Wood Burned Dipped Kitchen Spoons

The handcrafted wood burned spoons from Indigo Spoons are really something special. This turned out to be quite the economical holiday gift, too, because I picked up this pack of 5 bamboo utensils at Ross for $5. I recommend picking utensils like these with flat handles because it gives a nice big surface to work on (I have also burned the classic wood spoons with thin round handles, and it’s much harder to see the design/burn evenly).

The box contained a piece of scrap wood to practice on too, but I found it to be really soft and burned differently than the bamboo. The wood burner flowed smoothly on it. With the softer practice wood piece I found myself getting stuck” and overburning certain spots. Animals and birds always make nice subjects for wood burning projects with the majestic eagle being a popular choice. Once you’re ready to begin, use your pencil to lightly sketch a design on your spoon (I prefer to burn my designs on the back of them) and then get to burning. More intricate designs would certainly take practice with all the various tips.

Maybe it’s Mandi talking about how hot it is in southern Utah that’s got me all into my wood burner again, but I kind of have a new fetish starting. I traced the outline of a spoon onto paper, my daughter decorated it, and then I transferred her drawing onto the spoons with the dremel. I traced exactly what they drew and wrote on the spoons with the burning tool, 3-yr-old-scribbles and all. While the wood burning is permanent, the paint could wash away if the temperature or pressure was too high.

Walmart has sets of four wooden spoons for 88 cents, so I actually ended up buying two packs and making a set for little Leah to get a jump start on her chest as well. Expert artists can opt for the complex ones like the Santa Clause picture and the animal patterns, while the simple Celtic designs are suitable for beginners. Let your wood burner heat up. Make sure that your wood burner is securely in its stand.

Let me know if you have any ideas of things to add to a hope chest or if you have tried this project yourself. Would you believe I bought the spoon on the left about 12 years ago, just because it was stamped with the word France”. Just finished sketching our some Native American designs and thought what a unique idea to give as gifts this year to our seniors.

Curves can be tricky at first using your wood burner; going across the grain of the wood can make your line want to be lumpy, but just practice and don’t sweat it, because we are going to cover up this line with decorations anyway. Skip the mineral oil (petroleum product) and use something more culinary, like olive, coconut, flax seed, or beeswax (you need a heat gun or oven to force beeswax into the wood).

I was at the grocery store this week and I saw that they were selling disposable wooden cutlery as an alternative to plastic cutlery. N.B. I can think of one exception, which is if the spoon takes on a fuzzy texture when you get it wet. Because the wooden spoons are made of soft wood, they tend to be a little rough when you open them. However you seal them, I would recommend hand washing rather than using the dishwasher. But that means….wooden utensils you are no longer safe if you are within reach of Jamie!