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Wyoming Wood Turner – Specializing in beautiful lathe turning, wood bowls, boxes, urns, & decorative art display pieces. I was about to give it up as too hard and too much trouble when I watched Roy and Peter and they set me on the green wood path. The main difference is to use a contrasting or supplementing wood or other material rather than matching material. Most of my wood is air dried and then I finish it in my solar kiln to get it down to 10% (or less) moisture content. For one thing it allows sanding work that not only is green, but even wood that is soaking wet. He will then demonstrate turning it to its final shape, size and wall thickness.

When I first started working with these rescued” bowls , so named by me because they changed ownership four times in coming to be in my shop and were slated to be thrown out by the third owner who acquired them as part of a larger lot of wood, I had no idea what the wood was. A root ball I was turning chucked & spun up fine, started turning but with a lot of vibration.

Green — Very fun to turn and it’s like shaping butter, however, the greener it is the more likely you will get cracks as it dries and quite possibly a bit of warping. As you complete Bonnie’s skill-building designs – ranging from her famous Spin Top to the more challenging Acorn Box – Small Woodturning Projects with Bonnie Klein will add to your toolbox of woodturning skills.

A further escalation would be to expand with a geometrical design or with butterfly keys, wood inlays, or metal inlays. This is done by turning the pieces relatively thin and relatively even, insuring that the wood below the surface dries at a rate similar to that at the surface. We all want our green wood roughouts dried as fast as possible, but the reality is that we can only force the drying process so fast, without significantly increasing the amount of loss (cracking or checking) in our dried roughouts. Please keep in mind that this is only an outline and that each student will be able to work at his or her own pace on projects that interest them.

Thinking Outside of the box,” Bradley will show you how to create vividly colored wood in this interesting seminar. Wood turning Classes can be customized to fit your skill level, the types of pieces you would like to turn and the time you would like to commit to a class. Sometimes, moisture left in wood can cause fungus growth or spalting and although it can make for more visually interesting projects, it can also make the wood soft and more difficult to work with and finish. But, beyond leaving it alone, again look to filling the crack or replacing the wood. My father is a cabinet maker so I grew up appreciating wood in all its abilities and beauty.

In these oil stalactites the thin films undergo chemical change (polymerization) and become a tough, flexible plastic-like substance that resists all solvents that I have tried on it. This same substance permeates and becomes integral with the cell-structure of the wood in the finished vessel. If left in a plastic bag the wood will lose water and this can be seen on the inside of the bag – periodically you need to take the item out of the bag, turn it inside out, replace the item and leave it longer. When I’m finished turning for the day I will drape a damp paper towel over the bowl taking care to keep it away from any metal fixtures that might rust.

Every wood blank or finished turning will lose or absorb moisture from the air until it eventually reaches an equilibrium point with its surroundings. Learning spindle turning before moving on to bowl or faceplate turning, builds the necessary skill set while using smaller, and therefore less dangerous and expensive, bits of wood to gain practice and build confidence. The four points above essentially suggest that end grain green wood turning is a nuisance.

The beeswax will help slow the release of moisture and extend drying time for the wood and thus reduce cracking and warping as the bowl dries. Pinless moisture meters do not cause damage to the wood and are a better choice for woodturners, but can easily cost $200.00 or more for good models. Kiln dried wood is usually recommended for woodworking projects since it’s more stable than green and air dried lumber.

Our figured wood is of the highest quality, milled from prime lumber harvested from our private sustainable forest of trees in northwestern Oregon. Beginning with raw wood and ending with a rough turned bowl, Trent teaches drying techniques for green wood, re-turns the dry bowl to its final shape and shows numerous decorative techniques and finishing options.

Instead of paying a sawmill to store wood for years, you can take any piece of fresh cut material, even from the firewood pile, and turn it. As green wood is very cheap if not free, woodturners who understand the green turning process can save a lot of money on material. Each class builds on skills learned in previous sessions, but if you have prior wood turning experience, let me know and I can waive the prerequisite requirements. So when a rough turning develops a split or crack, why not accept this fact and not hide the crack.

Lacer’s expert instruction helps you master the bowl gouge, the spindle-roughing gouge, the skew and other essential turning tools. To understand why paper bag drying works so well for drying your roughouts, you must first understand the basic process that wood undergoes when it moves from the green fresh cut state to EMC. I recommend taking the series of all six classes to get a well rounded basic wood turning education, though you are welcome to take them one at a time. Percent, and the stress created by this differential causes the wood on the surface to check (or crack) as it shrinks.