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Every cat deserves a special place to call their own, and with your help and one of the free cat tree plans, they’ll have a perfect place to oversee their kingdom. In Sydney, for example, Reverse Garbage has everything you need to make a cheap and unique piece of cat furniture such as carpet off-cuts, cardboard tubes, pieces of wood and various other pieces. Creative builders may wish to design their own cat trees and furniture, or visit a pet supply store to get ideas and then adapt those designs to their own specifications. Now some folks feel that the cat trees that you buy in stores don’t really have stable bases.

Cat trees are more complicated constructions with actively playing and relaxation areas. While in the planning stage, also consider how you will keep the tree clean, you can vacuum carpeted surfaces, but try to avoid other porous materials that will be difficult to clean. It must be sturdy enough that your cat can climb it without it swaying, otherwise your cat will be smart enough to stay away.

I wouldn’t recommend using a different, cheaper form of rope, as a lot of the websites I found indicated that sisal rope is really the best for a cat scratching post, and other types of rope just aren’t as good for cats’ claws and/or aren’t as appealing to cats. Cat house owners who have a larger area may make a decision to acquire a big cat tree for their pet.

That’s where cats toys, scratchers and kitty condos come in. But don’t spend money at the pet store on high dollar toys and scratching pads only to have your cats play with the box they came in-instead check out these DIY projects for some fun for your kitty cats. Description: This is really not a very difficult hack, but I thought it may be. If you just want some cat tree plans, download them. Once you understand how everything goes together, you can adjust the scratching post plans to fit your house size, your decor and your cat (or cats).

Martha Stewart demonstrates how to make a scratching post for 17, 2013 Protect your furniture and drapes by creating a diy cat scratching post so your ca. I have noticed that when my cats start scratching at the furniture, the pieces they choose to destr. Make it as convenient as possible for your cat to recognize the better option you’ve provided for him. Most of the scratching posts and cat trees can be adjusted in peak and this is a extremely handy alternative. You may try removing the sheeting once your cat is successfully trained in scratching post use to see if the lessons truly stuck. Initially, your cat may be tentative to the presence of this new element to your home.

However, a heavy, wooden cat tree may take a bit of effort when moving if, you need to – especially if it is a gigantic one. You can get a scratching post that’s covered in the best material but if it’s wobbly or unstable, your cat will head right back to that trusty old sofa for his scratching needs. Other bits of furniture can implement other needs, like their litter box or a scratching post. You can make small safe ones for when your kitten is a baby and extend it as she grows up. Or just build a sky-scraper scratching post right up.

I’m having a hard time imagining the kind of cutting and folding that would require, but taking the time to carpet five pieces for each floor might make me crazier than I already am. It is highly recommended that you have as many scratching posts as you have space for. There are no plans for making this stunning looking cat cocoon, but it’s fairly self-explanatory. As you can see I added sisal rope to the perch post as I thought it would be a nice addition and a good place to scratch. At the very least, he will snub your fantastic offering, and go scratch on your favorite easy chair.

You need to make it as attractive as possible, and the place he was using as unattractive as possible. I can’t really let him be an outdoor cat because i live in a big city but i try to take him on walks with the cat leash i got him and he loves it but i can’t, for the life of me, get him to use the scratching posts i bought for him. He has to be able to lean his full weight against the post without having it topple over. When sisal, cardboard and carpeted scratching posts didn’t interest her, I made this scratching post from some old boards. Purr post cat trees, posts and scratchers are created to be healthy for the environment, your home, and your cat without compromising cat comfort.

The scent of a strange animal may make Kitty reject the scratching post altogether – or worse, mark it by spraying. Someone may already have stated this, but faux fur is a good idea because cat claws won’t get caught in it like carpet and it does not teach your cats its okay to claw carpet. We have not made anything from scratch, but have recovered several cat posts with fresh sisal.

