Rocking Horse Shop

Stevenson Brothers produce a number of popular wooden rocking horse collections, including new and limited edition rocking horses. Staff will be accepting Request for Proposals (RFP’s) to relocate the giant rocking horse and have established criteria to determine where its new home should be — including its location, visual impact, opportunity for public access/viewing, benefit to community, benefit to business, proposed use, placement (on concrete pads) and proposed maintenance schedule.

Most rocking horses are still fully functional, in fact fully restored rocking horses usually can be used and simply have future restoration work to repair any wear and tear associated with use. A Swedish painted toy horse from the 19th century with original leather ears and horse hair tail. In addition to the horses and the one carousel, there are many other pieces and attractions that are up for grabs as well. We also have a small number of horses available unrestored should you wish to try restoration yourself – with or without guidance. Customers have turned to us for years to meet all of their needs for run in sheds for horses.

My delivery service allows me to make sure that you are happy with your rocking horse when delivered, as back loading is then relatively easy if you are not. The genuine German and French ones were often fur covered and are extremely rare now days; it is extremely unlikely that we would find one here in Australia; if there were one; the owner/collector would not part with it; nor would they put it on a general auction site.

Furthermore, all of the horse shelters and horse barns that we offer in our catalog are portable. The design and hand painting skills used in creating the vintage dala horses sweden were so unique and uncommon that Dala horse was accepted by many audiences as one of the most popular wooden craft in Europe. We can create a bespoke rocking horse for you which will become a unique treasure for your family for generations to come. Please note the detailed hand-carving which differentiates these horses from the overwhelming majority of others.

In the 1930s (especially after the World’s Expo in Paris 1937 and World’s Fair in New York 1939 in which Dala horses were shown) mass production of Dala horses started. Dala Horse or Vintage Nils Ollson Hemslojd Dala Swedish Painted Folk Art Wooden Horse Sweden has evolved into a symbol of all Swedish hand crafts. We are privileged custodians to some rare and beautiful rocking horses in our own collection, which includes well-known and loved types but also unique unattributed examples. Sign up for the latest additions to our collection of fine antique rocking horses, plus features on rocking horses generally. This tradition was then carried on in order to raise the market value of the Dala horses.

We have great stables for sale in Ireland , at very reasonable prices, so please contact us or call us at (076) 680 1251 for a chat about your stables, and we will do our very best to accomodate you – and your horses too! Vintage rocking horse, with wheels as well as rockers, cloth covered, mane and tail real horse hair with leather ears. Is a business that has been developed to provide a service to buyers and sellers of horses and related products & services. We have some beautiful new horses that just came in. Watch for information and new pictures as soon as the rain stops.

The first Dala horse was made by wood workers when they were out in the forest working together with their horse. This covers most major Rocking Horses from many countries and gives an excellent insight to the various Rocking Horse styles that have evolved around the world. When you are looking for a horse, it is important to check the references, background and experience of anyone that sells horses.

Although there is nothing specific in the PTC archives to tell us why this one machine was loaded with 16 signature figures, the machine’s nickname of Philtobco” is certainly fitting as this is certainly a signature carousel. This is a very reliable and presentable vehicle and a reluctant sale as my groom has lost interest in showing. If you are looking for a specific Carousel Animal please contact us and let us find it for you, or need yours restored…. All large horses are shipped F..B.Deland ,Florida by truck.

The horses made at these workshops share the same familiar pattern which most people associate to Dala horses. When we would go and visit my grandmother, we’d go for a full day and just ride the carousel all day,” Ashley Dinger said. These are the best and the best selling rocking horses in the country, please beware cheap foreign imitations. That love for those pretty, ornate, wooden horses was passed on to her granddaughter.