Where To Buy Vintage Planes?

If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. If you can only afford to start out with one bench plane”, then I’d recommend buying a jack plane, specifically a bevel down Stanley No. 5 metal Jack Plane (Bailey” style or Bedrock” style, if you can afford it) or a Lie-Nielsen No. 62 Low Angle Jack Plane (bevel up…additionally works on difficult grain, end grain, and in concert with shooting boards ). Read this article by Christopher Schwarz to choose between Bevel up vs. Bevel down hand planes.

After Stanley’s initial success with Leonard Bailey’s patents and the acceptance of metal bodied planes by America’s working craftsmen Stanley added new designs and innovative models to their line of metal bodied planes including many different rabbet planes, dado planes, compass planes and other specialty planes in addition to standard bench plane lines.

All I know is I sold the Type 2 on eBay for $175.00 while the Type 13 commonly goes for $40.00. With the economy the way it is today, if I had an old collectible Stanley plane, I’d sell it and buy a later version with a little bit more bells and whistles for a quarter of the price and fill up my truck with a tank of gas and take my wife out for dinner with the remainder of the money.

For example, I’ve been wanting a bench rabbet plane for a while, but just couldn’t justify the cost of the Lie-Nielsen #10-1/4 , as nice as I’m sure it is. So I went with an Anant A10 and, after a bit of cleanup, it did what it needs to do. I’m kind of annoyed that the sole isn’t perfectly perpendicular to the sides, but if I ever decide it’s enough of an issue that I need to lap it true, I can do that thing and.

Again, with so many planes available, there’s no reason to settle for a tool with heavy pitting. The evidence of IBC’s plane blade manufacturing expertise is extensive, but its name is still vastly unknown to wood workers, now instead of being the best kept secret in woodworking industry, the goal of the IBC brand is to become synonymous with ‘the best plane irons in woodworking’. The knob and tote are attached to the plane with a bolt that is threaded on both ends, topped with a brass nut that is visible from the top. Stanley entered that market in 1869, and by 1900 it was the dominant player, often buying out competitors.

Stanley is still making a version of this plane in England that sells for a bit more than $100. Both of these planes can still be had today for not much more, or in some cases less than they bought 15-20 years ago during the heyday of Stanley plane collecting. The last part of the cleaning process is to rub all parts down with lacquer thinner to remove any dust or oils. I have even seen some of them order a Veritas or Lie-Nielsen plane on a cellphone during a class while holding one of my planes in their other hand. A history of the Stanley Co. and descriptions of their tools has been created by Rose Antique Tools.

Now, we’ll set up shop on ye olde workbench” with the water stone and my spray bottle of clean water handy, and at the risk of sounding as long and drawn out as a Joseph Moxon text, I’m going to try to explain how to get a razor sharp edge on to the plane iron. Rosewood handle is very crisp with three small nothces on the right top side for identification.

However it wasn’t versatile enough for cutting larger rabbets & tenon shoulders, so I sold it and purchased the Lie-Nielsen No. 73 Large Shoulder Plane , which has given given me better surface coverage on tenons and wider cuts when making moldings. This Stanley Spares kit fits Stanley planes with the following product numbers: 12-003, 12-013, 12-004, 12-014, 12-048 and 12-904.

Vintage stanley plane no 4 vintage untouched for many years looks good clean solid con littel surface rust that will eassly clean off also a little vintage baby plane nice thanks for looking. For surviving the zombie apocalypse I recommend either the Stanley FatMax Xtreme 55 or 120 FuBar III. Stanley The Stanley catalog collection, 1855 to 1898: Four decades of rules, levels, try-squares, planes, and other Stanley tools and hardware. Lol Maybe throw in a #5 for some rough work and you would have a really nice working set of planes.