If you selected not to declaw your cat, the best thing to do is get him or her a cat scratching tree. Cover the area he was scratching until you have him retrained, or restrict his access. PlanItDIY is a source of inspiration, ideas and how-to advice that helps consumers plan and complete their DIY projects and connects them with local independent home improvement retailers. I have one cat and we have three scratching posts located throughout the house (not to mention a couple of cat trees).

Instead of painting the platforms, you can make them more comfortable for you cat by covering them in carpet, 17 attaching it to to the platforms after nailing them into place. This stretching behavior will tip over a commercially available ‘normal’ sized scratching post. With even the barest of carpentry skills, you can build your own and custom design them with your house and cat in mind.

When your kitty gets used to the scratching surfaces in the unit, it will leave the carpet and the couch alone. Feb 23, 2015 Color Blocked Scratching Post DIY (click through for tutorial) If you have a cat (. Aug 29, 2012 Which is why I didn’t even flinch when purchasing a cat scratching post last ye. A multi-level cat tree provides plenty of room for cats to play, sleep and keep watch over the home.

Adjustments to your design can be made as you go to account for stability issues, new ideas, or incorrect measurements. One carpet tube: This can be gotten for free from most of your carpet warehouses as they usually end up in the garbage bin. I built this from your plans, expanding it just a bit on the left side to include a nice tall post for scratching.

Great lens, i feal quite silky bow i have read it for not attaching the cat tree to the wall, like the one you show. A casual observation of cats and scratching posts might lead you to believe that they are just doing a system check and keeping their claws in top shape. This post looks awesome and addresses the issues most store-bought posts have like not being wide or tall enough. We select every item in our store and truly believe that the cat furniture we carry will not only satisfy your pets but will be a great addition to your existing décor. The person was upset about your cats being declawed because of the agony the cat goes through.

They can be very expensive and I am in need of cat scratches, houses and trees quite often and it might be a great way to raise money as well for my organization! Unless you want to actually create an aversion to the scratching post, make sure the post is constructed well. Using a long metal straightedge, I trimmed the carpet along the center to make a nice straight seam.

This is especially true for indoor cats, who can’t preserve their claws by scratching a tree or fence in your backyard. It’s a big thing because my husband didn’t want an animal in the house and I’ve been 20 years before getting the cat shaped hole in my heart filled. Visit this site for some great basic instructions using basic tools, you can then adapt this plan to your own design.

Today, I was on a conference call and started googling pics of cat towers.. thinking maybe there is an inspiration. Put the washer over the hole in the base, then push the lag bolt through the washer and base hole, and into the hole in the post itself. Also keep treats (if your cat is fussy try fishy pastes, like anchovette, pate or vegemite) nearby so you can reward him if he does use the new post. All cats instinctively need to scratch something to clean their claws and mark their territory. It was not possible to find anything as good as this in the shops here so was thrilled to be able to make one. Which is why I didn’t even flinch when purchasing a cat scratching post last year.

Cat furniture provides a place for Ragdoll cats and kittens to tear around without damaging your furniture. Whether you’re looking for a tall cat tree, wooden cat furniture or just cat scratching post for the cat in your life, we have everything you need to keep your cat healthy and happy, and you will not find them in the pet stores. As long as the plans are straight forward and clearly detailed, making a cat tree is very simple. Also, I received my download within minutes and the CD of the plans came within two days of ordering! Cover the base with your chosen scratching material, something along the lines of Berber carpet or AstroTurf.

I had planned on just building the cat shelves and buying a couple trees, but this just saved me a couple hundred bucks and it looks like fun. I don’t know about you, but if you don’t want cats scratching up the rugs in your house, the idea of covering their scratching area with that seems counterproductive to me. Sick of it all, I decided to head to the hardware store and make one from scratch. Your cat will no question get pleasure from having such a piece of home furniture. If the surface or area can be made less appealing or unpleasant, the cat will likely seek out a new area or target for scratching, which will hopefully be its scratching post.