Designing For Knife Storage, Part 1

Free PDF plans for build your own knife block and easy free woodworking projects. If making a knife holder is not for you but you would like to have something similar to this in your kitchen, below are a few images of a magnetic bar that can be purchased here and easily mounted on your kitchen wall. Magnetic knife bars can be a good idea: the knives are out in the open and easy to grab and return, yet the magnets hold the blades in place. Angled and Stepped – Moehrle marks a 25˚ line through the center of each knife assembly. For this kind of knife block, you need five plywood boards and several bamboo skewers.

The best knives will have a full tang—meaning that the knife is one solid piece of metal with the two handle pieces pinned or riveted to the blade. There’s lots of debate over whether a knife block or a magnetic knife strip is a better choice. The drawer is closed almost all the time!!) Must get the HVAC technician husband who can build anything build one of these for me!! I’ve had one of these for at least ten years and while it’s not the perfect knife block, it does well for the assortment of knives we have which includes two chefs knives, a santoku, and a bread knife, all pretty long.

This amazing knife block is more work of art than actual kitchen utensil, but for the price this designer block is an unbelievable bargain and would make both a great talking point and gift idea for anyone. I leave this undisturbed for a couple of hours and let the weight of the block work its magic. I had the prototype in my kitchen for a couple of days, just to see how it would fit. Instructables user Britt Michelsen (BrittLiv) dropped what may be the world’s most unconventional cutlery holder into our lives and it’s a sick beauty.

As any other thing, knives too require maintenance and all you need to do to keep them sharp is run them trough a knife sharpener when you get the feeling that they are not as sharp as they used to be. Another thing you should pay attention to is how you wash the knives. I use a wiping cloth to apply three coats of oil-based polyurethane to the block. Under Cabinet Magnetic Knife Rack : We love this tip from the archives for mounting your magnetic knife rack (DIY or otherwise) underneath your cabinets.

Stand about 10 feet from the target and hold the tomahawk out like you did with the knife to sight. If intricate cuts and paper-thin slicing is what you intend to do, get this Japanese knife and you’ll be impressing everyone in no time. Sticking a knife or tomahawk into this DIY target we’ve created is relatively simple, once you figure out your throw and distance.

Building a nice wooden knife block is actually very simple and you can make it all by yourself in just one day including the designing and the assembling. The knife block went into production and when the first sample arrived, I realized that I textured the bamboo horizontally in the renders where the texture in the actual product runs vertically due to the production method. We have bought three and think they are the best knife solution we’ve ever had.

The Toro Legno (Kitchen Bull) shown above is a fanciful item: a knife block with 10 slots, a book shelf and a cheese board. These blocks are specifically designed to fit his knives; a nice touch is that the slots are numbered, so you always know which slot holds which knife. While Melody was able to give me some solid pointers that had me throwing knives and tomahawks like a boss, what my DIY brain was really drawn to was the wooden target they had set up at the booth to throw the knives and tomahawks into.

If you’re looking for a nice set of knives that come with a storage block and are relatively affordable, go for the Wüsthof Classic 8-Piece Deluxe Knife Set But if you’re willing to make the investment in time and research, get yourself to a kitchen shop and invest in individual knives. Again, how you place and remove the knives will help protect the sharpness of your blade: when you slide the knife in and out of a slot, press the back side of the knife against the wood instead of the sharp side. Magnetic racks can be wall-mounted to store contents off the counter while keeping them in reach.

Both the chef’s and paring knives performed beautifully, the kitchen shears (which do come apart for cleaning) were nice and weighty, and I really liked using the small santoku knife for chopping lettuce, parsley and other items that didn’t need the full length of a chef’s knife. Also known as a bird’s beak knife, a peeling knife has a pointed tip that curves downward (sometimes upward) and from side to side (towards the blade). Many knife blocks, particularly those made of wood, cannot be cleaned on the inside.

To counter this, many premium knife makers make handles with ridges, bumps, or indentations to provide extra grip. Each consecutive block out of the 12 are then stacked on top of the next until you have all 12 assembled. But it’s also a matter of access: if we forget what we have we’ll end up using the same dull 6-inch utility knife for everything. You have an interesting concept with sticking the knife blades into the skewers.

The Mikoto knife block , designed by the Martin Robitsch Studio for Ekobo , uses hundreds of bamboo skewers to hold the knives in places. The knife block offers different slots for different knives, leaving the user unsure which knife is which and where you can put the knife back after usage. Made of durable German steel, this forged knife has the quality to last a lifetime, and indeed it comes with a lifetime warranty.

The downside of using plastic guards is that it adds a step or two when you quickly need a knife or want to return it to storage, plus you may forget which knives you have if they’re not all at hand while you cook. Most knife blocks aim to present the knives to the customer under the hypothesis that the customer sees what knife he’s picking up. For example, look at the knife block pictured below.

Not everyone is willing to spend a fortune on one knife, however professional that knife may be, which is why I’ve also picked a good chef knife that is affordable for most. In fact, I have picked several cheap knife sets that are pretty good for their price, such as this best knife set under $100 The highest rated kitchen knives are not always the most expensive ones too. In these free woodworking plans, learn how to make a hardwood cutting … Close up of butcher with chopping board and knife – Image Source/Image Source/. They are for protecting this hand should the knife slip and slice into the user’s off hand.

If the tension is good (# skewers correct) then the knife falls in and stops in a smooth way with the blade completely. I did not secure the bamboo sticks in the box and still have not had a problem with it (now 5 years or so). Once hung on the wall or on a cabinet, attach each knife vertically and make sure each knife is being held in place securely with the magnets. I made a knife rack that is similar to the Kapoosh Knife Block, but I think works much better. The divider blank is as wide as my push block, so I use a second push block to hold the stock tight against the fence. We picked up a Kapoosh Knife Block (Model 650) with high hopes that it would solve our knife storage problem.