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The University of Tennessee Extension maintains a collection of over 300 building and equipment plans, and all are now available in electronic format for download. The commercial meat rabbit industry, was developed in the mid-1980’s involving the crossing of commercial lines from Arkansas, Florida and Louisiana. One easy way of adding heat to the barn is by placing a temporary heating lamp over the pen of the newborn babies. The young entrepreneurs both have college plans and a six-month commitment to hike the Appalachian Trail, during which time they’ll have to pay someone to look after the rabbits. The bench will come in handy for scraping nest boxes, or set a rabbit on for examining or treatment, and there is room underneath for my fly-sprayer and my bucket I use for weighing fryers.

It is wonderful for your rabbit/s to free range in the garden and the time when you are most likely to see them binky with joy, but you must ensure that the garden is secure (from the rabbits getting out and predators getting in) so its probably best reserved for days where you can keep an eye on them. If a rabbit is deemed wholesome and free from disease,” it gets a USDA inspection mark.

Now, Ayub – dressed in a jacket with a large white rabbit in his arms – tells us about the business – a farm producing rabbit urine. So therefore I will just say I hope that what I have written has been a help to any of you interested in considering a rabbitry, whether commercial or just for your own use. The Plan Exchange no longer exists, but the plans remain on file and are available.

Any rabbit with thick, white (or off white) nasal discharge likely has an upper respiratory infection. The nice thing about our hobby is that when someone has an idea that may work for another person, they are more than willing to share it. If you have a barn that you would like to highlight in a future Dutch Reporter, Consider contacting Dick Gehr for suggestions on how to put your article together. Thing is when we started, we never dreamed purchasing a couple of rabbits as pets would turn into a 30 rabbit operation.

They allow your rabbit to have a comfortable place to sit, while still allowing the droppings and urine to fall through the hutch floor. The smallest size that is almost ever used by a show rabbit breeder is 12 x 24″, and that only for dwarf breed juniors and small bucks. Easy to find – Finding a large rabbit hutch can be difficult, particularly if you don’t want to buy online and pay expensive postage fees. Review of global rabbit genetic resources: Special emphasis on breeding programs and practices in the lesser developed countries.

For people deeply enmeshed in the local food movement, the distance that rabbit traveled from Iowa to Maine pointed to an opportunity to get back to an old family business. The USDA plans generally originated at Land Grant Institutions across the country and were submitted to the Cooperative Farm Building Plan Exchange where they were edited and distributed to all states for use in their Extension education programs. Lastly, this population was recently crossed with our commercial Tamuk NZW line to infuse genes for production for vital traits such as fertility, litter size, milk production, and growth, while adding some additional hybrid vigor as a boost to performance.

Building just one of the projects in this e-book will save you double or triple the cost of DIY Livestock Rabbit Housing. We are a service organization that caters to anyone interested in the rabbit or cavy hobbies on a pet, fancy (exhibition), or commercial level. Outdoor rabbit hutch plans can be built on stilts, use galvanized roofing material or even PVC piping.

Barn Plans – Dano has been building, remodeling, and restoring houses, barns, and out-buildings in California and Hawaii since 1970. I leave a gap at the very top and bottom for airflow and in bad weather will put a roll down cover in the front, sometimes in really bad weather I will also fill a nest-box with straw and put in the cage for the rabbit to keep warm. If you plan to heat your whole bunny barn using electricity, that’s a different story. Easy to adapt – Although some owners go all out creating sheds with insulation, heating and lighting most sheds need very little adaption to make good rabbit houses.

However your barn is set up, it has to be done to adapt to the climate it is in. Our brethren to the south and west have another set of circumstances that are equally challenging with the heat of the summers. However, these plans are mainly for use as planning guides, and you should check with local authorities concerning building code and building permit requirements.