crossbow – even a homemade job – have definitely missed something.