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Store-bought shelving units are either hard to assemble and flimsy or awfully expensive. After mulling over the designs used by my inspiration projects above, I decided that I would use the shelf support system from the second photo for my shelf units and I’d use the third picture for inspiration for a couple of standalone hanging rods that wouldn’t support shelves. For standard 2×4 stud walls with 1/2-in.-thick drywall, build the cabinet frame from 1x4s that measure 3-1/2 in. wide (see illustration). This may not be the chicest or most beautiful shoe rack idea you can find online, but it is definitely the cheapest and most practical one! We opened up the door to our coat closet and dug around in the pile of shoes stacked on the floor.

This wooden shoe rack is meant to be mounted to the wall about six inches from the floor so you can place your shoes on the rack with your feet. He’s worked really, REALLY hard over the past few weeks, and nowhere is that more apparent than in my shiny new dressing room, one wall of which contains this fabulous, made-to-measure shoe storage system. All of the shelves are about 6 1/2″ apart with the exception of the bottom shelf which is 12″ tall to accommodate a couple of bins.

I just felt better knowing that each shelf support would be directly anchored to the wall, so I mustered my courage to fork over the >$7 a piece for galvanized steel flanges, when it occurred to me to check online. Space between the Single Shelf-and-Pole and the top shelf can be divided again by an additional shelf, which creates a perfect location for a few pairs of shoes. You’ll want to make sure you build in some guardrails on the shelves to ensure things don’t slide all off, too.

Making your own shoe shelf can certainly be very time-consuming, but the good thing about it is that if you are skilled at it and you have a bit more time on your hands, you can save a lot of money! Heavy-gauge steel shelves coated with vinyl or chrome stand up to weighty objects and the test of time, resisting the expansion and contraction common with wood shelving units and the sagging or warping that can occur with plastic storage. If you have the space, you can just add a few shelves to your closet to hold your shoes. I used pine for the shelf fronts, attaching them using Kreg pocket hole joinery.

If you have shoes in the garage, you can build your own system to store these shoes and keep them off the floor. If you are sure of your dimensions, consider having the home center cut the shelves and hanging track for you so that all you have to do is hang them on the walls. Line the walls of a walk-in closet or a dressing area with picture-rail molding to make a tidy yet visually arresting display. And best of all… we have the tutorial so you can make a shoe rack like hers for your home. Finally, mark the location of the two shelves and nail through the sides into the shelves.

I want to add shelves to our lacking pantry and remembered how great this project turned out and now I can’t wait to work on my project! When you can’t find a convenient nook for a set of shelves, you can often create one by recessing the shelves into the wall itself. I bought this one instead of the 50 pair tower because it fits below the closet rod which I wanted to keep. Here is a super easy DIY shoe shelf storage that will help you store your most valuable assets in an efficient and space-effective manner, without too much effort. And I can’t even tell you how bright and airy this little change has made to my closet.

If not, you can just keep your shoes organized on the shelf in your bedroom or master bath – just wherever you have the room for it. Consider building it into the bedroom wall to save space and have the perfect place to keep shoes and other accessories organized. We were slightly worried that adding shelves on the sides would make the closet seem smaller, but after having cut the original shelf down to 1′ depth instead of 2′, it actually opens things up a LOT. I’ll give you a few guidelines that helped me, but ultimately you get to decide what’s the best way to design the shelves for your stuff. Ours isn’t a huge closet either (8 feet across back wall, about 4 1/2 on the sides.

If you wear a lot of flip-flops then you can have several smaller shelves for holding those and other sizes for the other types that you wear. These shelves were easy enough to put together, I did 6 in about 3 hours, but I wasn’t trying to go fast. Would I overlook something important?) far outweighed the fact that keeping it simpler would make it less aesthetically pleasing. Now I have a beautiful place to hang all of them and shoe them off with the few high heels I have left!

Wait, it gets even better than that – you can add a basic shoe storage right under the bed, so this is basically a two in one tutorial that will definitely help you save time, money and trouble in the long run. Without further ado, below is our stylish collection of shoe cabinets that would make a splash for any interior decor. Shelving shapes and sizes: For most jobs, closet shelving breaks down to only a few basic types: Single shelf-and-pole, double pole and sweater shelves/shoe shelves. Wayfair offers an extensive selection of underbed shoe storage for you to select from.

Since you should have cut out the shoe shelves before this point you can rest one of the shoe shelves on the shoe shelf support and use it to determine where to position the shelving unit. With ample space for shoes, the deep entrance closet of a New York City home helps the residents maintain a minimalist interior. These are the plans for my back wall (left) and the right side of the closet (right).

However, rest assured – here is an in-depth tutorial that will help you come up with the most exquisite DIY vintage crate boot rack you have ever laid your eyes on. This tutorial will be particularly useful if you have decorated your entire home in a shabby chic/retro/vintage manner and you want your shoe racks to rise to the same standards. This went pretty fast, because only the braces needed painting since the Melamine shelves are already white!