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Muk Yan Jong sometimes called Mok Yan Chong has 116 techniques that comprise the wooden dummy form as taught by the late grandmaster Ip Man Originally the form Ip Man put together was 108 techniques but later more kicks were added. The advantages of training on the Wooden Man are, that it can be hit as hard as the practitioner wishes, it can be trained for long hours whereas a partner might get bored. Although the muk yan jong is just a fancy wooden log, it somehow manages to outsmart some martial artists. According to Chu Shong Tin, Bruce had asked him for some advice on how to build the Chong and this piece would serve as a physical and historical link between the two. Chi-Sau – a training exercise unique to WingTsun kung fu, which uses tactile reflex development and muscle memory to program” the limbs how to react to contact with an opponent’s attack.

Wing Chun Kung Fu is a system that does not rely on strength and brute force; rather it stresses development of skill and co-ordination to have the practitioner deflect and redirect an opponent’s attack, while simultaneously countering with his/her own attack. Please text New wing chun half dummy small and compact great for a space saver, all made out of solid oak, offset arms, mount on wall Also availible is full length half dummy with leg. In both cases the top arm of the dummy sits at about the level of the user’s shoulder.

There is only one way to lose a fight” against the wooden dummy, and that is to abandon Wing Chun standards while you are using it. The crosspieces should be no less than five feet long, so they are long enough to flex when the dummy is moved forward or backward, and long enough to extend out several inches on either side of the framework. When you use correct shifting and direct techniques moving forward you feel the heaviness of the Wooden Man growing as you press.

The dummy’s advantage over the sandbag is that the deflecting movements of the system can also be practiced on it. Ideally, the dummy is constructed according to the dimensions of the user. When a student engaged the arms or leg of the dummy they were in effect loading a spring which would throw the dummy back forward in a more lifelike way the moment the pressure was released.

While not everyone lives in an area with centers, a wooden dummy is in investment that, with the right amount of knowledge and research, can go a very long way in terms of overall WC improvement. By using a wooden dummy, you can maximize your solo training benefits, bringing you closer to your peak physical, mental, and spiritual awareness. After studying for about a year, I realised that I wanted to practice on a dummy.

Ip Man would spend the first few years of his teaching career addressing each of these problems. Like the Ip Man version, and like what you would expect all quality dummies to be manufactured from, this compact version is made from a very sturdy hardwood. Naturally as with all aspects of training, performing the movements at varied speeds is good depending on your training focus. Which is why we devoted this section of the article to different types that might better suit your training purposes.

An advantage of hardwood is that you’re less likely to tear up the center of the dummy as you cut these overlapping holes. The idea of a stand-alone dummy that can be part of your life, rather than part of your garage, is likewise compelling. Bruce Lee , a student of Yip Man , had also made and modified a Wing Chun wooden dummy for his martial arts philosophy of Jeet Kune Do which had a modified neck and a metal leg.

To truly improve your WC skills, one needs unlimited access to a personal wooden man. Leung explains the emphasis on this point in the training on Poon and Wu Sau movements. The empty hand forms have to be applied to a situation and cannot always be performed exactly as they appear in the form whereas the techniques in the Dummy form are performed against the ‘Jong’ or dummy, and therefore are being practiced in a way that applies them directly.

Stands to mount your dummy on. Typically dummies can only be used with stands made for them, but we also try to offer you Universal stands when they are available. There is another section, and I think a good one, on the four stages of progressing in dummy skills. I always say to these fellows who post their fast hitting dummy videos…”The dummy doesn’t move so why are you trying to out speed it?” Every single one of them have no idea what I am talking about. They are also perfect for toughening the striking surfaces of the body, hardening bones and Iron Palm training.

I have purchased and read a few Wing Chun books and this by far has been one of the best ones; especially, if you are interested in learning the wooden dummy forms/drills. In Wing Chun parlance this is called using the air dummy.” While good for a quick review, it is no substitute for the geometric discipline of the real thing. WingTsun kung fu is passive in defense and advocates attack only in response to an opponent’s attack.

It’s not the same workout as on a hunk of wood, but when the heavy bag swung back, it was like it was attacking me. I thought that was a practical use of solo training time. The Wooden Dummy leg represents an opponent’s stance.However, many students fail to set up their dummy correctly and leave the dummy leg way off the floor. PVC dummies are a good alternative for those who simply can’t afford a wooden model. Even though the dummy isn’t perfect, it’s perfectly usable and beneficial as a training tool.

In the Leung Ting WingTsun® system, the 116 Wooden Dummy techniques are taught at the later part of the 2nd Level Technician stage and lasting throughout the 3rd Level to 5th Level Technician stage. Selling wooden dummies became a big business, not just in Hong Kong with the growing WIng Chun community, but now also in the U.S. where Wing Chun, Jeet Kun Do and Hung Gar were spreading across the land, establishing dojos in their wake.

The second dummy is about 10 years old, made out of some cheaper, softer wood and stained to look dark. Today you can buy a dummy for between seven hundred and a thousand dollars – not including the shipping fee. The main focus of the book is the wooden dummy form and to this end it is a pretty handy book. Well, hard on the heels of Star Wars,” Panda 3” displays the Force” in abundance.

If you’re simply trying to get through the form doing it as quickly as possible then it’s likely that you will miss the wealth of information being fed back to you via the wooden man. Student of Ip Chun, Shaun Rawcliffe has created an intelligent discussion of not only the form but the options, the principles, the logic and the alternatives locked within this essential aspect of Wing Chun training. Sifu Gary Lam, an expert in the Wong Shun Leung Wing Chun linage, describes the Wooden Man as essential for the refinement of a Wing Chun practitioners advanced skills. This is your regular Kung Fu vengeance story but written much more cunningly and cleverly.

The sui sau jong (breaking hand dummy) features a swinging arm around the shoulder level, hanging sandbags, as well as a rotor-like arm at the top, located at head height. Kung Fu cultivates the yin (internal) AND the yang (external), as both work together to enhance the whole and complete you. I learned the dummy form in the 80’s then had it refined by Ip Chun in the 90’s then Siu Yuk Men. His school, located in the Songshan District of Taipei, evokes the humble beginnings of the typical protagonist in a kung fu movie. A number of firms are currently offering a pillar and sleeve” freestanding dummy design. Okay maybe not… However, you really can learn a lot by training with a wooden dummy.