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So far, this seems to have prevented the board from sliding on the ground, but I do not know for certain whether it is the shelf liner, the weight of the board, or the floor surface that is preventing the board from sliding. Furthermore, if you already have your movements on the ice well practiced, the plastic board will let you perfect them in numerous ways that affect your endurance, pose, balance and strength. This move is very similar to the Skater Squats with Touches, which can be done if you don’t have a Slide Board or sliders.

This auction is for theSlide booties/socks needed for the Aerobic Lateral Slide Board Use with Reebok Slide, Body Slide, Exerslide, Slim Slide or any other Aerobic Lateral Slide Board. Advanced Sport Solutions is a company that distributes sports and hockey training aids for sportsmen to train at home, hockey rinks or anywhere else.. Professional sportsmen and certified coaches participate in the development of these training aids. Thus, all exercises must be performed with a knee-bent posture to be effective in building hockey strength.

Slide Board Mechanical Design: A slide board – also called a lateral exercise trainer – is a large smooth surface with blocks on each side to push off from and stop the sliding movements. I love our HS Slide Board Pro and this is a must have item for the serious hockey player in your house. Grab a hockey stick and a puck or ball, then stick handle while you are sliding on the slide board.

How it works – Just set it up and put on the booties, the booties let you slide better. They may also need to slide one foot out at a time instead of both out together or perform the Squat Jack not on the Slide Board. You’re bidding on this Reebok Slide, lateral training board with it’s original box, manual and booties. Unlike jogging or cycling, the Slide Board targets the hard-to-work muscles that move a player from side to side.

This exercise tool might just be a solid option for anyone interested in beginning with skate or hockey training or for any pro hockey player who really likes to practice regardless of access to some real ice. Then slide one leg out to the side as you bend your standing leg and push your butt back. Get to know how your new slideboard reacts when you open it. When opening, the G1 logo” is located on the top-sliding surface of the slide board. Homemade Mini Press Drill DIY Tools Home Made Circuit Board PCB Lathe Collet ER11 Spindle Slide CNC Step by Step.

After destroying my slide board earlier this year, I went on a hunt for a suitable replacement. A portable slide board is perfect when you want to get some training in while away from home, or if you have limited storage space. Hockey strength and conditioning coach Maria Mountain, MSc specializes in off-ice training for hockey goalies. Slide Board Split Squats can be performed with your bootie covered back foot on the slide board only.

Simply make sure the individual that is trusting their body with you is in the right place at the right time with the right person. Also, do not let your upper back round and make sure you don’t let your hands drift way out in front of your shoulders. Stay nice and low as you slide out and really feel your standing leg work to keep you stabile and balanced. Then slide one foot back and behind the other leg as you sink into a deep lunge.

Of course, the board is also good at increasing stamina, burning calories and perfecting various kinds of skating and sport related moves. Along with the board and brackets comes a pair of specially designed slippers that allow your feet to move across the plastic with virtually no friction. Theorizing that this could also be a problem with the new board because it would be placed on painted concrete and be heavier, I stapled the shelf liner to the bottom of the ends of the new board.

We do this by emphasizing the movements that make up hockey’s elemental skills and training in short bursts of high-intensity work with limited recovery time between sets, which matches the work patterns players will face in games. Use the Obsidian Slide Board as a cardio device to slide back and forth to burn calories or you can follow the included DVD’s for a full body cardio amp; muscular workout.

The Fitterfirst Slideboard has been a preferred dryland training tool for hockey players, speed and figure skaters for years. Feel your hamstrings work to curl your heels in. Use the pelvic tilt if you need to make sure your low back doesn’t engage. The gym is a great place to try a board before you purchase one for use at home. Slide Board Planks Planks on a slide board integrate shoulder and core stability with dynamic instability.

Our Pro Slide Board is a fix length, rolls up for easy storage, and can be secured with a nylon strap to fit in a carry bag. Improve your skating, shooting, stickhandling and overall health with our hockey training products! Sliding your legs open and closed at the same time on the Slide Board makes this move very challenging. I wound up ordering booties from Goaler One and I haven’t had time to try them with my board. The board is relatively light weight, easy to assemble and disassemble and easy to use and store in even the smallest of spaces.

I did use Pledge furniture wax spray to make the surface more slippery and it works well. Traditional Slide Board Sprints” – If you want to build great leg strength, power and endurance, you need to use the Slide Boards to do the traditional sprint back and forth. His work focusing on sports topics has appeared in The Hockey News” and online at Inside Hockey and ProHockeyNews. The fact that you’re not on the ice allows you to really dig in to the exercise and will make you, once back on the ice, explode with power.

Kevin Neeld sent me a bunch of slideboard exercises that he uses at Endeavor Sports Performance to train hockey players so stay tuned to see how many drills you can actually do on a slideboard! Repeat, walking your hands back out before moving into Upward Facing Dog and then sliding your feet back in. Try to slide your feet in as close to your hands as you can and feel your hamstrings stretching. Make sure that, even though you slide forward, your weight isn’t all going forward. For optimal slide boarding performance and smooth gliding for your Slide Board workout!

Whether you’re interested in intense training for inline skating, or are looking for a low impact cardio workout slide board, this is the ideal product for you! The hockey slideboard was pretty fun to use indoors, but after I brought it outside and used it with my hockey shooting pad, my level of enjoyment increased significantly. Booties – The nylon booties work with the slide surface to achieve smooth slides.

Also, make sure that you drive through that front heel, in both lunges, to engage your glute and help you come back up to standing. It is also a very challenging Push Up variation so make sure you can perform a Push Up with good form before advancing. You can place your feet together to make the move harder or spread your feet out a bit to give yourself a wider base.

For one thing, if you’re a skating or hockey enthusiast, the slideboard offers you the benefits of exercising and perfecting skating maneuvers without any of the commonly experienced anxiety that you might get from being in an open rink and especially in front of other people. To do Mountain Climbers on the Slide Board, set up in a Plank position with your hands under your shoulders and your body in a nice straight line down to your heels. Furniture polish works great to dress the slide board and you can control the slickness of the slideboard.

If you have never seen a slide board before, you might think it’s some kind of gimmick that doesn’t really do anything. Slide board lateral exercises are performed by starting in a standing or squatting position, and sliding from one side of the board to the other. This move is challenging because it requires a lot of balance to slide forward and backward from one lunge to the other. A demonstration of a proper slide board transfer from seated on a bed to a wheelchair and returning back to the bed. Knowing that the most important, and potentially most expensive, part of the board would be the sliding surface, I was very careful about choosing the material.

Lengthen the board only when players can demonstrate that they have developed the power to project themselves fully from one side to the other while maintaining good posture throughout. So, this is a pretty good item but I think you could make the same thing at home with some linoleum and a 2 X 4. the booties are just cheap nylon. A 2006 Journal of Athletic Training article detailed the aerobic benefits of lateral slide training. Make a simple drawstring bag to slip your foot into and tie it around your ankle.

That is why anytime there is a piece of equipment that allows us to get our sweat on while moving in a different direction than forward, or backward, it should always be included in our workout routine to help make sure we are functionally strong in every direction. The rotating blocks allow you to add change of direction drills and reaction drills to your slide board training program.