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Wooden (Oak) Rolling Step & Platform Ladders are accessible from either end, these exceptionally durable oak ladders are non-folding, self-supporting, and require no track. Our wooden step ladders include a 23” high step stool for low level access, and step ladders for higher shelves. Our library rollers are built from USA-made Custom Service Hardware , and we build the ready-made homes with black hardware components. Rolling Ladder; Pulpit Ladder; Library Ladder; Rolling Work Platform; Telephone Ladders; Aluminim Rolling Ladders; Dock & Mezzanine Ladders; Colorful Office Ladders. For more details, check out CSH’s rolling ladder instructions which show parts and assembly well.

This rolling library ladder is a functional — and appropriate — addition to the kitchen, providing access to cabinets that kiss the 11-foot ceilings. This regulation applies to common types of portable wood ladders and not to specialty ladders such as shelf ladders, combination step and extension ladders, fruit picker’s ladders, stockroom and aisle-way stepladders and library ladders. The No. 1 oak rolling ladder can be made out of any hard wood, including mahogany, maple, birch, ash, and cherry, for an additional cost.

Our carpenters will expertly choose the timber for your wooden ladders so that you can ensure your product fits your style as well as your solution. An innovative stopping device is activated by stepping onto the ladder which prevents the ladder from unintentional movement while in use. The use of accessories such as tool lanyards to keep tools tethered to the worker can prevent them from falling while working on a ladder. Use a wooden loft ladder to access your attic space or as a roof terrace ladder. Extra heavy duty, 300 lb. rated ladder with rugged extruded aluminum side rails.

The top fixture is a slide mechanism…the top and bottom fixtures are very difficult to produce and that saved us because anybody can make a ladder but it’s the fixtures that people are after and the track that goes with them. Whether you’re looking for rolling ladders for libraries or any other application, we have the highest quality product for your needs. A rolling library ladder provides access to floor-to-ceiling storage in this Pennsylvania farmhouse pantry, designed by Benbow & Associates.

Rolling ladders are manufactured from a variety of materials – wood, salvaged wood, stainless steel, aluminum, and you can see them in home libraries, children’s bedrooms, kitchens, pantries, wine cellars. Mobile ladder stand platforms are movable, fixed height, self-supporting units having at least one standing level with means of access or egress to the platform(s). A: No. Ladders that are permanently attached to structures (fixed) are covered under the requirements of 29 CFR 1910.27, Fixed Ladders. This Library Ladder provides both storage drawers and display shelves, and arrives in two easily assembled sections…..NEW !

We’ve found some links below for you to look at. We also know that there is a ladder company in NYC that specializes in this type of rolling ladder, but we can’t remember the name. The carriage and ladder assembly rolls smoothly on these tracks along the length of the storeroom aisle. The remaining hardware (wheels on the bottom and top of the ladder) screwed easily into the 30 year old wooden ladder. You could choose a ladder design to match with the bookshelves or you can make it an accent by getting a rolling ladder in a contrast color which will pop out against the bookshelves.

These seven-foot ladders move from side to side along the railing, and also pull out from vertical to a comfortable climbing angle. The rolling ladder track can be mounted on either a vertical (front) or horizontal (top) surface as standard, and can be as long or as short as required. If the door has to be open and the ladder is in a raised position, ask a coworker to stay with the ladder to make sure an accident does not occur.

The Quiet Glide rolling ladder is a classy way to add functionality to your library, closet, wine cellar, kitchens, pantries, or lofts; anywhere you want to reach those out-of-the-way places. With a huge ladder inventory, we are the best resource to assist you in getting the perfect ladder for the job and more. Depending on the options, it may include a moving ladder base that adjusts to the leaning angle or with rollers featuring an auto-stop function.

No, the key to the ladder are the fixtures on the top and the bottom, and they’re patterns that we own. It is divided into application, materials, construction requirements and ladder care and usage. On most ladders you are able to push the ladder back against the wall for storage to give more room. When you are ready to buy your ladder, come to The Home Depot and our knowledgeable associates will assist you in getting the right ladder for the job.