Woodturning Lathes

Weighing in at 37kg the headstock, tailstock and bed of this woodturning lathe are constructed of heavy cast iron that has been precision machined for accuracy. This is one of the most important cuts in preparing green wood for turning, because the middle of the log is the location of the the pith/heart wood. End grain turnings, wood parallel to the bed of the lathe, are generally very stable and do not move much at all, especially if the pith/heartwood is removed. When shopping, check to see if a store has wood lathe parts for sale, and buy a boring bar with a bar holder. Rotate the job through 360 degrees by hand, then start the lathe at its slowest speed to allow you to check that everything is secure. That is, the wood is free to move and to relieve stress rather than relieving the stress by cracking.

The headstock assembly is mounted on the lathe bed, which is the support which keeps all of the components of the lathe rigidly aligned. You probably want to planeā€ the wood after getting a nice cylindrical piece of wood by using the roughing gouge. I researched all the higher end lathe models but found that the price for the lathe with the capabilities that I was looking for was out of my budget range. I would also suggest first taking a class to ensure you’ll enjoy turning enough to invest, and then start practicing. For bowl turning you will want one that has a swiveling head or out board spindle.

Mounted on the end of the headstock facing the tailstock is the spindle and the spur center or for face turning such as bowls and plates, or other flat or face work, the face plate assembly. A wood lathe is a wood turning machine that involves spinning or rotating a wood piece and typically using a hand held cutting tool or sandpaper to sculpt and shape it into a finished product.

Well, you can actually remove the ‘tail’ piece of the bed and that grants you much better, and much closer access to the headstock and faceplate/jaw chuck for faceplate turning work. I had to buy a bowl chuck for it, but my total cost was very low because I got a like new lathe for $125! Note, however, that the drive was by V belt to an overhung pulley – the first time a V belt had been used on a Sears lathe – and quite possibly its first use ever on an amateur machine tool.

I’ve been hit in the face with a piece of wood that shot off a circular saw, it missed my eye by a centimeter. There were some things about this lathe and Harbor Freight that I really did not like though that the general public should be aware of. Tree limbs, gnarly wood too tough to split, scrap lumber, and other sources can give you an excellent variety of turning stock. Workpiece vibration from unbalanced or wet wood does not reach the bed ways and the tool rest of the SL2542, it simply dissipates into the floor, so the SL2542 operates quieter, smoother, and with less energy than much lighter fabricated steel wood lathes.

After spending considerable time studying the lathes that are on the present day market I kept coming back to the ROBUST lathe because of its many user friendly features plus it is American made. First, I would advise you to look at the diagram in the (tool) Wikipedia article to learn the basic parts of a lathe. If you are only hobbyist and you want to make dollhouse items, pens or model wood ships you will buy small mini wood lathe.

Now that you have cut your turning blanks, it is probably a good idea to find a place where they can be stored until you have time to turn them. Rekord CL2 wood turning lathe (and possibly some chisels):4ft anodised bed, great condition, two owners (father son), lots of fun and great serious starter lathe. Convenience: Setting up a metal lathe can be a pain, especially compared to a wood lathe.

I’ve been turning on it now for a couple of months and it’s been fantastic and surpasses all my expectations. Cost of related materials and supplies typically required to install wooden lathe including: fasteners, seam tape, outside corner beads and topping compound. This is not surprising given the additional tooling necessary to work a metal lathe. Pound for pound,(and price point) you can’t touch the functionality of this little lathe in any other brand at even twice the cost. It has a rotating head for bowl turning and the left hand turning rest for turning the bigger stuff!

I do not have either lathe, and I have never turned on either lathe, but I can tell you that the Powermatic is the highly favored lathe over in the Turners forum. This assembly has as many as three swivel joints, all of which tighten with a setscrew or clamp to keep it secure while turning is in progress. These are often flat or slightly curved chisels for removing wood from flat or cylindrical shapes, or for roughing out a shape. Since the price of all work sold in galleries is doubled over the price you need to get, anything you pay for the wood is also doubled.