Pen Turning Source

Timber Turners have been assisting woodturners and woodworkers by providing a wide selection of pen making tools and supplies, if you are looking for the best value and services then Timber Turners it the best choice for you. Being a pen maker gives me great satisfaction in working with my hands and heart, to create artistic and useful objects out of some of the most beautiful materials in the world. The timber required for each pen is quite small, allowing even the most expensive exotics and burrs to be utilized. Look at your prices and make sure you are making pens that can really capture high end clients. Most people starting out in pen turning will get their feet wet with a simple, inexpensive twist pen kit.

Assuming you already own a few basic tools – a saw, a square, a few clamps – adding a bench top drill press will give you one of woodworking’s core tools and greatly expanded pen turning options without pushing you past $700. This is a Wallstreet II style pen kit with a raised Skull Face on the body of the pen blank. If the pen has a tenon for a ring, avoid rounding this edge over during sanding.

The blank is then mounted on a pen mandrel and turned at a speed of up to 5000rpm (the faster it is the better the finish off the tool) using the skew chisel (a tool dreaded by many hobby turners – but it does give the best finish). One other unique aspect of working with Corian pen blanks is that the smell when cutting, drilling or turning these blanks is quite distinct and I would imagine that it could be bothersome over time to some turners. This pen is made from a rare and beautiful wood called Chakte Viga, and this is a burl from that wood.

We carry rare tropical and exotic turning woods, vibrant acrylic materials & unique stabilized wood such as corn cob blanks and alternative turning materials such as Rattlesnake Blanks. The wooden face prevents the metal rod or bushing from damaging the plated pen components during assembly. Williams uses historical wood for the pens, including a beam from the Erie Canal, and wood from trees on the estates of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

One of the things I like about pen turning is that scraps from other projects can often be cut into pen blanks. The pen illustrated is made up of angled segments of wenge and maple, but the main rich coloured wood is bubinga. If the wood is expanding and contracting and the brass tube isn’t moving, any rigidity in the adhesive only enhances the potential for splitting the wood. That said, if you use a Colt pen making drill bit REPEATEDLY it will no longer be able to deliver the advertised performance!

Scratches and mechanical stress, extremes in temperature, and wild swings in humidity, are going to be the norm for a working pen. If a variable speed lathe sounds like the machine for you, here’s a tip: Look for a great deal on the Excelsior Variable Speed Miniature Lathe at Rockler retail locations over this Thanksgiving weekend. Use another flat piece of timber on the drill press table, or in the cross vice to prevent marring the lower portion of the pen during assembly. Stabilized pen blanks, vibrant colors in acrylic blanks as well as several types of antler ideal for pen turning needs.

Regardless of what you call it, in my experience, Corian behaves very much like a plastic when it is being worked on the lathe and otherwise prepared for pen making and that fact requires some modifications to more standard procedures associated with wood blanks. This was another Wall Street II black titanium click pen kit made using desert ironwood. I had wanted to try pen making for a long time and when I did I was immediately hooked and have been doing it ever since.

It can be as simple as straight-grained wood like maple or walnut to curly woods or more challenging burls that have much more figuring in them. Even if you do not sell your writing pens, or you give them away as gifts, choose the best quality kits you can afford. I use a wood lathe for my pens, each one is shaped by hand, not using duplicating equipment.

Ready-To-Turn Pen Blanks are pre-sawn, pre-drilled and have the requisite brass barrel liner already glued in place. Whether its getting the finish down pat, or learning how to use different tools (pens can be done with gouges or with skews – the latter eludes many turners), there is room to learn for most. You’ll find the best woodturning blanks, wood for pen turning and pen making blanks right here.