How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets In 10 Easy Steps

Relaxing in your bathroom begins by surrounding yourself with stylish and sophisticated bathroom cabinets that compliment your interior décor. Pretty sure I’m going to paint the upper cabinets Benjamin Moore’s Decorator’s White – I’ve heard that this color is a winner time and time again from recommendations I’ve read online. Asymmetrical Placement By placing the sink to one side, instead of the middle, this dresser-style vanity provides space for two people to stand and groom simultaneously. Many commercial cabinets have beveled, double-strength glass shelves, but we were too nervous about prying little hands to use anything that might shatter.

I’d like to have a similar finish on the molding we use to frame our super huge bathroom mirror. The bathroom wall color is Sherwin Williams Sea Salt , which looks amazing next to Annie Sloan Paris Grey! Glass is a simple vanity material that has the added advantage of giving more visual space to smaller bathroom areas. This white gloss vanity unitand ceramic basin is a slim-line modern design, ideal for installation in a small bathroom or cloakroom, where space is often at a premium. Your bathroom is your place to refresh and renew yourself and that should begin with your cabinetry project.

Like most of our DIY projects here at Level Up House, this bathroom will evolve over time, starting with the very first step: staining the vanity. Whether you need to learn more space saving ways of folding towels, need to organize the area under your sink or you need a great way to store makeup that keeps it handy, we have a lot of tips for you that will help you to really get that bathroom neat and tidy. A good tip (for those of you without a crazy chalkboard obsession) is to put a little piece of masking tape on the back of your cabinets that reminds you where they go.

Contractors and DIY homeowners can both purchase fully assembled and ready-to-assemble cabinets RTA cabinets are lower in price, because we do not assemble them for you and you save on freight. In the spirit of not spending a fortune on this bathroom, I think I’ll be keeping the stained vanity and finding a nice granite remnant to replace the old countertop, along with an undermount sink and new faucet.

I have a long way to go before this actually looks like a finished piece of furniture, but trim, paint, and hardware will do wonders for this vanity. These are great colors if you are looking to add virtual space to the bathroom or if you just want something a bit elegant to give your bathroom that sleek and clean look. Repeat for the upper cabinets (I’m using two different colors and need to trick out the upper cabs with molding, so that will wait for another day).

Take it all in: the brass faucet has resisted all attempts to fix its leak, the sink lacquer is chipping, the light fixture is straight out of a 1970’s Hollywood dressing room, and the vinyl floor is from a 1980’s hair salon. In both our baths we have wood tops – the main bath that gets more use we installed a sink with a wide rim (a rectangle) so the soap sits right on the sink and I use a saucer for the soap in our bath.

Frame-and-panel construction is used to make up the component parts of many types of furniture including the sides, doors and interior web frames with dust panels that are used on many fine, hand-built pieces of furniture. A client of Seattle remodeling and design firm JAS Design Build , which did the bathroom renovation, purchased it on eBay for $200 and had a carpenter convert it to a bathroom vanity by adding a curved marble top. Once again proving that just about anything looks better painted white, Kate from Centsational Girl shows off her absolutely stunning bathroom make-over.

This is the dresser we decided to make into a vanity: a $79 find from the Salvation Army that I had originally bought to be my nightstand (I thought I needed the storage, but really didn’t, so it sat empty). Here’s the answer to all that inaccessible clutter on the floor of your vanity. The humid environment of a bathroom can produce dramatic expansion problems in woodwork. I did this so that I could attach the furniture leg hardware and the turned feet.

Or you can get one of those kits that turn sink drawers in kitchen cabinets into a flip-out with a narrow plastic holder attached. The last step of this basic build was to connect the three pieces so that it would look like one piece of furniture. We are Western Canada’s bathroom cabinetry manufacturing leader of precision-manufactured bathroom cabinets. A barrel is the perfect DIY vanity in this San Francisco home , as it doesn’t need the addition of legs—just a classy top. Our plan to renovate the bathroom was not just for our own enjoyment, but for resale value as well. Bathroom drawers are second only to junk drawers in their potential for messiness.

The traditional looking SILVERÅN range of bathroom furniture has been designed specifically for smaller bathrooms. As you may remember from this post (where I painted the insides of my cabinets with chalkboard paint), I mentioned that I had just re-painted my cabinets. If a stock vanity is too large for your small bathroom , look to local retailers for a wood table. If you find yourself in the same boat, this do-it-yourself (DIY) bathroom cabinet is just for you.

To get the sides of the shelf slats and the inside sides of the piece evenly, put your finish on the slats and the whole frame before installing the slats. I had just enough (12 sheets) of this mother-of-pearlish mosaic tile waiting to finish the backsplash on this side from my lucky tile purchase at Lowes that we used to tile the wall behind the sink vanity on the opposite side. At DKBC we know that a beautiful and versatile kitchen and bathroom is a crucial part of your home, which is why we make the process as easy as possible.