Inch, Two Speed Thickness Planer

This powerful planer has a compact, low-profile design and leaves an excellent finished surface. So what I did was I cut my support blocks for the melamine shelving about 1/8” higher than the bed height of the planer. The Makita 2012NB is a 12-inch planer that has nearly everything workers need in a portable wood planer. The slower you move the planer through the wood, the shorter the scallop arcs are, making them virtually invisible. No. I would not recommend doing so, youll get a faster RPM burning your wood that way.

The rest of the process is also straight forward and the only tool required to remove and install new knives or reverse the old knives to expose a fresh edge” is the T” wrench used to remove the top cover of the planer. The planer has become one of my favorite tools and has allowed me to expand my woodworking tremendously. The more powerful the motor, the less likelihood there is of the planer bogging down when it runs into a hard spot, such as a knothole or from a deep cut. Their initial response was that they would send an entire new DEWALT DW735X kit.

A thickness planer is a woodworking machine that is used to trim boards to a desired thickness by making them evenly flat on both surfaces. There are three basic types of power planers on the market, with a forth tool that falls into the category of being similar to a planer. I donned my earmuffs and safety glasses, fired it up, and flipped the speed lever over to position 2. Per the instructions (of COURSE I read them!), you should only change speeds while the planer is running.

The DEWALT DWP611PK 1.25 HP Max Torque Variable Speed Compact Router Combo Kit with LED’s can handle a variety of applications-from small bevel cuts to large edge profiles and heavy flush trimming. The DeWalt planer dw735 uses a powerful 15 amp motor that can make deep cuts into all types of hardwood sheets. It was a joke to think my planer could handle the job as-is, so it seemed like the right time to upgrade. I have seen few if any negative reviews of the 735 but that does not mean they are not out there.

I opted to mount my planer on the DeWALT DW7350 Mobile Thickness Planer Stand an optional extra but it certainly makes it easy to move the planer around my workshop. I’ve read good comments on the Delta 22-580, and there are a lot of happy DW 734 and DW735 owners out there. This is due to the 7-inch hand wheel that continually lowers and raises the cutting head in full motion. All of the machines except two have a 13-inch width capacity: The Makita has a 12-inch, and the DeWalt DW734 has a 12-1/2-inch capacity. It helps make sure the material is completely flat as it’s fed through the planer.

Maybe I just got some bad blades and if I buy a new DeWalt set everything will be fine. The Dewalt DW734 works well as all-rounder and gives you high-grade depth control, comparable to the high-end planers. This planer is solidly constructed and simple to work and gives outstanding functionality. It may be the most expensive model in this group, but the DeWalt is a well-built machine that’s a pleasure to use, and so it earns my vote as your Best Bet” purchase.

The DeWalt DW680K is a highly efficient and very portable hand planer that is ideal for taking off large quantities of wood in a short time. Not being a gen-u-wine woodworker, I unfortunately have no kick-ass dust collection system set up. I may invest in one anyhow, because I do have quite a bit of planing left to do, and planing with ANY planer generates an incredible amount of wood chips.

Test Notes: The planer caused only minor snipe, and the surface quality it left was excellent. Collecting-Dust Capacity – The capability of this planer to actually collect dust is one of the smartest developments to date. I’ve got a pretty robust dust collection system in my shop, however the amount of dust and chips that a planer produce gave me reason for concern. This causes them to cut in a scooping manner, which can leave a scalloped edge on the wood.

The mobile thickness planer stand and the optional folding planer tables can be purchased separately but I have seen some retailers package either optional accessory along with the planer. NEW Provide dependable support for your planer while keeping it mobile using the DeWalt DW7350 Planer Stand with Integrated Base. The DeWalt ones sure seem to be a great bang for bucj option, and you can usually get blades and any big boz or local hardware store, so that is a big plus. The DEWALT DW735X is a very beefy, sturdy tool, weighing in at an unsvelte 92 pounds.

Can anybody recommend a brand, model number, should i upgrade to a bigger and better thicknesser or start looking seriously at these drum sanders. You will also be receiving the weekly Make: Newsletter to keep you inspired with new projects and more product reviews. The only thing below the wood being cut on a jointer is the table which traps the workpiece between the cutterhead and the table, to ensure consistent board thickness.

The benefits of a jointer planer are the convenience of having a combination of both tools readily available and the amount of money saved on buying each separately. While it seems that the DeWalt 734 lacks certain features and capacities as the DeWalt DW735 and DeWalt DW735X, these are minor differences such that if you only need a DW734 for your DIY or woodworking needs, there’s no need to add extra bucks to get a DW735 and DW735X. The best surface planer models are high-quality tools that are very effective to use.

These types are not as powerful as standard models as they tend to use commercial motors, and this requires more passes to reach the desired thickness. I had a $5,000 jointer/planer that produced tearout on the same wood that this planer surfaces perfectly, due mostly to the lower 50 cuts/inch of my previous machine. A planer has the cutting head situated above, unlike a jointer which has it below. But first I’ll lightly go over the planer itself and give some of my thoughts on it.

I finally had to switch to the second side (the blades are reversible) but then I bought a Shelix head for it. A lot of peopled had trouble with the Dewalt blades – you can google it, but IMO it seems like they finally figured it out. A powerful motor also helps to increase the amount of wood you can plane off of the material during each pass, making your project go smoother and faster. When the wood planer is used, the cut depth must be set before powering on the machine.