Using Paulownia Wood For Guitar Bodies

Many customers message us wondering what paulownia wood is and tell us that they have never heard of it before.  Producing the best certified Paulownia tomentosa seedlings and all other operations consisting of planting design, drawing lines and execution of plough layers, seedling transport, handling and planting, soil fertilization by providing the necessary fertilizer mixture, spraying operations against pests is the Paulownia Development’s responsibility.

In august 2012, the Italian furniture factories purchased Paulownia timber at the price of 700 Euro / mc. Statistics about wood stock in Europe show that depending on the quality of wood, its origin (up to today, almost the full range of Paulownia timber is imported from China, EU imposing increased import taxes); Processed Paulownia timber currently sells for the price of approximately 500 – 1000 euro per cubic metre.

One of our clients who has mucked around before with WRC and then decided to build our Sportz 16 design from Paulownia, commented on that fact that it was so easy to work with an loved it. We’re now in a consultation stage of designing a 35 ft Paulownia strip plank monohull (racing boat) as he’s looking at entering the Sydney/ Hobart Yacht race with it.

The heavy flowering, the fast growing, the large (about 70 cm in diameter) leaves, the beautiful crown and the indifference of paulownia make it extremely suitable to be a park tree The huge paulownia leaves function as a natural dust collector Паyловния and the quick metabolism accompanying the rapid growth of the tree, makes it an oxygen factory.

The properties of Paulownia are neither hard nor strong, and the timber has very low density, giving excellent buoyancy. Burning point of other timbers is about 270 degrees Celsius, while the burning point of paulownia wood is up to 425 degrees Celsius. Overseas reports indicate that Paulownia has good natural durability, but results in New Zealand suggest that it should be classified as non-durable in ground contact, being no more durable than untreated radiata pine (<5 years in ground contact). The most fast growing paulownia species were cloned to produce light strong wood, which may timber for 8 - 15 years. Paulownia has been widely used in the orient for fine furniture, musical instruments, carvings and decorative finishes for over 1000 years. Paulownia is stronger than balsa (another common surfboard wood), while still being light enough for the Alaia and other types of surfboards. Chemical composition of Paulownia varieties: Hemicellulose Pentozan 22 to 25%, Cellulose 46 to 49%, Lignin 21 to 23%, Water 7 to 8%, Ash50 to 1.1%, Fiber 58.5 to 60.1%. This lightweight paulownia wood planter is rough with thick, gentle shades of natural wood. When she was married he presented the happy couple a dowry chest made from the wood from the tree. It is around two thirds of the weight of the lightest commercial wood currently being grown in Europe. Paulownia blooms abundantly, the blossoms are rich in nectar and the honey from them - extremely qualitative. Thermal conductivity of Paulownia is very low thus giving it excellent heat/cool insulation properties. Paulownia regenerates itself, which is the reason it is also called Phoenix tree”. Deformation & warping-The shrinkage co-efficient of paulownia is very low compared to most timbers being 0.094 radially, 0.268 tangentially and 0.362 in volume giving the dried timber a high level of dimensional stability. Yet growers like Mr. Blickenstaff insist that paulownia is a valuable tree that can be easily controlled, if grown in the right place.

Paulownia has been thoroughly tested and found to have a higher strength to weight ratio than Balsa! Blackwood and paulownia are included in Ministry of Primiary Industries statistics which show a total planted area of 16,000ha in 2007 for hardwoods other than eucalypts and native species. Paulownia is moisture resistant, strong and lighter than any other US grown commercial timber. We’re clearing out TONS of guitar parts for a store that wasn’t able to manage a store front properly.

But while it’s highly appreciated and cultivated in Asia, Paulownia has come to be considered an invasive species in the United States. Owing to its extraordinary qualities, Paulownia has become an ever-present tree in parks and gardens not only in Asia, but also in USA and Europe. Larger density leads to competition for area between the trees and slower their growth after the first 3-4 years.

In Australia, there is a lot of paulownia and the suppliers take the time and effort to make great Ozzy grown alaia blanks. The wood is very light – 250 kilos per cubic meter (versus oak 750 kilos per cubic meter) – and therefore perfect for use in ship and airplane building, the production of furniture, as well as for the construction of other weight-reduced structures. Comparative tests between Paulownia and other hardwoods all showed the superiority of Paulownia timber with respect to fast cure time and uniform glue time. Paulownia Development commercialises the safest species of Paulownia considering the weather in our country, namely Paulownia Tomentosa.

If you chose Paulownia Tomentosa planting services offered by Paulownia Development in compliance with the irrigation procedures, in the first 10 weeks after planting, after logging, it is produced a volume of high quality timber of approximately 0.3 to 0.8 cm / plant, which provides about 250 cubic meters Paulownia Tomentosa timber per hectare. These include housing components, aircraft fittings, veneers, furniture, musical instruments, barrels, beehives, aqueducts, handcrafts, gift boxes, storage boxes, charcoal, wood pulp, coffins and pattern-making. The use of paulownia in Japan dates from 200 AD. The tradition said that when a dauhgter was born in the family a paulownia had to be planted.

Cedar weighs a bit more than paulownia but you can make it a bit thinner with close to the same strength. When a child is born, a Kiri tree is planted from whose wood a cradle is built when the child has grown up and becomes a parent herself. I’ve included a links page from our website with links to both Australian and US Paulownia suppliers. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out how sustainable paulownia wood actually is. This dense hardwood is an affordable, ecologically friendly alternative to expensive, environmentally disastrous rainforest woods like ebony and mahogany. At St. Charles Hardwood, we realize that the benefits of Paulownia wood are great.

For the last several years, Paulownia wood has started to replace older, more common woods like Balsa and Birch. This amount represents only 50% of the timber provided by Paulownia Tomentosa plantation Paulownia. To celebrate the success of it all, my family went to Hawaii to surf Waikiki on the wood boards. Due to the strength of the wood we are able to use less glass, and we use a vegetable based eco-resin. Despite its relatively soft texture Paulownia falls under the category of hardwood due to the wood’s sturdiness and stability.

Paulownia can be sliced or peeled finer than any other timber and still maintain its structural integrity. Tom went on to share his personal history with Paulownia wood, some history of alaia surfboards and the sequence of events that led to him shape his first alaia… Soon after I started making hollow paulownia boards, I dropped foam all together. Owing to this fact, Paulownia is the perfect tree for use in a short rotation plantation.

This temperature resistance serves to give the wood a high fire resistance too with ignition temperature approximately 400ºC, almost twice as high as many conventional hard and soft woods. Bearing in mind Paulownia is a relatively soft timber and therefore requires lower pressures to effect the desired penetration. Paulownia clones cost about $800 per 50 pounds, which is enough to plant one acre.

Paulownia is the premier wood for producing surfboards because it has a good weight to strength ratio, is light, and absorbs less salt water than many other types of wood. Traditionally ,when Japanese couples have a daughter ,they plant a Paulownia TreeWhen the daughter is ready to marry ,they cut down the tree and make a dowry chest ,furniture and other items out of it for wedding gifts. Screwing – Hand and power driven screws are suitable for use with Paulownia provided that adequate attention is given to the settings, so as not to overdrive the screw and reduce the holding ability of the thread.