2016 Butcher Block Prices & Types

Since 1887 John Boos has been manufacturing butcher blocks, countertops, and foodservice products that encompass the finest in workmanship, quality, and design. Wood countertops add warmth, texture, and charm to a kitchen or bath in a way that not many other materials can! Whether you’re the next Iron Chef or a just a casual cook a butcherblock countertop makes for a convenient, useful and attractive tool in your kitchen. We recycle all the leftover scraps from the ripping process and donate them to the local community where it is used to fuel wood burners.

Because lumber is weird, 2″ thick lumber is actually 1.5″ thick (which is standard for countertops), 12″ is a little less than 12″, and I needed my counters to be 25″ deep, so I needed to bond three boards together to achieve the right dimensions. First of all I would just like to say that the end results do not 100% look like real butcher block. There is an obvious right side (top of countertop) and wrong side (bottom of countertop).

I’m assuming you weren’t refinishing your countertop for use as a true butcher block.” Not only will cutting on a beautiful wood surface scratch it, but you could end up with modified polyurethane resin bits in your food (Dan, not harmful, by the way once cured…I still wouldn’t want to ingest it). Loraine, we are in the process of buying our first house, which will be needing new countertops (there is 50’s yellow and sage green tile that is in not so great condition). Usually butcher block is wiped down or coated with food friendly Tung oil or other food safe oil.

We don’t really have the funds to do a complete remodel, but find this particular post useful because we can forgo the formica counters with something with the look and feel of wood w/out the price of butcher block counters. Butcher block countertops are affordable and cost less than many other popular countertop materials. I have saved this blog post for some time now haha and we are finally ready to stain and seal our countertops. Once we got everything glued into place, we used a two longer boards on the outside edges to equalize the pressure across the entire countertop.

Later that night we routed the corner’s using a 1/4” rounded corner bit and sanded the whole butcher block down. Super job, we are planning our countertop project now and I appreciate the length, detail, and humor in this post. Brian mentions some installation tips, including the need to leave more room at the front when cutting the hole for the sink, since butcher block is small pieces of wood sandwiched together and leaving a narrow strip weakens the joints – like ours did, since I wanted the sink as close as possible to the edge.

But before I can install the wainscoting, I needed to know the exact height of the vanity with the countertop. We moved into an older home with a wonderful kitchen, but the butcher block side counter had been sharpie markered by the previous family’s tiny budding artists. I am extremely happy with the butcher block and even though it wasn’t my first choice, now I can’t imagine any other countertop in the space.

I don’t know what type of wood but that same thing happened to me when I applied the stain without a wood conditioner first. We offer wood countertop templating and installation services for our products in PA, CT, MA, RI, DC, MD, VA, NJ, NY with our own in-house professionals. This is normally included for free and helps make sure that your counter fits correctly.

Compared to stone or Formica surfaces, wood doesn’t produce a loud clinking sound when dishes are set on it. This is a question that typically comes up whether the subject is about butcherblock countertops or wood countertops in general. If you like the idea of actually cutting on your butcherblock counters but also want your countertops to have that clean, unblemished look then go with both options.

We did five coats of Waterlox all together, and I could tell as the week wore on that the wood darkened some after the first coat. The maple countertops were sealed with Campbell Krystal High-Solids Conversion Varnish (in Semi-Glass), which is an incredibly durable finish favored by my woodworker father-in-law. A little higher up the scale you’ll find clean, elegant stainless steel countertops and copper countertops. The look is similar to that of wood flooring and the wood can be cut in single lengths with no joints or else in irregular-length pieces attached at staggered intervals, called fingering”.

Before you start glueing, mix up a paste of glue and very dry sawdust(sanding dust from the wood (dry on a radiator) as a very fine paste, and keep handy, it should be as thick as you can make it, like wet toothpaste. Be sure and stop by to check out Lumber Liquidators butcher block countertop selection I am seriously impressed with how it turned out and the quality of wood! A single countertop unfortunately was not wide enough to cover our island, so we had to buy two to splice together.

As far as sealing and finishing the surface, there are special oils for counter tops and butcher blocks. I too did a lot of research and was getting discouraged until I had read that unles you were using the BB like a butcher does and not cutting or preparing food directly on the counter top you could go by way of a poly. Traditionally, a butcher block” was made so the end grain was the working surface.

I’ve never even owned a new car and can appreciate the patina of antiques, so I figured butcher block would be a decent choice for our lifestyle, budget, and style. Being able to make your countertops good as new with a little elbow grease is a cool trait that’s unique to butcher block. The one other item that really helped was the Freud LM72R010 tablesaw blade that I used to make the rip cuts. Use wood screws to attach the boards together with my Rockwell 3RILL , using 2-3 in each board, all the way down.

Our cabinet maker diplomatically limited his comments to I dunno about that countertop.” My Dad suggested shimming under the one edge, where the gap between the underside of the countertop and the top of the cabinet was about 1/4 inch. We traced the Masonite onto the butcher block and cut the angle with a circular saw and then a router to make sure the cutting edge was made at a perfect 45˚ angle to help it fit snugly against the adjacent piece of butcher block. While you can purchase pre-made butcher block tabletops at most home stores, they are easy to make and not beyond the skill set of the average DIYer.

When the time comes for someone to finally replace the butcher block surface, there is the final bonus that it does not have to be thrown away. We learned you really have to reapply the mineral oil every two months, and it soon wears off, allowing your countertops to soak-in any moisture, and leaving unsightly water rings in the wood. Now to the question of the 12″ or 13″ sections … I am guessing that what you mean by butcher block is not the ultra traditional end grain presentation, but simply gluing long strips of solid maple together to form a solid wood countertop. Be sure to use plenty of oil, as the newly sanded wood needs to be well sealed to prevent stains.

If you have leftover wood like I do, you can also make some cutting boards with it. I’m thinking those would be fun Christmas presents. This is the traditional wood used for butcher block countertops as well as kitchen cabinets and flooring. Overall work time was maybe 2 hours since I didn’t need to make any cuts or add in a sink or anything. However, it can move out of the kitchen and make attractive tops for end tables, side tables, and coffee tables as well. To finish your countertop start by filling any holes in the top if you have any.

Driving 10 minutes home from Lumber Liquidators with butcher block hanging off a trailer was much more doable, so that’s what we did. But I am very careful to always use cutting boards and hot pads, I rarely do anything directly on the countertops beyond kneading bread and whipping up a delicious PB&J. If you’re using an oil-based stain, use a wood conditioner meant for oil-based stains. We can can build you an entire kitchen of custom solid wood counter tops or a simple kitchen island butcher block countertop. Just purchased a beautiful maple butcher block countertop here, pete was very helpful in leading me to the product I wanted.

The wrong sides of the counters were noticeable because of gaps between lengths of wood and also more knots. When installing I attach the tops with a single screw on each side of the countertop lengthwise and preferably in the same board. Installing a new kitchen countertop is one of the most dramatic ways to express your sense of style in your home. Once we were happy with its position, we traced around it with a sharpie so we would know exactly where to place it. We got back under the countertop just to double check we like where the sink was.