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Paint and natural wood finishes are an effective way to protect and decorate surfaces. I don’t know what Halfords is. If you can’t find anything you can probably get by with the beige if you put a couple coats of black over it. I didn’t know there were things to keep the spray going to save your finger a little bit. Fabulous tips Mandi – definitely using those two products on a coffee table that I need to paint in the near future! I grabbed a can of super cheap, glossy red spray paint (also $1 at Wally World). Benjamin Moore Advance paint is what I used (and am still using) on my kitchen cabinets, which I hope to be finished with this week. I’m just happy I only cut through to the primer and not all the way to the wood.

It has been two days since I spray painted so I am pretty sure it is completely dry by now. This piece was frumpy, especially with that hardware, super short legs and cream paint. Let me explore that a bit… Paint consists of two main components: (1) pigment and (2) binder. I toured the Lamborghini factory in Italy, and it was white and clean, with state of the art ventilation and not a spec of dust – anywhere.

Not all projects need to be sealed, but if you’re spray painting a high-use piece of furniture like a dining room table, a coat of poly-acrylic will keep your furniture looking nice longer. As a Firefighter/EMT/HAZ-MAT Responder, I am appalled at the risks some of you are willing to take with the safety of you and your families using some of those paint finishes around the eyes or burners on your stoves. If you don’t plan on using a clear finish over your boards, go with the high gloss.

Hence the reason I often skip primer when working with spray paint even when recommended gasp because I have a sneaking suspicion that I’m being sold a product I don’t need. New concrete floors should be left to cure completely before painting; check their progress with a moisture meter. I was told by paint shops that nothing other than oil can go over oil, which has been my dilemma. I love Valspar’s Bleached Wheat paint with a light coat of Mocha glaze in the edges.

And finally…I checked the parts list for my range for the part number for the range top, went online and found that I can by a black top for my white stove for $76 plus S&H. The best remedy I’ve found for stinky furniture is a thorough cleaning and some time to bake in the sun. If you are repainting a piece of furniture that has existing paint on it, even after you sand, then it’s important to prime the piece. We are redoing an old cedar chest and I hoped to find a high-gloss black but didn’t have the first idea where to start.

Yellows in Dark Areas – If you have old oil-based paint on your closet’s baseboards chances are it’s pretty yellow. It is recommended that a mask be worn when painting in small, confined areas and that areas be adequately ventilated, as enamel paint will give off toxic paint fumes. Test the spray on similar materials to see what the effect will be on the finished piece before you apply it. I have in the past used a gray primer (Rust-oleum is a good brand) when painting black and it does seem to help lessen the amount of coats needed.

If it were me and I loved the piece enough to keep working on it, I would strip it with Citrustrip and see where that gets you before you try to sand it. Then I would sand it enough that you can get your paint to stick. Q. I have been researching this also, wanting to paint an old stove a different color…I have found these two websites that may be helpful. We wrote a step by step tutorial for filling missing veneer with Bondo here In addition to that technique, you can also use regular wood filler to fill small missing sections. It turned out great and looks so much better and only the cost of the spray paint.

If you have an open-pored wood or one with deep grain lines, you should definitely do a pore-filling process. So glad that Tip Junkie had you featured so that I could bond with someone who obviously shares my love of Spray Painting anything, even if it is nailed down. If you thinking about re-finishing kitchen doors we can provide our spray painting London service in situ.

This is really a great all-around paint brush, and if I were to only choose one, this would always be my go-to brush. I would highly recommend you use high gloss spray paint, because it can really add some drama to a piece. Most people who write to me for guidance on how to paint their kitchen cabinets, or their bathroom cabinets, want desperately to skip the prep work. The paint flow suggested above works well at distances around 15 cm from the material.

Have been making furniture for years and was never really happy with the look and feel of the final coat. Instead of applying painter’s tape to windows, Santos rubs lip balm around the inside of each pane, After the paint dries, the wax and paint residue scrape off with a knife. For most applications (tables, chairs, etc) I’d advice you to at least use a satin (or semi-gloss or gloss) finish so it can be wiped clean easier.

Although the new mdf hollow core panel doors were said to have been primed it took three to four coats of acrylic furniture finish paint. I’m also wanting to repaint some bedroom furniture, so this paint will be my first choice. If you used painter’s tape it should come off just fine without disrupting the paint underneath, but watch it carefully as you pull it away just in case. Then spray the entire door, starting at the top and sweeping your arm back and forth until you reach the bottom. I bet it was either of these reasons…maybe both that made your paint so fragile and peel off. Also, the black door goes well with the gray house and white trim around it. Very sharp!

So, make sure your car and items that you don’t want dusted with over spray are not near by. I’m lucky to have a pretty large garage, so I have plenty of room for projects. Have just applied a coat to a dresser I’m taking from stain/polyurethane to white paint, using the Benjamin Moore waterborne you mentioned above. To repaint it, what is best to repaint with same color oil paint: 1. apply new oil paint over the old; 2. scuff the wood first, then paint; 3. apply primer then paint.

To make sure re paint job lasts I would make sure to remove all the latex paint first. Over on HGTV’s Rate My Space website I have posted pictures of a stove I painted copper using Rust-Oleum car primer copper spray paint and Min Wax acrylic polyurethane sealer high gloss. An outer covering will form on the surface and although the paint will feel dry to the touch in approximately one hour after application, the underlying paint will still be moist.

I’ve been painting hardware using all purpose spray paint, but the last project a weird chemical reaction occurred with the metal and strange cracking and bubbling appeared. Most light brush marks will disappear as the paint dries (thanks to the Floetrol). I think it’s such a fun and easy paint to work with and it’s quite forgiving if you’re new. So I brought them home, sanded them and then used a product called Cabot premium wood finish, it is a water based stain and polyurethane in one.