Cat Tree Plans And Scratching Posts

If you don’t want your cat scratching the furniture , you’ll need to provide an object more appealing. If your cat is scratching on horizontal surfaces, make a horizontal scratching post, it will make it much easier to redirect your pet to the appropriate place. You can also use Feliway to spray the scratching post to hopefully mask any weird smells that may be off-putting for your cat. The PDF of your plans is really slick: (Illustrator I presume?) I just adopted three kittens off the roof of the junior high where I teach English.

If you do choose to use the sealant, use as small amount as possible to make the scratching post non toxic for your cat. I have made just about all of the ones in your plans and it was very instructional and easy to follow. Make sure nails or staples do not protrude in such a way that your cat could be scratched or cut. The reality is that most of us can’t afford to spend a lot of money on cat furniture.

Small cats and especially young kittens may easily fall of a tall cat scratching tree and hurt themselves. Based on the scratch marks on my door frames, my cat usually scratches between 22″ and 37″ off the ground (a 15″ span). I also plan on recommending different products for cat owners, with a particular emphasis on natural products to ensure the well being of our furry friends. The last thing you need are some crawling hitch-hikers and perhaps that tree branch fell for a reason! Be sure exposed hardware (nails, screws, staples, etc.) do not stick up from the wood or carpet on areas that your cat could come in contact with.

You do not want this part too skinny though, you want to be able to cut a hole in at least one of them for the cats to hide in. The larger one that we have there is a post that goes right through it and that is what the square pieces of particle board are screwed into, make sure it is screwed tightly. This way, my cat can scratch near where she prefers to nap, near her favorite playtime area and also in the livingroom where she used to prefer scratching on my sofa. Oakland, California-based design-build studio Because We Can built this steampunk-inspired cat tube as part of a complete home office renovation, fit for a mad scientist.

Place her scratching post near the now-taboo favorite spot and take kitty to it. Use your own fingers to scratch the post and make sounds of enjoyment. Pay attention to your cat’s scratching habits so you’ll know where to locate the post. Pretty to look at, soft to touch, but totally ineffective when it comes to scratching. Feel free to post some pics on our FB page (icon on the very top right of this page), I look forward to seeing your cat creation. Sorry you failed, but blaming it on the plan is weaker than your wobbly cat tower.

You can get design ideas by looking at the commercially made ones and draw a plan based on the good parts of those you like and make it the size you want. Cat tree sizes range from 1 level cat houses to up to 6 level cat condos with ramps, cubbies and multiple perches. By supplying a cat scratching tree for them to carry out their instinctive behaviors, you will preserve your household furniture, walls, and curtains and make both you and your pet happier. I am not a big cat lover but the little guy kinda grew us. He was only 4 weeks and so tiny and so sick. Be sure the fabric you use for the hammock is thick enough to hold the weight of your cat.

A simple and economical scratching post could be some sisal rope tightly wrapped around the dining room table leg, or you could wrap some sisal rope around a narrow piece of wood and jam it at an angle against a door. Being that we are all Syracuse University fans, we decided to make them in the school colors of orange & blue. Generally the best deterrents are those that train the cat not to scratch inappropriate surfaces, even in the owners absence. And these changes can be made for all your plans so I’m on my way to making the Mistoffolees castle in the same fashion. Once you learn the basics, you can add to your design to make any size or shape you want.

In order to be able to post messages on the Woodworking Talk – Woodworkers Forum forums, you must first register. They have a really wide range of really fantastic cat scratching post plans that you can make yourself – extremely cheaply. I have, in the past, removed the carpet, but my feline experiences show me that they love to sit and scratch at the carpet too. Featuring a hanging toy, scratching posts and plush areas to move and lay down, this is bound to keep your cat entertained and offers plenty for your cat to play with, explore and scratch and to keep them from scratching away at your furniture.

I loved the plans, they were so easy that I have been looking at the thousands of images on the internet and figuring out how I would make any of them based on the instructions from your CD. The information was elementary, and I had fun making one. Most cat trees feature toys that dangle from various levels, which can keep your cat entertained even when you’re not home. I would like to use it to make these as well, because I too feel they are WAY to expensive. I have also used these plans and learned to determine how to create plans for other kinds of cat trees that I’ve seen pictured on the internet.