Tornado & Hurricane Safe Room Frequently Asked Questions – it is difficult and expensive to build a house that will survive the effects of high winds and flying debris. The reality is the rabbit is in the ice water in less than 15 minutes after it is killed at least mine are. Protect yourself and your rabbit with great value, affordable Rabbit Insurance from helpucover. One great thing about this type of shed is that it offers wide flexibility in the plans based on how many rabbit cages you want, what breeds you raise (size of cages), and your local climate. Ideal DIY Rabbit Cages is our comprehensive rabbit housing e-book that includes BOTH of the above e-books.

When pin worms are seen in one rabbit in a herd, treat the entire herd as the worm quickly spreads through the rabbitry. No one wants to be a Mr. McGregor after all, even if rabbit does taste, as they say – as everyone says – much like chicken. For a rabbit that is kept outdoors, a nest box inside the hutch provides a warm, cozy place to hide or relax. Keep in mind the proper dimensions you will need for a comfortable-sized enclosure for your rabbit.

Eric Rapp, rabbit farmer and owner of Rare Hare Barn, which supplies rabbit meat to local restaurants in Kansas, recommends wire rabbit cages, without question. We currently have some rabbits in our house, and the balance is in the shed until the new barn is complete. In addition, the pet food market offers many possibilities for rabbit producers. Size – Sheds are bigger than hutches, and bigger is better when it comes to rabbit accommodation. Lack of water will bring out a rough spine quickly, even if the rabbit still looks chubby under its winter coat.

Much more information and pictures can be found here: – This contains a lot of information and ideas about improving your rabbit’s life and specific Runaround examples are around half way down the page. Ayub shows us the barn where his 182 rabbits are either resting, eating or curiously poking their noses through the cage bars to find out what is happening. I have never lost any rabbit in the winter other than the young kits that have been dragged out of the nest box when nursing. I bring the mothers inside of my house to deliver their babies, and once she has had her babies out to the barn she goes.

Starting out, let’s aim to build an affordable, durable wire rabbit hutch for the outdoors, in a spot well-ventilated and lit, but that also can be adapted to limit the draft in colder weather (having fur, remember that rabbits can withstand the colder temps more easily than they can the hotter ones). Architects, designers & manufacturers of farm building and/or barn plans are welcome to submit their designs for possible inclusion on their site.

Melody Milroy has a newer 1 1/2 stall car garage that she quickly claimed for the rabbit building when she and her husband, Bill, purchased their home in Amherst Junction, WI. The rabbit section has insulation on the inside walls which was then covered with shower board for ease of cleaning. The x-pen represents an intermediate step between a completely free roaming rabbit and a caged rabbit.

If you would like, I will draw you a set of plans free of charge and I would enjoy doing so. I am disabled now but my drawing hand still works, LOL. The plans developed at The University of Tennessee are based on the research and demonstration experiences of scientists at The University of Tennessee. Through the 1990s there were still rabbit breeders in Maine, largely catering to ethnic markets in Boston and Rhode Island, he said.

The kits should be safe but make sure that you have sealed off the colony well as predators like barn kitties and coons will eat the little ones if they can. If your shed has overlap cladding you may need to protect it from rabbit teeth by lining the walls. In order to introduce a new breed or variety of a rabbit or cavy which is not already recognized by the ARBA, you must first obtain a Certificate of Development (COD) for the proposed breed or variety.

There are other aspects to a rabbit insurance policy you may want to take note of. For example, you may find that money towards advertising to help find a lost or stolen rabbit falls under the cover – or boarding fees if you’re away for a period and unable to look after them. This is also possible but make sure that you fully bunny-proof the room to prevent damage to the walls and floors in case of a destructive rabbit. But if you want to get busy with your own hands, check out the following plans for as good a rabbit hutch plan as you can find. Housing a rabbit outdoors without ever interacting with them will result in a rabbit afraid of humans.

I would only use the more expensive variety if my cages were more subject to the weather or if I plan to use a lot of water under the cages, such as for washing away the rabbit waste. I have read rabbit breeding is a very complicated process, because of their emotional needs and social structures, so I just wanted to know how it works with your system. Rabbit feet, particularly the padded rear hocks, are perfectly suited to perforated floors. I do think that can be done safely: I’ve used an electric space heater in the barn without issues. Engineers have designed the barn to be 10° F cooler inside than the outside temperature.

I use treats to get them to come into the rabbit house, which makes it easier to catch them when I need to. They free range with a 1/4 acre fenced field, in which I have white, red and crimson clovers growing along with brassicas, alfalfa, barley, rye, oats and there are maypops. During the cooler months there are adjustable plywood panels on both the southeast and northwest sides of the barn that can be lowered to protect the rabbits against drafts or storms.

One guideline to go by is at least 8 square feet of cage time combined with at least at least 24 square feet of exercise space, for 1-2 rabbits, in which the rabbit(s) can run and play at least 5 hours per day. Since indoor rabbit cages require a significant amount of space, most small operations at least start out with outdoor housing structures. If you are in the need of fancy bred rabbits for your local rabbit show, please contact area show rabbit breeders or your county Extension agent.

Perley Emery, the president of the Maine State Rabbit Breeders Association, remembers fondly the days when the old Horsefeathers in Portland ran a rabbit special on Saturdays, involving a lot of delicious cognac sauce. His barns use engineered trusses and he offers blueprints for a Napa barn, a horse barn, a garage with a loft, and a two-story barn house. Most other rabbit breeders tell me that litters can’t be born outdoors when the temperature is below freezing.

They’ve already got a location (Workman’s dad’s barn in Saco, which offers low rent and a friendly landlord), interested customers (including a bakery and a couple of restaurants) and a plan for the long term. The construction is simple: mesh flooring in the rabbit cages leads the urine into a drainage pipe, leading to a canister on the floor. Cabin Plans – Tech Art has assembled a plan collection of 18 small cabins ranging in size from 144 square feet to 720 square feet. She has been a rabbit enthusiast for nearly 20 years and resides in northern Wisconsin.

Read on and learn about do-it-yourself plans for a conventional wire rabbit cage, a hutch frame for protecting outdoor rabbits from predators and the elements, a rabbit shed, the best nest box, and a plan for employing an automatic-valve waterer. If a rabbit is litter-trained, there is honestly no reason to need a wire-bottomed cage. So a 6 foot hutch would probably be better than a 4 foot tiered hutch as it gives the rabbit more room on one level.

Actually, I think they are very happy there and it is much less stressful for me. I don’t have to worry about the temperature of the bunny barn and they seem to love it. I miss my bunny barn, but I have big plans for when we move. Also, when using zip ties, make sure to have the tie wrap ends face the outside of the cage so that if you accidentally forget to clip one, it does not cause eye injury to your rabbit. The average consumer may blanch at the notion of eating the Easter Bunny or Peter Rabbit.

I’ve also known people to have a rabbit give birth to one kit, have trouble and give birth to dead kits later. As stated above, the rabbit cage should be at least 4 times the size of your bunny when he’s entirely stretched out. I will be posting more pictures soon to show what the barn looks like now and what we will be doing to it to convert it into a rabbit barn. Cage sizes also should be decided in conjunction with the amount of exercise time and space the rabbit has. If you use a cage with a wire flooring, you should provide a resting mat for your rabbit to sit on. Here is a good discussion about wire-bottomed cages. I’ve heard other people have success with a few other ideas to prevent dig outs.