Free Decorative Birdhouse Plans

Birdhouse Ideas with DIY Birdhouse Plans: Bluebirds, wrens, woodpeckers, owls, wood ducks, chickadees and sparrows belong to a group of birds that are generally referred to as cavity nesters. Remembering these kinds of details when creating your bird house plans will obviously be worth it to you and the birds! A hole size for bluebird house plans will be different than one for chickadees. No matter what type of birdhouse you decide to build, a Birdhouse Video Camera will make it even more enjoyable. In northern areas of their range, bluebirds begin to nest but the in early spring so it is important to place your bluebird houses by late winter. Making a birdhouse is a perfect project for a beginner; it can be built from recycled lumber and the construction doesn’t have to be exact.

This attractive birdhouse – or more accurately, this nesting shelf – was made from pieces of salvaged wood. At last count, there are over 30 birdhouses of different styles and made for different species of birds hanging in the gardens and woodlands around my property. Next, drill the vent holes to keep the birdhouse cool, and finally, select and apply an exterior finish. Like other cavity nesting birds, wood ducks rely on finding natural tree cavities or abandoned woodpecker holes to raise their young. If you don’t have a table saw to rip them to this narrower width, have the lumberyard rip them for you and then cut the lengths at home with the simple tools shown.

Cardinals are very protective of the area they live in or in other words they are very territorial. Nest is a cup of dry grasses lined with feathers and fine materials placed in a crevice in buildings, old woodpecker holes or bird houses. Provides suggested measurements for entrance hole and height for bluebirds, great crested flycatcher, nuthatch and redheaded woodpecker. This simple DIY birdhouse is made from a single pine board and requires only a few tools to assemble. The cardinals belong to the open nesters with their nests situated on tree branches or shrubs.

Almost in unison, my wife and I both said, Birdhouses” Of course, building a birdhouse would be a great project. Quiz: As an alternative post-activity assessment, ask students to write descriptions of which tools were used for which tasks in creating the nests and birdhouses. A woodpecker box should be filled with a block of balsa wood, rotting log or wood chips – woodpeckers like to excavate their own nesting cavities. Because of this a bird feeder placed in the yard is one of the best ways to attract cardinals.

Remember, bluebirds prefer lots of open space in front of their birdhouse and be sure to mount the house at the proper height. This week, I’m going to share with you a collection of birdhouse plans that you can make from cedar fence pickets. A tree swallow will occupy a house of the same dimensions, location and color as a bluebird house, but the structure should be near water. This will allow the front to be flipped open for cleaning out the birdhouse between nesting seasons.

C). You can also mount your birdhouse in a tree; just eliminate the mounting flange and put screw eyes through the roof into the wall, then attach a chain hung from a tree limb. For example my homemade birdhouse would show as My Homemade Birdhouse on the Web page containing your submission. PVC Pipehouse : PVC is great for birdhouses since it’s weatherproof, items needed include a spiral saw, miter box & saw, scrap wood and silicone adhesive. This version of the Peterson bluebird house is a bit more challenging to build than the basic nest box.

As your knowledge of woodworking grows, you’ll want to build your own birdhouse for each species you want to attract. Gourd Birdhouses -How to grow gourds and how to dry gourds in order to make gourd birdhouses for purple martins or other cavity-nesting birds. Some of the birdhouse designs are basic and utilitarian, while others boast a little style to add bit of whimsey to the landscape.

This birdhouse is so easy, your little ones can make it. I suggest kiddos putting it together with glue (try a glue that works on oily wood like Gorilla Glue or a super glue for fast dry times) and then Mom or Dad adding some nails or screws after the glue dries to make sure the birdhouse is plenty sturdy. A bit of creativity adds whimsy and interest, such a rusty twist of barbed wire or an old horseshoe, creating a unique rustic cottage birdhouse.

A birdhouse built to the following proportions is intended to attract chickadees. Both of them are simple birdhouse plans, but one is modern and modular while the other is built on a woodworking theme with some easy shaping. We chose two easy birdhouse plans for this combo pack for two different concepts. Once you have made a home for the birds using the free birdhouse plans, look around carefully for a good location to place the box. These free purple martin bird house plans provided graciously by Purple Martin Landlord John Balga of Ontario, Canada.

To attract very small birds like nuthatches, bluebirds or chickadees, you may want to make the floor area a bit smaller by gluing an extra piece of wood to the front interior wall of the birdhouse and another on one side. It is not a bad idea to cut the pieces for one birdhouse and assemble it prior to creating an assembly line to create 10 or 20 kits.

Winter Bird House Plans – Provide a winter bird roost or shelter to keep birds warmer during the winter months. My version of the dovecote eliminates the complex angles, yet the stepped-up roof design mimics the look of an expensive dovecote. Try cleaning out the inside of the birdhouse with soap and water, white vinegar or some other non-toxic cleaning solutions. I actually wouldn’t recommend using cedar for birdhouses – most any other wood would be acceptable, so long as it isn’t treated. Providing a birdhouse or feeder is one sure way of getting regular visits from cardinals. These birdhouses are fully functional, and made to fit the bird’s requirements.

Downy woodpecker requirements: 4” x 4” x 10” high; hole: 1-1/4”, centered 6-8” above the floor; placement: 8-20′ high on tree trunk; nesting material: 4” of wood shavings on floor. These little wooden birdhouses are simple six sided boxes made from pine or cedar, and then arranged together to form an interesting condo unit. The pictures of bird houses in this gallery offers a wide array of designs and examples to give you ideas… whether you plan on building a bird house (get 30 bird house plans here) or buying one ready made (buy bird houses here).