DIY Mobile Stand Up Computer Desk

At Wayfair, we try to make sure you always have many options for your home. Again, like I said in the post, there are many reasons to build your own desk and although one of the main reasons I cited for building the post was to save money, I admitted (again, in the post) that I didn’t save much, if any. Add wood glue to the top of the nightstand and then place the desk top with the cabinet centered under the end with no legs. Finally, make sure to consult this ergonomics diagram when deciding your keyboard height. It looked more like a desk for Ronald McDonald than the school-room look I was going for.

I am currently waiting for some extension cables in the mail so i am able to put the motherboard side in the desk and work on some nice cable management. A wall of simple built-ins, along with IKEA boxes, transparent drawers and a countertop make the most of one small area of the room. Recycling and trash center : This solution makes it simple to separate out recyclable materials like paper in your office. I’ve had this computer case for about 5 years now and have never had the covers on the case.

The computer sits nicely on the middle shelf and has no urge to fall over even when moving it around so I doubt I’ll tie it down like I originally planned. A). Once both legs are attached, lower the desk and check to be sure both legs and upright panels are contacting the floor at the same time. Build all of three modular furniture componets if you have the room, or economize and just make the single desk – whatever fits your space best! It takes up less space than I expected but still provides lots of desk top room for computer monitor and writing area. This is also not what he paid for the build, this is what his build currently costs.

I have been using this desk now for two years, and I’m not at all tempted to go back to using a conventional desk. You can further secure the desk if you can find 4 corner brackets that are small enough to screw into the desk top and the adjustable trestle surface. Again, some crafters believe that slab floors will make the table more aesthetically pleasing. I spent roughly $700.00 (of which $175.00 is for tools that I now use all the time) on the desk.

The article was published in the March issue of Woodcraft Magazine To get enough detail photos of the construction, I had to build another one. Although some computer-specific desks contain cubbies, elevated shelves for books and DVDs, an opening for the monitor and cut-outs to accommodate all of the electrical paraphernalia, the one element that makes a computer desk ergonomically correct is that shelf. I’ll admit though, at times it felt like I’d never finish it, but it’s so rewarding to build something from scratch like this. Designed by Ballabio – Elli, the Computer Desk is made from multi-layer plywood.

I will be posting updates on how well this overclocks and i actually have an upgrade to some components within the desk because i will be putting some of the desk components into another project, please stay tuned for more updates and some final desk shots when i get the new equipment inside the desk. Some people like these because they tuck the desktop tower away, but on the other hand, these could cause airflow problems.

Built-in hutches offer a ton of storage, but when they’re attached to the desk they limit where you can place it and you’re stuck with the hutch. A rolling chair table configuration offers mobility and improved access in situations where a desk is not convenient. Or follow Amy’s lead and grab some shelving that also acts as a mini office like these do with a deep workstation where you can pull up a chair. Well, we hit-up pinterest and found this Pottery Barn (teen) Small Space Solutions Desk. The Flat Mate Desk is an ultra thin modern secretary desk that takes up only09 square meters when closed.

The computer monitor rests on the narrower top shelf, and the wider bottom shelf holds the keyboard. I’m not a woodworker at heart, so I knew I needed to keep the construction of the desk simple. I Armoire Desk – An armoire desk is an armoire that contains a desk when the cabinet doors are opened. This cost around $100 – $120 to build because I keep adding to it. You can probably save money by shopping around or using reclaimed wood.

As for the actual material of the desk and its desk surface (wood or metal, etc), that’s largely a matter of style, although there are also practical considerations. A desk is the heart of any office space, so make sure yours is sufficiently great by employing a few of these hacks. Shop online for computer desks and office furniture at and find the best desk for your office.

As of this moment i have put everything back into the desk and i am leak testing overnight, so far the problem areas have been fixed. Cut a piece from plywood sheet having length equal to the desk length and with also equal to the desk and make it sit carefully on both of sides to serve as a plane top of desk top! Building the foundation of the desk is as simple as cutting some pipe and using an Allen wrench.

Altho, for $350 you think you could have designed in some spots to put your computer and printer, besides the floor… kind of defeats the purpose of having a desk. It has a simple rectangular top, an exterior shelf, a gliding keyboard tray, a drawer with a metallic bow-handle and 2 size-varied niches with open fronts. The cost savings are huge compared to commercial options plus you get the opportunity to build it to fit your body for better ergonomics.

For the desk top I used a custom cut piece of MDF that I primed, painted and sealed (a must if you are using MDF). Another way is to place a painting on the wall in front of a block of wood and place a minecart rail or another object that looks like a computer keyboard and you can use that as a computer. Looking at removing some closet doors, since right now we have a rickety desk in the corner of our livingroom.

I found this desk on another website but ordered it through HD as it was less expensive and the shipping was free. If you normally tend to work on a laptop, this floating Ledge desk from Urban Case might be all you need. I would like to get the dimensions of the desktop and the spacing and placement for the legs. I’ve got it on top of my folding table until I finish the rest of the desk and can stain (or paint) all at once. The sophisticated design and cool shape make this desk a piece of furniture the owner can pride himself with. To make it easy, build a simple jig like the one shown in Photo 1 using two strips of plywood.

To make these legs a little more suitable for this project they needed to be cut down to get them a little closer to elbow height. That’s not even 10% of my final photos however i have every photo up on my Facebook page as well as more progress images through out the build. Milk ‘s computer desk is another minimalist desk concept that is defined by clean lines and in-built compartments for hardware and fish tank! With a few items from IKEA, this standing desk looks very clean and costs only about $200.

My old school ways got the best of me, and I decided that I need to have my desktop computer easily accessible on the RV. Shower curtained Lack desk : You won’t believe what a transformation you can make on a surface by repurposing a shower curtain. If not, or if you’re eager to build a desk from scratch, there are lots of free plans for computer desks to choose from.