Wood Blade For Angle Grinder?

A unique, precision profiled saw blade designed exclusively for use on angle grinders. Its rather long compared to corded grinders, but its cordless so it didn’t bother me. The kit doesn’t come with any grinding wheels but does come with a 4.5 inch and a 5 inch guard that are easy attached. Keep in mind though, the angle grinder will remove much wood in a hurry, and like all power tools , when using your angle grinder on wood, be certain to wear safety goggles and other appropriate PPE. Also, if the Rotozip bits don’t do it for you, Dremel does have straight cutting small router bits that can be used with the tool.

The 9-amp Bosch 1803EVS is a wonderfully versatile tool with the added benefit of a 2,800- to 11,000-rpm variable-speed dial that really came in handy for more controlled sanding at around 5,000 rpm that didn’t burn the wood or turn the sandpaper into hurtling shrapnel. Since it’s very dangerous to hold a piece of wood when angle grinder carving, it’s necessary to stabilize it. Whenever possible, I use clamps to secure the piece to my workbench.

Orient the grinder so that the wheel spins from the body of the blade toward the edge (refer to the arrow on the body of the grinder to determine which direction the wheel spins). When using an angle grinder, ALWAYS WEAR LEATHER GLOVES, HEARING PROTECTION, AND A FACE SHIELD! I just figured out that I can put a 7 1/4 inch metal cutting blade into my 4 inch grinder. Professional arboriculturalists usually wear safety gear, including a hard hat and protectors for the face and neck when using power saws to chop wood.

Lots of Versatility – Once you get accustomed to the grinder and blade, you will be able to roughly remove large amounts of material and make delicate cuts with ease. Fred we have one of those saws, the blade dont stay sharp and are expensive and it kicks back alot of times but its safer maybe then the grinder looking ones. Those that have used the grinder with wood blade would agree that those teeth on wood blade give it a powerful kick, if you are in a favorable situation for a accident it will happen. Another possible issue with the Lancelot is that it has 22 teeth, many more than other carving disks. Now you can buy Arbortech’s popular mini-carver on its own purpose built grinder.

The US40-01 kit comes with the saw itself, a 3.5″ metal-cutting wheel (US510-01), 4″ carbide wood cutting wheel (US500-01), 4″ wood flush cutting blade US600-01), a 4″ diamond abrasive surface prep wheel (US410-01), a side handle, and kit bag. Mr Green had been using the grinder with the saw blade after encountering problems with his chain saw, the inquest was told. Mercer Silver Lightning is a collection of 27 wood cutting carbide blades for every construction application. This guard will keep your hands from accidentally sliding into a spinning blade.

One more thing I hear craftsmen say all the time they can get more reach with the guard off the grinder. Each brand and model of grinder has a different feel to it and you should find the best feel for you. It would be worth buying a grinder just to remove mortar if you had a lot of tuckpointing to do. Thicker diamond tuckpointing wheels remove old mortar quickly without disturbing or damaging the bricks.

You can buy very inexpensive angle grinders, but for frequent use or for demanding jobs like cutting stucco or cement, I’d recommend spending a little more for a grinder with a more powerful motor (look for a motor that draws 5 to 9 amps). A new ultra thin metal cutting disc generating less heat and so reducing the risk of distortion particularly on thin sheet metal like car bodywork. The chainsaw wheels work great too,but the guard must be used to limit the cutting depth and aggression.

Saburr-Tooth :: Power Carving” rotary tools feature long-lasting, razor-sharp carbide cutting teeth arranged into a unique open pattern to resist loading” while providing the Power Carver” rapid stock removal and smoother finishes. This is purely speculative but there is no harm ensuring that the disk doesn’t rub excessively against the wood and don’t bury it so deep that it can’t cool properly. If you are going to sell a great grinder you also need to sell all of the disposables (discs) that go with it as well.