How To Paint Finished Wood Chairs

I have a lovely wooden bench on the porch that I got for free last spring, and it soon became my favorite coffee-sipping seat. Priming: Unless you are repainting a previously painted piece, you should prime the surface, particularly when bare wood has been exposed. I now use Little Greene Paint Company exterior / interior oil based eggshell on furniture and kitchen units. Also the shellac base covers any tannin or stains that may appear when painting with white or light colors. We used the large table to make the magazine holder, gave the middle table (which was still in a good condition) to a charity shop and this small one that we had left seemed perfect for the guest bedroom. It was pointed out to me that spray paint is dangerous to inhale and I didn’t mention safety precautions.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, after a few months of daily use we were getting some black marks on the top of the dresser. Krylon Marking Chalk can be used to fulfill your professional and recreational needs by offering you the ease and convenience of temporarily spray painting grass to outline volleyball courts, soccer fields and even landscaping areas. It can potentially be a lot of extra work to remove the paint, but at the end of the day, it may be well worth the hassle as it will give your furniture that smooth and professional finish. It’s usually easier to paint furniture if you can strip it of knobs and handles.

The white stain basically saturates the wood’s surface so that further unintentional staining such as coffee can’t penetrate it, but this would also mean that your paint doesn’t have anything to grab onto. If there are particular spots and areas on your furniture that will be used frequently, you may want to add an extra layer or two. I recently bought a Besta tv unit in oak finish, it doesn’t go well with my rustic oak coffee table and other living room furniture. Before you begin, make sure your furniture surfaces are clean and dry, avoid any woods that are oily. We decided that most of our gallons of paint (bought for furniture projects) sat in the garage for a while.

Sanding the primer will allow the layer of paint to adhere even better to the surface of the furniture that it already does with the primer on it. Also evaluating whether you need to remove the prior layer of finish that is currently on your furniture will be time well spent. I am planning on painting my three expedit cubes, my rast dressers, and a table (i cant remember the name) from IKEA.

Larger brushes and rollers are good for large surfaces like tabletops, while smaller sizes are best for painting smaller surfaces or crevices and other hard-to-reach areas. Orbital Sander or Sandpaper – You’ll need to some sandpaper for to rough up the wood a little in advance of applying your primer and paint, and to smooth it out after you’ve applied your top coat.

Good tip with the wood balsam, I’m just finishing my first project and was not looking forward to applying varnish and spoiling my hard work. Depending on the size of the wooden furniture, it may be possible to use an acrylic spray paint to create the look you want. I love this corner in our office, but have not loved this side table for many years.

The first step is to give your doors or furniture a really good wash down to remove any dust or grime. Just like having a gorgeous lining on a piece of clothing, a piece of furniture can have the best-hidden feature, like finding a treasure amid the chaos, but first you have to open it. A coffee table, for instance, with beautiful wallpaper underneath the glass top can make a huge difference.

The alternative is to use BIN and then topcoat with oil eggshell, but you will create sanding if you brush apply BIN, (not if you spray BIN). Ok, unfortunately there really isn’t a way that I know of to fix the yellowed paint other than painting over it. (After sanding to dull the finish.) I never recommend using polyurethane over white paint for this reason.

Today I am going to show you how to paint furniture or how to paint over a chest of drawers that has a stain and varnish/urethane finish on it. An antique gold 80’s mirror can be transformed easily with spray paint and some stain. Muskoka chairs are also easier to paint when using an aerosol as opposed to a paint brush. Clear Wax: While not required for painting wood furniture, a coat of wax, applied with a dry rag, adds a shine to your piece — and an extra layer of protection to your new color.

Nothing worse than spending 2 weeks painting a tiny little desk, only to realize that you forgot primer and the whole project was a waste! I added in some standard black paint to darken the Pavilion grey as it was paler than my client wanted. If you do, you’ll end up needing to paint a few extra layers…which with a piece like a Roll-Top means several more hours of painting and dry time.

Once an item of furniture has been sanded and cleaned to the owner’s satisfaction, it must be prepared for painting. I’m sure my regular readers remember that I like to make all of the mistakes so that you don’t have to. With that in mind, here are the things I learned about painting bare wood. Outdoor Furniture: The numerous pieces of wood often used to build garden furniture means that there are multiple wood ends that can absorb moisture.

This dresser is for a baby girl’s nursery and soft green is the favorite color choice for the space, which is why I chose this particular shade for her. There are choices, it is part of the furniture painter skill to specify the right paint for the job. You can also distress the piece if you’d like, or just leave it as is. The dresser in the photo was just slightly distressed using fine grit sandpaper. I found a table a while back that was painted dark green and I actually painted over it with a lighter color after some light sanding and it worked beautifully. I realize that some of my readers are furniture painting veterans, but many of you are not.

I am painting my kitchen cabinets with it…it also mixes so well with the other colors so there is a ton of combo’s you can achieve with this paint! I have 3 types of businesses in my garage – staging, furniture – and a ton of paint, Venetian plaster…metallic plaster, Tuscan textures, tints, glazes, gold leaf etc (all for my decorative painting business). This dresser ended up being one of my easiest makeovers ever because I’ve learned a few new tricks since my last makeover. Distressed furniture is one of the hottest trends in wood furniture and part of the new shabby chic movement.

Having that handy trigger on the spray paint makes it easy to paint quickly, but I forgot to shake the can every so often to keep my paint looking even and glossy. Wood filler – to fill any imperfections in advance painting your wooden furniture. That’s why I always use a good oil based bonding primer in either a spray or brush formula before I paint most anything, including cabinets, trim or furniture. As you’re probably aware, the birch effect furniture isn’t real wood, its literally just a picture of birch wood printed on plastic. As I painted over the same place twice the AS paint seemed to go into chalky chunks and in some places strip the paint back to the wood.

Using a paintbrush and a roller, gently brush an even coat of the primer on the surface of the wood. For new wood, prime the entire surface with a spray primer recommended by your paint dealer. Although there are many furniture refinishing techniques, today I am going to cover just the absolute basics of painting. I’m not familiar with the white stain Hemnes furniture, but I suppose you could do a test patch of paint to see if it adheres well.

The Dove White HMCP was painted onto the sanded dresser (no primer) and then I lightly sanded/distressed those areas. Best bet is to grab a small plank of wood and test it all out before committing to your final piece. Sometimes it takes a couple coats of primer to cover up a dark color, especially if you are painting it white. I just finished painting our family room armoire that houses our tv and components.