Craftsman Miter Saw Questions & Answers

Has the Craftsman 10 Single Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw for $155.99 Free Shipping after Coupon Code: SEARSTOOLS. You need a radial arm saw, or a table saw, or if you’re careful you can do some MILD ripping with a circular saw. I love everything about it, but it most definitely does not cut square when sliding. The miter saw has a stainless steel detent plate that can be easily adjusted with 30 positive stops. In a sliding miter saw, the rails and bearing blocks likely contribute a lot to the cost.

The saw was not adjusted out of the box, I had to adjust all settings, and the miter angle adjustment is clunky, you have to move the back fence; when you tighten it down it tends to move, so you have to allow for this, it takes a couple of attempts. If the high-end saws are out of your budget, consider a factory reconditioned compound sliding miter saw. Btw i forgot to mention the dewalt dw713 and both the hitachi miter saw are about the same price here in canada. In addition to 0°, it also has preset detents at 22.5° and 33.9° to suit typical crown molding angles (most saws have one or two bevel presets for crown).

The Metabo, Makita and Craftsman have wide triggers (the Craftsman’s is good for right-handed operation only), and the latter two feature rubber overmolds like the Bosch. It is just perfect for DIY work and users who are still learning the act of cutting accurately with a sliding miter saw. There will be a Hitachi miter saw on sale at Lowes as part of their pre-Black Friday sales event , for $99. When cutting angles without a miter saw, you more than likely will use a miter box While they are convenient for traditional angles, most miter boxes are useless when making cuts at uncommon angles.

If you plan to work with multiple blades, you should focus on searching for the best miter saw that offers an easy blade replacement feature. Miter saw are supported on linear bearings, and the tool has a two-position depth stop. However, miter saws are the best among them because they provide an extremely high level of precision. If this doesn’t help, take your saw to a qualified repair facility and have it checked and set professionally.

You should get it if you are a professional who needs to work with wider stock on a regular basis or a frequent woodworker with a lot of projects involving wide stock. Basically, a miter saw is a type of saw that is particularly being used to make miters and crosscuts in a particular work piece. Before we start to talk about the features of miter saws and what to pay attention to, you need to be aware of the different kinds of miter saws.

In each case, I set and reset the saw’s miter and bevel settings to standard angle stops (0°, 22.5°, 45°, etc.) to test for repeatable cutting accuracy. The 15-amp Metabo, Bosch and Craftsman delivered power that was only a small notch below the leaders. Digital display – Digital LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) provide easy-to-read bevel and miter setting data. When you go to purchase your miter saw, there are a few considerations you need to think about before you buy. The table on my test saw swung easily up to 47° left or 52° right and locked crisply into nine detents.

Although the miter scales are good on every saw, a readable bevel scale, like this one on the Bosch saw, is rare. If you have used a high end sliding miter saw before, you will surely appreciate this product after comparing their features. The white-on-blue miter scale is easy to read and there are marks for standard rafter cuts. Therefore, having a miter saw can save you some money in the long run as you will be able to do a better job with your DIY repairs. And, unlike most other saws, there are no fixed table sections on each side of the pivoting miter table.

My goal is to build an extension fence that connects to the cart but is removable when I fold it up. The bracket would square it to the saw and the side supports on the cart could keep it level. This product is just perfect for woodworkers, framers, and carpenters who are looking for the most ideal miter saw that provides reliability and precision. So if you opt for a non-sliding miter saw, you can get a less expensive saw of comparable quality, or comparably priced saw of greater quality. The one-piece fence has height extensions on both sides that can be positioned or removed to accommodate bevel or right-angle cuts.

Equipped with a sliding extension that can reach up to just over 37 inches and a tool-free clamp, larger stock can be handled much more easily. The other interesting facet of this saw is a huge paddle-shaped handle on the top rear of the saw that controls bevels. In essence, this model has all the features you will need in the most sophisticated sliding miter saws.

The Dewalt DWS709 miter saw has a maximum cutting capacity of 2″ x 14″ at 90°, and 2″ x 10″ at 45°, while the DWS780 can handle 2″ x 16″ at 90° and 2″ x 12″ at 45°. We have all the best Compound Miter Saw Reviews on our site with real consumer feedback. Dust collection on a miter saw is important — they produce lots of it — so I connected an empty shop vacuum or dust extractor to each one during cutting. To give these complex machines a thorough going-over, I spent a good deal of time exploring the features and performance of each saw. It is a highly efficient tool recognized by professional woodworkers who can tell the difference between an average product and a high quality one.

I’m not a fan of Festool’s two-stage safety interlock system, which requires you to depress a button atop the grip AND partially press the trigger before you can pivot the saw head down, lift the guard and switch the trigger on. I also didn’t care for the Hitachi’s small single-finger trigger and interlock button. With the rails sliding under the table, this tool is relatively compact and easy to carry.

Most of our test tools need about 20 in. between the fence and the wall behind the tool—the DeWalt and Craftsman saws need a full 2 ft. If you work on site and cut mostly 2 X 4s and trim, consider an ordinary power miter saw, or a compound miter saw for more versatility. The ability to cut through thick hardwood planks or heavy, wet construction lumber is a factor of a sliding compound miter saw’s motor power. And even though it is not a sliding model, its large size can handle material up to eight inches wide.

Furthermore, this provides you a smart buying decision as to what particular kind of miter saw that you will be availing. However, mitre saws are popular with nearly every type of carpenter and is a must have power saw if you want to be a complete wood worker. It can miter 2x10s at 45 degrees, has a built-in laser and a three-year warranty/lifetime service agreement.

This is arguably the number one product in the Hitachi Sliding miter saw brand. This image from 2 years ago shows a pile of Kobalt 7-1/4″ sliding miter saws that were in plentiful stock after the holiday season. Read through miter saw reviews carefully before buying the tool as some laser guides are more reliable than others. Having mentioned the list of the best and the highly recommended miter saw products which have been detailed in some miter saw reviews, one may already be certain on the fact that you will be more confident the next time you will be buying your miter saw.

The saws from Bosch and Craftsman feature user-friendly bevel controls and adjustable handles. You don’t need a sliding miter saw, unless it’s a cheapo 7 1/4″ model, which might actually be a solid choice. A sliding compound miter saw easily makes cuts that are difficult on a tablesaw. With this compact model the rails are fixed in place and the saw head moves along a carriage.

If the Tool you are interested in is listed on the Home Depot site, like the Ridgid saw featured here, it does show country of origin. Once the stuff of Star Wars fantasy, laser line guide systems are now a feature on most sliding miter saws on the market. And if you are a lumberjack, requiring a miter saw would definitely be obvious. In one position it lets the saw swing freely through the complete left/right bevel range.

Although, there are some tricks you can use to increase the cutting reach, such as sliding arms, the maximum crosscut for most miter saws is around 14-16 inches and the maximum thickness is around 6-3/4 inches for a 12 inch miter saw. In contrast to a radial-arm saw powerhead that’s simply hung from a relatively massive arm, a sliding compound miter saw’s powerhead is fixed to twin 1-3/16-in.-dia. Bevel any place from 0° to 45° to the left plus miter up to 45° in both directions. But, if you don’t mind extra dust, this LS1016L saw made first-rate cuts and was pleasant to use. This is a professional grade miter saw ideal for most types of woodcutting jobs.