Five Hot Looks For Your Home’s Radiators

We made our radiator covers and cabinets with an idea of caring for you and the environment. The space in between the two is exactly 2.4m, which incidentally is the length that most sheets of MDF or timber is cut to. So I’ve fixed the cabinets to the step, and built a frame with some recycled timber from around the flat and some new bits from the local B&Q. Once your choices have been made and your order placed, we will commission your bespoke radiator cabinet. We offer good-looking and environmentally friendly radiator covers to make your home the coziest place in the world where you always want to return.

The foil insulation throws a lot of the radiant heat back into the room, and the convection shape definitely changes the airflow around the radiator. We had low pressure steam heat with radiators in the 100 year old house we lived in while in Indiana. Veneered plywood is incredibly sturdy and beautiful unfinished, but also takes a wood stain really nicely. You can also choose to run some trim along the side of the radiator cover, like I chose to do here. Covers designed for lower, longer radiators look an awful lot like benches; someone is sure to sit on one.

Whether you need a single radiator cover (or baseboard cover) or multiple covers for a major renovation, we are eager to show you what a wonderful, immediate difference they can make in your house, loft, apartment – or office. This image is a great example of how a Kingston Cabinets improves heat efficiency. Traditional Style Radiator Cover – MDF – Size Range Available:Small – 1115mm x 815mm x 190mm. All bespoke radiator cabinets and radiator covers are expertly installed and scribed to fit perfectly with your skirting board. For this project, you will need four pieces of wood: two cut the size of your height, and two cut the size of your width.

We have a diversified selection of child-safety rounded corners plus FREE insulated lids radiator covers designed with safety in mind. Along with all the good stuff, We offer Free Delivery with every radiator cover, so there are no hidden costs! Our radiator cover frames and Mission screen are made of wood, and the Windsor, Grecian and Cloverleaf screens are made of Steel. Main body of radiator cover constructed from 15mm thick MDF and Grill from 5mm MDF. I think that one day I will install grates in the tops of my radiator covers to enhance the flue effect.

On the bottom of each side-piece, cut out a piece of rectangular-shaped wood that is 2” up from the bottom and that forms a back leg that is 1-1/4” wide. The efficiency of the heating system of your home depends on the correctly matched radiator covers. Depth: Leave ample room both in front and in back of radiator – choose depth which is larger than radiator.

Each bespoke radiator cabinet in the Kingston Cabinets collection is individually designed and made to measure to meet each customers exact requirements. Check the instruction manual in order to make sure that you have the right amount of fittings, and that you are not missing anything. Little Wolf is great but they do not finish, they build cabinets and install, you then have them painted onsite.

Frankly, in this town custom mill-work is really expensive and 1625 to 2000 per primed paint grade convector cover WITHOUT built in storage or marble top or fancy brass/chrome/nickel grill is kind of average. Our top quality MDF radiator covers look stunning in any interior whilst circulating the maximum amount of heat around your home. I’m building mine using MDF for the top and sides, the front slats, stiles, rails & trim are poplar.

This modern Moroccan-style radiator manages to be both contemporary and classic and will fill any living space with eastern promise. The polymer radiator covers are front slotted, top and bottom on floor standing covers and slotted on top front only for wall mounted covers. The overall assembled external depth of your made to measure radiator cover will be 52mm deeper than the measurement you enter (to the front of the side panels). Many commercial models might not be nearly as good as the one you can make yourself. Also, without a back, it is easier to remove the cover if you need to access the radiator.

Aesthetically pleasing, and functional, polymer covers are extremely versatile and suitable for almost all applications. They can be removed and washed down away from the radiator location without fear of rust. Painted cabinets that act as a radiator cover, with some fitted cushions over the top is a relatively simple job to do which will give your room a pleasant seat that warms you through in winter. If your radiator is in an especially awkward spot, take advantage of the versatility of wooden covers to create a makeshift entertainment center for your living room. Made from natural materials, perfect for complementing wooden flooring or furniture.

There were radiator covers on the radiators in the house Mrs Piper and I bought. Fresh off the factory floor, with ornate cast-iron fins ready to take their first hit of steam, the radiator was the darling of American plumbing. The only exception is heaters that are electric (for example plug in units or baseboard style) which should never be close to drapes, curtains, furniture, etc. Warm air drafting up under a window, for instance, reduces the cold draft effect of the window itself.

Grates for radiator covers come in myriad patterns , so choose one that underscores the overall look of a room, as the radiator grilles in this whimsical living room do. The lids are fastened securely to the cabinet and have a reflective insulation attached to the underside, so radiator cover warping is not an issue. Since this radiator cabinet is over 9 feet long, it required a combination of grille sizes. Anecdotally, I have noticed that the air beneath a radiator cover is much hotter than the air right next to an uncovered radiator.

If you want something with high performance, brilliant looks, innovative design – check out our top 10 selling radiator covers and radiator cabinets with one or two curveballs thrown in to get you excited. There’s also the notion that the covers make the radiators more energy efficient by concentrating or directing the warm air produced by the radiators.

The added feature of using the natural convection of hot air around the radiator to push the heat out into the room makes this a more efficient way to heat the room. Place the piece of cut radiator tin into the radiator cover to make sure that it fits. In addition to shelves for books, plants or curios, covers designed to fit long, low radiators can double as television stands, benches or study areas.

I think steam and hot water cast-iron radiators are most common in the North-central and Northeast US. Find out how to fit a radiator cover which will look great, hide your radiator but not significantly reduce it’s performance. NOTE: If you need your enclosure an exact size, or have any cutouts you may need for pipes or moldings, please use our Radiator Diagram sheet to provide us with your measurements. With (unbelievably cute!) twin boys at home, safety was one of the main reasons Skip and Rachel decided to build covers for their radiators.

Though it doesn’t have to be sturdy enough to support a TV, it might be better to purchase a more heavy-duty radiator cover for a few reasons. Our radiator covers are finished using a high quality finish that is very low maintenance. A built-in bench like this one offers a stylish perch to slip on shoes and prepare for the day ahead. Just make sure you?re able to build a safe cover that doesn?t become a fire hazard even if your radiator malfunctions.

We have integrated technology from our website into our workshop – so when you place your order, our cabinetmakers know exactly what to make very efficiently. Louis XIV radiator design cover using Beaux-Arts Louis XIV 10″ x 20″ Decorative decorative grilles must be integrated with a custom made box This design features two of our RR-209 20×20 Arts and Crafts style grilles. We design radiator covers and radiator cabinets that transform spaces and interiors.

You also have to take in consideration how energy efficient your home is. Then you have to decide if the aesthetics of the radiator covers are worth the added expense. Cambridge curved radiator cover – contemporary styling that works well in a modern setting. Holohan recommends looking into Radiator Labs ‘s new invention, a radiator cover/temperature regulation system that you can control remotely via smartphone app. Ensuring your radiator cabinet is the right size and in the right location can keep heat loss down to less than 10%. If you make covers, and make sure to allow for good vertical airflow, they should work well.

Actually the radiator creates a convection effect where it heats the air surrounding the radiator and it rises, so there is air movement, You must allow for that movement. Just want to thank you for delivering the radiator cover as promised yesterday afternoon, I have to say this is the best quality cover I have seen well worth the money and the wait, would highly recommend to others. Since its small builds, Imgoing to start after xmas season, and Ill post up a drawing to see if its adequate before I start cutting wood. Make sure the base board is flush with what will be the front of the radiator cover.