Wooden Garden Benches In Oak, Mahogany & More

A garden bench like this offers enough space and is a smart solution to use the tree for its pleasant shade It has a simple structure and a simple beauty. The wooden railings that have a wider surface can be used both as a low seating, as well as a boundary that defines the garden. The truth is, a myriad of amazing wood furniture exists that was created from unique but common materials like pallets and scrap wood. This makes concrete benches popular and constantly in demand, on account that its cost is less than marble or stone.

While powder-coat is a common finish on many commercial site furnishings, it is often featured on strap metal benches because of its anti-corrosive qualities and ability to strongly bond to heavy duty steel constructions. Shop by price to find a garden bench to suit your budget, or filter by average customer review to discover the garden benches that are highest rated by our customers.

We specialise in teak furniture for indoor and outdoor use and have been making and selling it for twenty years so you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands with The Garden Furniture Centre. To help keep your bench in pristine condition, we recommend that you make use of our garden furniture covers Shielding your garden furniture from the elements will ensure that it looks stunning and new for years to come! We’ve found a range of garden benches for outdoor areas of all shapes and sizes, from traditional wooden seats to ultra-modern metal creations, we think you will find a seat you like.

For example, a piece of 100mm x 50mm wood when dressed may be 90mm x 45mm actual size. So make the right choice and you’re off to a comfortable and relaxing outdoor garden experience. The slats are all iroko wood and can be supplied untreated, teak oiled or painted with aluminium primer. Although considered strange to the way people in the UK would usually put up a garden, rattan-made garden pieces will not only bring you comfort but will also add a hint of nature to your set.

Recycled plastic: Recycled plastic benches are low maintenance, available in a variety of colors and styles, and are appropriate for any environment, including typically-corrosive salty, ocean side facilities. Complete your outdoor garden furniture sets with a patio umbrella, garden swings or a chaise lounge chair. A tree seat is a brilliant way to make the most of unused space in your garden.

The nominal size of a piece of wood is the size before it is dressed or seasoned and is the size generally referred to when purchasing from the timber yard. Spending time outdoors is hugely popular, and every garden can benefit from a little furniture, making it the ultimate place to unwind after a long day. Great quality materials like wood and plastic can produce the relaxing and attractive patio piece your garden deserves. We have one of the best collections of garden furniture sets and patio furniture around.

Two built-in wooden benches provide the perfect place where you can enjoy the lush blooms in the garden, that crown the courtyard. However, a couple of the pieces barely fit and now that the bench has been outside for a couple of months, the wood is starting to crack. There are wonderful collections of decorative pieces such as our cedar Garden Arbors, trellises and the always practical wood potting bench; the perfect backyard accessories for your favorite garden.

While garden benches and other outdoor furniture can be made from a range of materials, it’s hard to beat natural wood for warmth and beauty. If you’d like to put up your garden set without punching a hole in your pocket, then plastic pieces might be the perfect fit for your garden. There are endless color options and six different common pattern styles: expanded metal , perforated metal , strap style, welded wire, diamond pattern and rod style. You can keep your birdbaths and fountains if you want, but be sure to add a garden bench next to them!

Park benches are set as seating places within public parks , and vary in the number of people they can seat. A multitude of DIY garden piece projects include a complete garden ensemble complete with table, seating, a lounger, and a cooler. Fix metal buffers to the bottom of wooden legs and, if they begin to show signs of decay, stand each leg in a jar of wood preservative overnight.