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If you’re having a deck or a patio built – or have already done so – one delightful finishing touch is a roof to cover it. There are a wide variety of covered deck designs that Amazing Decks can customize that will perfectly compliment your outdoor living and entertaining area. From the house to the edge of the deck is about 28 feet and about 52 feet across. Special note: These plans are not intended to replace your actual working drawings. Whether you have a flat, tiered or multi-level timber deck design, consider handrails and balustrades to break up the space and give your deck a unique look and feel. In addition to roof slope, you also need to take into account rafter span, rafter size, and rafter spacing.

In some situations the New Zealand Building Code requires a step down to an open framed permeable deck (your Local Authority or Council will be able to advise you). A shed style was the best solution for this porch roof because of restrictions placed by the existing second-story windows. Regardless of the deck design, the users often enjoy a breezy, cooler temperature.

The raised ipe deck of this contemporary home, by Chicco Design, extends over the pool’s edge giving it the appearance of a floating dock. Before we look at that, however, lets take a look at the actual deck itself, and what was done to improve it into something more suitable. Amazing Decks can create your roofed deck area any way you want it. Our experienced builders are here to meet every one of your expectations and requirements. The following steps to building a porch roof like the one pictured above ( shed or hip-type roof) will give you a general idea of how it’s done and what’s involved.

I have a question about a walk-out roof deck with composite decking and 2x sleepers floating on the membrane roof. Covered decks can be made with either stand-alone roofs or, when the deck is adjacent to a building, with a roof connected to the building. Gate: A gate may be needed to protect children and domestic animals that may also use the deck. The second box was used to add a string of LED rope lighting around the deck, just under the roof.

Said her clients along the mid-Atlantic shore are also asking for rooftop decks. Builders are finding great success in attracting buyers and beating the competition by offering thoughtfully designed and integrated rooftop decks in new home projects,” he said. On our building a porch roof project depicted by the photos on this page, the rafter plate and ledger board were already exposed after we removed the old porch. If you want your deck to be a functional part of your home all-year round then you’re going to want to add a roof.

When you are building a patio cover off of an existing roof or wall, you must take all of your measurements from the point at which the patio roof will attach to the existing structure, not the outside of the slab. Deck designs typically have plants arranged at the base, and in pots on the surface. Either way, though, the fire pit has been a very nice addition to our new covered deck. Furthermore if the deck is constructed properly it will not adversely affect the drainage. Flat, gabled or flyover, our range of awnings are designed to let you enjoy your outdoor entertainment area no matter the weather.

A lovely roof over a functional deck means you and your family can enjoy the outdoors while being protected from sun and rain. Occasionally, a deck will have planters designed and crafted into the deck such as railing planters or flower boxes fit into the stairs. Any perceived upfront savings will disappear if the roof needs to be serviced and nailed components need to come up. The deck should be used as an extension of the living space, and the spaces below the deck used as storage. Deck railings are a great way to improve the safety and appearance of your outdoor space. Roofing modular staircase, besides elements stairs kits contains ridge and roof mounts.

It includes information on composite and non-composite deck in accordance with ANSI/SDI C-2011 and ANSI/SDI NC-2010 and complies with the requirements of the 2012 and 2015 International Building Code. RDDM complies with the 2012 and 2015 International Building Code requirements and implements the current ANSI/SDI RD-2010 Standard for Steel Roof Deck.

When you plan to use a foyer for your house, be certain to allocate adequate space for it. An excellent house design dedicates sufficient space for the Inspiring House Deck Plans #7 Rooftop House Plans With Observation Decks foyer. Since my patio roof was going to be attached to the existing rafter tails, I plumbed straight down from the outside surface of the fascia (B) and made a mark on the patio slab.

A stand alone roof could have been constructed but would have looked decidedly odd next to the garage but not a part of it. Some kind of roof line attached to the garage would be needed. If you are planning a more detailed custom project, or you want to create a more complete set of blueprints and material lists, or you just want more power in a consumer level home design program, consider Chief Architect Home Designer Pro 2015 — especially if you will be designing vaulted ceilings, curved walls, or a complicated roof system. If you are looking to build your deck, check out these free programs first before buying one.

With both a ridge and two valleys to receive roofing, it is beyond the scope of this article to give instruction; instead you are referred to this article where installing shingles , on the same deck roof illustrated here, is explained in detail. Additional cross-sections may show important changes in floor, ceiling, or roof heights, or the relationship of one level to another.

At this point the ridge can be set and extended onto the garage roof, but the far end must be cut at the 4/12 pitch the garage roof is to sit flat. Designing the views may include adding extra structures within the landscape to coordinate with the use of the newly planned deck. A single set of plans printed on mylar, sepia, vellum, or bond, per designer preference. Then check out these plans for a rooftop swimming pool by NL Architects in the slideshow below.

As DIY projects go, a deck may seem like an ambitious project, but taken step-by-step, building a deck is pretty straightforward. With wall tie-ins, I try to tuck the end of the beam 3 inches into the house wall, making sure it bears on the second-floor bottom plate. Since this is a NC building you’ll need to establish what type of trusses were used for the roof and how much top load they can handle.

If deck space is available, homeowners may choose to include a seating area for outdoor couches and benches. Remember that a deck is part of the house and the landscape, so make sure it meets your requirements for function and aesthetics. Modern technologies allow to produce them in different colors, which is combined with the color of walls, roofing and various elements of the roof. The laid stone wall complements the weathered coloring of the deck and provides privacy and natural beauty. I’ll be showing the work as we go. Right now, we’re just cleaning and repairing the basics whenever we get free time.

Tying them into the house wall is the easiest way to build them because no complex roof framing—such as valley and jack rafters—is required, but it’s often necessary to tie them into the roof. The desired width of a porch and the vertical distance from the floor or deck level to the windows on that side of the house determine how steep a roof can be. For example: If the windows are 12 feet from deck level and the porch is 16 feet wide with 8-foot-high walls, the porch roof can have about a 4/12 gable pitch. There have been a growing number deck failures resulting in death and critical injuries. This would allow a lower pitch and keep the lowest point of the deck roof at least 7′ high.

If you’ve decided on building a deck in a naturally light-filled area, consider shade and privacy with outdoor blinds. Plants can make your deck more attractive, and create a much more inviting environment. Before building this patio cover, it is assumed that you already have a patio slab or deck that you are wanting to cover. Additional headers, bracing, and vertical framing are frequently required to handle the new roof loads. In addition to the front exterior, your blueprint set may include drawings of the rear and sides of your house. Eight full sets of copyrighted plans printed on oversized 24”x36” paper with a license to build.