Thinkin’ About A Planer Pal

If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. NEW Stanley Works 21-399 Pocket Planer FEATURES Designed for one-handed use Ideal for end-grain work, sheetrocking and smoothing edges of laminates Manufactured with a metallic gray, die-cast alloy body Includes thumbscrew blade tension for quick blade replacement Fitted with a replaceable (5-1/2/140mm) fine cut blade SPECIFICATIONS Width: 1-5/8,41.28mm Overall Length: 6SHIPPING Standard shipping with us is free.

Other benefits of using the TX-12 Mini Planer boards that Martin likes are it reacts to anything that touches the lure or live bait and you can use it in shallow water without spooking the fish. I wonder if anybody out there has experience with kayak trolling, using planer boards, and whether or not these mini planer boards are the way to go or do you just use regular size planer boards or nothing at all. Drop the board into the water and troll away letting line play off the reel until the board is out to the side of the boat the desired distance. Don’t be afraid to experiment with OR34 Mini Boards for targeting just about any species that swims.

In part this is true, but for many of the lures and presentations trollers face, smaller boards can meet their needs nicely. I had the same problem deciding what boards to get it took me a month to figure it out and got different opions from here and a few friends. The OR34 will not work at lower speeds as JW and Bill had mentioned, I like the OR12’s they are all around a great board.

In a kayak you are quiet and stealthy so you dont really need the board to get the spread away from teh prop wash because there isnt one. It’s also important to note that some trolling techniques, like pulling lead core line or deep diving crank baits, still require the heavy duty planing chores of the OR12/OR31 Side Planer or a dual board mast system. I have watched Mr. Vaughns video, which is quite helpful since he is demo’ing his procedures on a Parks planer similar to mine. Don’t try to use OR34 Mini Boards to pull lead core line, bottom bouncers, deep diving crank baits or other rigs that have a substantial amount of resistance in the water.

When landing the fish, just remove the board at the boat when you reel it back in but try not to allow too much slack in the line which could let the fish throw the lure (a little tricky to do when fishing alone but you will get the hang of it). Dewalt DW735 / DW735X Planer Replacement V-Belt Part Number: 5140010-28 THIS PART FITS THESE MODELS:DeWALT: DW735 Type 1 13 inch Planer, DW735X Type 1 13 Planer This Is An OEM Part NOT An Aftermarket Part!!!!! I’ve never used planer boards myself so I am open to any help or suggestions you have on this topic. I really wanted a DeWalt planer but nobody carried the two blade planer in stock.

Mini planer boards like Church Tackle Company’s TX-12 Mini Planer ( ) are small, but powerful enough to pull heavy lures out. I would need to order 10,000 parts of each size to start off but they would not have holes and slots and I would still have to machine them. Once attached, let the board out away from the boat by engaging the clicker” on your reel and allowing it to freespool until it is far enough away from the boat for your liking. I have never used them, but I know several guys who run two fullsized boards when trolling for striped bass. Usually, I troll at05 to08-mph with live bait and these smaller boards will pull bait right out to the side of my boat,” said Martin.