How To Go From Patio To Catio

Take the ‘P’ from ‘Patio,’ substitute a ‘C’ and you get a suitably named Catio, an outdoor cat house. Shaina rents and cannot make any doorway to the enclosure for LuLu, so she has to put her inside it. To facilitate this, she left one panel untied, and just removes it and replaces it. As you can see, there’s a bed in there for LuLu, and toys to keep her occupied. Go totally DIY, design and build it yourself like Kate at Catio Showcase, design what you would like and purchase the parts from Habitat Haven, buy fully built catios like those from Safe Kitty, SunCATcher Enclosures, and Kittywalk, or purchase a DIY manual from SafeCat and get a little help. Choosing the best enclosure for your cat depends on the space you have to work with.

This type of enclosure features wheels for ease of movement and about 15 to 30 square feet of interior space. Cat Enclosures available in standard sizes or custom made to your requirements. Cat enclosures self-installed, on average, cost less than half of those installed by professionals. Quik Shade Instant Yard Kennel – Small Dog House Dogs Cats Houses Crate Play Pen Igloo Outdoor Indoor – Sale! Many are expandable by purchasing extra sections, for example you can start with a basic outdoor enclosure and later add a tunnel cat run.

So we bought the standard product to try it out and although yes at first it takes a bit of figuring out how to put it all together, once erected, it is surprisingly cat proof and yet not as noticeable because of the green plastic coated mesh so does not look horrendous as wooden framed monstrosities might look. But if you’re skilled and eager to incorporate some imaginative twists, you’ll find inspiration online and in cat publications, as other cat owners proudly display their versions of a feline summertime hangout.

I want to believe it will, but so many of the stories I am reading about cat enclosures are used by cats that have almost always been indoors. If you can somehow raise the cat playpen off the ground, I bet you wouldn’t have nearly as much of a flea problem. Our back garden is so small building outdoor cat runs is proving challenging and yet we need something.

I hadn’t heard of this with an adult cat before (and one of our cats is quite small), but since we now know it’s possible, you’ll want to watch your cats in their new enclosure for awhile to see how they react to it. Many great ideas coming out, i knew there would be. Something to keep in mind, and I dont mind building it. My biggest concern is Shadoe’s safety. My cats are very important to me. I’d like to build something that can be moved to another location in the future.