How To Protect Your Hardwood Flooring From Office Chairs

Due to their natural beauty, durability, and convenience in terms of cleaning, many people are drawn to homes or buildings that have hardwood floors. Cork is composed of suberin, a hydrophobic substance, and because of its impermeability, buoyancy, elasticity and fire resistance, No matter how much foot traffic it endures, or how long furniture stands on it, it retains its shape and It is a great choice for heavy duty furnitures or appliances, like drawers, furniture (desks, chairs, tables, stools, file cabinets, couches, armoires, bookcases).Anyway cork pads are extremely unique for your floor protection.

The furnitures will not slip or leave any scratches on the floor with leg protectors on their legs. Clean your floor before sliding anything; even tiny grains of dirt can leave large scratches. The formed sides fit securely around chair and table legs to ensure they stay put while still allowing for simple furniture movement. Recommended for any hard floor surface: hardwood, ceramic tile, marble, cement, extra thick plastic mats. Larger cups (sometimes wooden with rubber undersides) hold bigger furniture in place.

Furniture floor protector pads , Put or stick under the feet of furniture or appliances to prevent the furniture moving, and also using for protection of furniture and floor boards reducing attrition and noise,one of necessary household products. If you have a cleaning crew to help you with the hose cleaning, instruct them on proper hardwood floor cleaning procedure. Use felt pads on the legs of chairs and all other furniture to prevent hardwood floor scratches. Slip-On floor Savers last at least four times longer than standard felt protective pads.

Never Wax a Urethane Wood Finish – If your hardwood flooring has a polyurethane finish, never use a paste wax on the floor’s surface. I guess I never realized that it was normal to experience problems like this with your hardwood floors. Place area rugs or bristle-type mats at all exterior door entries to collect larger pieces of grit, small stones or moisture to limit what is tracked onto your floor. Use only the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning products on your hardwood floor.

Sweep, dust-mop or vacuum your floor regularly, but do not use household dusting products, because they can cause your floor to become slick and may damage the finish. As for narrow-legged kitchen chairs, I like the Magic Sliders style that I got at Linens & Things, I think. If an object like a rock or tack gets stuck to the wheel, it could easily scratch your hardwood floors as you move in the chair.

Since hardwood is made from natural wood products, the tendency for flooring to expand and contract is natural. But magic sliders on light things like stools or chairs ( if on a slick floor) can slide too easily and be a safety issue. If these are used on kitchen or dining chairs they are more likely to break off due to the constant movement. Use a vacuum or hard-floor vacuum attachment without a rotary brush head or moving parts, as these could scratch or damage your floor. The National Wood Flooring Association provides extensive resources and information about the various types of hardwood flooring.

Ultra Heavy Duty Self Adhesive Felt Pads for larger chairs, dining tables , coffee tables and any larger furniture items that could leave scratches on your hard floor surfaces. Then found the ‘NancyProtectz furniture socks’ and they’re the answer for me and my floors. Allowing spills to remain on hardwood floors could damage the finish, as well as the wood. I have a lot of chairs though- 4 bar stools and 8 dining chairs that are used every day.

Remove shoes with spiked or damaged heels before walking on your hardwood floor; they can leave scratches or indentations in hardwood. While some office chairs may come equipped with these kinds of casters already, you may have to purchase the casters themselves separately and replace the current wheels on your chair. Our tile is nice because it is not slippery but whatever sort of texture/finish it has pulls chairs pads off rather quickly.

Install Felt Nail-on Protectors with a rubber head mallet or place a flat 1”x4” board on protector with a regular hammer to avoid denting or checking to the nail-on component head. Moving quality Floor Protection can typically be found at packaging supply warehouses and from online retailers. I recommend them highly and encourage anyone with hardwood floors to get the socks. If you’re unsure of what type of furniture pads will be the best to protect both your flooring and furniture, contact us! Hardwood Floor Protector (Black Color, CB260), Set of 8, Small Recliner gripper.

Felt pads come in all sizes and thicknesses – choose a thicker pad for heavier furniture – as well as even large un-cut squares of self-adhesive felt, so you can cut the shape you need to custom-fit furniture bottoms with unusual shapes. And the key to avoiding scenario is to get good quality furniture sliders (you’ll want to avoid the cheap knock-offs) and to make sure you have the right size furniture slides. These types of pads are very secure since they are attached to the furniture leg with either a small nail or screw.

Never Wax a Urethane Wood Finish – If your hardwood floor has a polyurethane finish, never use a paste wax on the floor’s surface. If this happens you can be left with a small piece of the metal in the bottom of the leg and if this isn’t caught right away, it can cause serious damage to your floor. In fact, I don’t recall ever seeing any floor damage to any floor ever from a chair like that.

The rule for floor protector selection is simple: Hard floor protectors (plastic or metal) for soft-surface (carpeted) flooring and soft protectors (felt) for hard-surface floors. It may not be the best-looking or longest-lasting option, but if you’re on a tight budget or just using an office chair on your hardwood floors temporarily, you might want to consider using cardboard between them. Quickly wipe up pet or water accidents from your Pergo hardwood floors with a cotton cloth to prevent the floor from absorbing moisture. In two old homes now I’ve shredded the wood floor under my chair, monster splinters eventually emerging.

Any furniture that rests directly on top of a hardwood floor should have felt protectors, or furniture coasters under all it’s feet. Use these nail felt floor protectors to prevent the legs of furniture from scratching and damaging all floor and carpet types. NancyProtectz furniture socks are truly the answer to saving my tile floors from scratches. Also consider removing shoes, especially high heels and shoes that can scuff and scratch the floor. There are different types of chair glides, each offering different levels of cost and protection.