7 DIY Outdoor Play Equipment Ideas For Your Backyard

Are you always looking for a playground without caring about the safe problems for your kids? In Children’s Outdoor Play and Learning Environment: Returning to Nature , playground designers and early childhood experts Randy White and Vicki Stoecklin, found that when given the option of imagining an ideal outdoor play space, children would choose things like water, sand, and vegetation over jungle gyms and slide; a surprising conclusion considering what most of our neighborhood parks actually look like.

All of the Playstar BIY outdoor residential playgrounds come with a kit that includes proven swing set plans, cutting guides, swings, rings, chains, fasteners, steering wheels, telescopes, play handles, climbing rope, climbing rocks, sand box seats, brackets and play ground anchors along with a variety of slides & climbers that will provide the Do-It-Yourselfer easy, professional swing set results at half of the cost.

Give your young sous-chef the perfect outdoor kitchen space this summer by creating a backyard mud pie station With a tub of dirt, a pitcher of water and a washable table, your child is sure to bake up a storm with plenty of goodies found in the backyard. To beat the summer heat, build an outdoor shower inside an arbor or pergola; just make sure there is no possibility of standing water. Give kids and guests a buffet of playtime options and your backyard could be the season’s hottest destination. Build your backyard dog run on an existing fence, such as a corner, to cut costs.

You could build an amazing playhouse yourself, complete with a slide, if you’re confident with your DIY prowess. If you already have a paving stone patio or pool deck, or plan to install one, this will also help integrate your playground area into the rest of your landscape and hardscape. Remember to think about how the adults can comfortably rest while observing play activities. Only the best quality timber is used in manufacturing of our outdoor play systmes of which 100% of the timber is treated to stringent SABS specifications. If a picnic table is located below and used for crafts, consider building an outdoor cupboard to store supplies.

The artificial surfaces now common on playgrounds are home to some pretty scary toxic contaminants, which is just one of the reasons some people are turning to homemade playground alternatives. If you have enough space in the backyard, create the setting for a serious game of backyard checkers. It’s best to accept in advance that maintaining a playground is a year-round responsibility. Use PVC pipes, scrap wood, trash cans and more – after a coat of paint, everyone will be praising your ingenious DIY. Obviously we need some kind of playground of our own, but they all seem too gianormous and expensive.

Right here on our website and in our free printed color catalog you’ll find Detailed Plans, Fort Swing Set Kits, and Playground Equipment Accessories that you’ll need to build, enhance, or maintain a very special playground – the one in your childrens backyard. Since safety is one of the most important features of any children’s play area, this should be a consideration from the very beginning of the design process.

Never install equipment on concrete, asphalt, packed earth, or any other hard surface without adding sufficient ground surface material per regulations. Even though at this stage it was not yet finished, the playground was playable” by the kid’s standards. Your kids’ imagination will take over from there and they will play for hours in their spaceship, school, car, or grocery store.

Rock climbing features are popular options for accessing higher, elevated levels of a play structure. Take an inventory of items around the house that you could convert into playground equipment. Detailed assembly instructions and all necessary fittings are provided to make construction a straight-forward DIY job. Our backyard playgrounds do not require any concrete footings or professional installation. Easy to assemble and transport this playground design comes with the following components.

Perhaps your neighbours just cut down a tree and you could ask for some stumps or wooden offcuts, perhaps you have lots of different leaves growing that could be incorporated into sand play or cooking fun. No matter whether your outdoor area is large or small you can incorporate areas the children can help to look after and interact with. Knowing that the playground was built with our own hands puts a huge smile on my face.

ASTM International , previously known as the American Society for Testing and Materials, provides consumer safety performance specifications for playground equipment. Our playground products lead the way in encouraging kids to play outdoors, engaging their imaginations and bringing children of all abilities together to play. Parents and kids together can design the theme of the playground to suit their style.

Or if you’re looking to spend some time with your family, outdoor games are a brilliant way for everyone to enjoy an activity together after a long week at work or school. For kids interested in skateboarding, consider building ramps or a small backyard skateboarding park. Shop swing sets factory direct: We design & manufacture all of our playground equipment plans & kits, available only at Customize your playset to be exactly how your kids want it to be!