Make A Cardboard Cubby House

Often more exciting than the product that came inside them, old boxes are endlessly versatile for building a cubby house and other games. To make the four wall frames, use the 70 x 45mm timber (tip: the finished floor is a handy place to build the wall frames). With a slate-look roof, wood panelling and twee picure windows with planter boxes. Then I screwed both ridge beams in position When doing this make sure you can unscrew the beams when the roof is on so drive the screws in at an upwards angle. Using your spirit level from that one to the next, make a mark the height it should be at. Do this for all piles, then cut.

Make sure it’s in the most convenient part of your backyard and that you have a clear view of it even when in the house. To celebrate this rather cute and indulgent holiday we teamed up with Party with Lenzo again to create an inspiring woodland Easter party setting complete with a Milk Bar Cubby House. A cubby house should be a comfortable distance from the house, but still in full view of the authorities (parents, that is!).

This is a link to a Google 3D SketchUp drawing for a roll-around shop cart with two drawers, an open shelf, and a cubby on the back. Lay out painters plastic on the floor or table where you’ll ‘build’ the gingerbread house on top, because using sugar glue and icing is one big sticky mess. The sugar glue recipe used to stick gingerbread together for the Hanse and Gretel gingerbread house.

Having said that, it just goes to show that the blueprint stage can really get your creative juices flowing, and you could very well end up with some great new additions to your ordinary cubby. Modern cubby houses are a far cry from the slapdash structures of childhoods past, so we asked Mark Hayson from Archipelago about modern cubby houses. All tools and equipment are supplied during the event so each group can focus on communicating effectively to complete their cubby house.

The Flagstaff Cubby (from $1,400) is just one of the many chic designs on offer from Cubby Central With working doors, sliding perspex windows and a front verdandah, you can also add a shop, a slide, rockclimbing wall, sandpit and lots more. An option in your design coud be to include some from of visual barrier between your cubby and neighbors yards, ie, fence lattive entensions, posts with wire and creepers, or the appropriate planting of trees/bushes.

After all, cubby houses are a great place for children to have fun playing together, role-playing or planning to conquer their neighbourhood or even the world. I decided I could bring the price of that down myself so I grabbed some CCA H4 150-175 treated pine logs to use as piles with some 90×45 CCA H3 to make the floor joists. As it sits right alongside the sandpit, cooking up messy meals in the cubby is a regular event so the space under the decking was becoming a graveyard for not just lost toys but also piles of sand. The higher the elevation the more playground equipment is included with your cubby.

Made using some of Bondor’s signature products, the cubby is expected to make an impact in the competition. All manner of creative silliness will ensue as your kids get fired up for pretend play in a Crooked Cubby (from $975). Personally I’d just build the bloody cubby and by the time the council got off their arse to do anything about it the kids may have grown out of it ;). I whipped up some curtains from a Dandi tablecloth and just used a piece of dowel from Zak’s party to hang. The balance of fun with safety is incredibly important and that’s one of the most prevalent innovations in modern cubby house designs.

Castle and Cubby use 100% recycled apple crates sourced locally from one supplier in Melbourne. This gives you the option to customise your cubby to make it a one off for your special little person. This custom candy-coloured cubby was designed by DFR Outdoor Timber Creations The delicious paint job might give you a toothache, but the kids will adore it. This cubby is a semi-permanent style, so you’ll need to find somewhere that you are happy to dig some holes into the ground about 20-25cm. We have already hired this cubby out for a Melbourne food and Wine event and it went so well. The raffle is drawn on December 22 so the Lions have time to deliver the cubby house to the lucky family by Christmas Eve.

I built a ground level deck and storage shed that joined the house without approvals and when we sold we went through the ringer. Sweet as pie, like something straight out of a storybook, Hip Kids’ Alice Cubby ($1,099) is a miniaturised English cottage for the bottom of your garden. And it would be best to check, because I would hate to build something for the kids only to have someone at council tell me to pull it down. Take your first pretty curtain, and pin one corner to the front left corner of the cubby, then pin the other end in the centre of the cubby.

This cubby has given me a good 4 hours to clean the house, properly, and get a good hunk of my book out the way. We’re seeing lots of custom-designed cubby houses now and we get lots of requests for cubby houses to be worked into the landscaping plans for gardens. Simply drape some sheets over the edge of your roof so that they hang over the edge, creating walls.

The corner cabinet was a wall cabinet from our old kitchen I”m not sure why we still had it but it got a lick of paint and is a temporary kitchen/shelf/cabinet until I can either make one or find something to transform into a mini oven/stovetop etc. Total Workshop search results: 7. Displaying Page 1 of your woodworking search phrase FREE CUBBY HOUSE PLANS. Council approval for a cubby – I cant even believe someone rang up and checked – i sure as shit wouldnt. Our professional installers can set up your cubby for you when time is precious.

When cutting the windows out, mark out a square with the bottom holes directly above each sill plate and the top holes below the top plate. Dig post holes in each corner and two post holes 700mm back from the front edge, these posts define where the verandah joins the cubby. Call Neil Boyte Carpentry today if you want a truly skilled woodworker to look after your cubby creation. From Hansel and Gretel gingerbread houses through to my Christmas gingerbread cookies. The aim was to make the height match the siding so there would be no trimming and waste.

Cubby houses and sheds should be a reasonable distance away from the boundary of your property. Plywood and hardwood are traditional materials but are still very popular in cubby house designs. I used a similar technique as I did on the pembee house to build the floor system. These will cover the gap left by the skillion roof on either side of the cubby. Tara painted the roof and inside walls of the cubby with a blue colour (similar blues from Dulux in acrylic exterior paint include ‘Phuket Palette’, ‘Blue Astro’ and ‘High Blue’). How to make a Wendy House This wendy house is basically a playhouse with a few feminine touches added.

If your back yard has a slope then why not build the cubby house on the high side of the yard then cut into the slope to give you the drop needed for the slide and rope climb. There is still enough gap for water drainage but the toy problems are no more, the sand is so much easier to sweep away and there is a whole lot less sunlight down there which will hopefully make it less attractive to our grass runners!