Picnic Benches & Wooden Picnic Tables Fenton Timber

These are our Amish Country Quality Wooden Picnic Tables and Wooden Folding Tables. Everything is assembled with heavy duty coach screws and plated screws and all of them are hidden underneath the table. You can use a silicone waterproofing sealer, an exterior polyurethane (many so-called polyurethane products actually degrade in ultraviolet light), or a semitransparent exterior wood stain for this purpose. Picnic tables offer a comfortable spot to play family games including board games and cards. You can also use the table in shops, bars, restaurants, cafes, and even offices! Our bench and table selection features classic and modern sets with seats and tables both for indoor and outdoor use. Our custom made furniture also extends to Melbourne largest range of picnic tables.

Our table sets put the finishing touches to your backyard landscape or quiet picnic area in the woods. A Brand New Round Wooden Picnic Bench seating 8. A charming addition to any garden and so practical for all the family or those get together’s with friends. We’re committed to upholding our environmental responsibilities which is why all our wooden picnic tables are manufactured in the UK using timber sourced from sustainable areas. Since 2008 cassecroute builds picnic tables and garden furniture that lasts for generations and which will be the joy of your grand children. This handmade round picnic table is made of reclaimed redwood and stainless steel bolts.

Picnic Table Crafts with the little ones (or big ones) such as painting and tie dyes. This very stylish and super durable picnic bench is a solid performance from eucalyptus wood that is perfect for any garden, at the bivouac or in other forms of spending time in nature. A semitransparent stain would be a good choice in that it will provide protection but also allow some of the wood grain to show through. Our Amish picnic tables are a popular item for our furniture trade sales especially for hospitality outdoor furniture and outdoor restaurant furniture. Cross-leg design and high quality Amish construction highlight this popular picnic table.

For those of you wishing for a longer convertible picnic table bench, above shows how you would use standard eight feet long boards for the tabletops, and simply add an extra leg in the center. When you have a large number of guests, you just pull the bench up to the table. Garden table features: Table size H47, W80, L74, Garden chair features: 2 General features: Weight 50kg. This high-quality wooden garden set contains a beer table and 2 matching benches. When wood filler is completely dry, sand the project in the direction of the wood grain with 120 grit sandpaper.

Picnic tables are a given at restaurants with outdoor dining, campgrounds, parks and even colleges and universities. We recommend that you apply this oil to all wooden components twice a year; this protects the wood against moisture, rot and splitting and prevents the colours from fading. Our picnic table furniture is carefully designed for a variety of outdoor applications, made from an extremely durable and robust construction that’s fully weather treated to withstand all weather conditions.

This handmade garden picnic bench is made of 100% real Western Red Cedar in Texas. The overall width of a table has significance in whether the table becomes a romantic intimate table as with our narrow tables or a social interchange table as with our 1m wide tables. If you are worried about the changing weather outdoors, you should consider getting one of these heavy duty picnic tables.

For sale is BRAND NEW amazing outdoor wooden picnic table:table, two benches, sandbox sandpit, chalkboard in one. We want to make sure when you buy one of our Picnic Tables online from Wayfair, you’re getting the one that’s exactly right for you, whether that’s the 5 Piece Wood Picnic Table Set, the Folding Picnic Table and Bench, or something entirely different and unique to your home. You can make the benches/convertible picnic table longer, but depending on your use, you may wish to add supports.

Bench 180cm also fits the head of the Cassecroute table because the dimensions are identical. A simple garden full of green plants and brick would look like your dream garden with a white garden picnic bench. This nice twist on a picnic table for the backyard was presented on Woodworker Workshop. This handmade garden picnic table is crafted with superior quality red cedar so it is guaranteed to stand the test of time.

We’re able to supply bulk quantities of picnic tables to government bodies such as schools, NHS or the MOD, please contact us with your requirements. The timber has been treated with a brown wood stain then sealed with a clear long lasting acrylic top coat to further prolong life year after year. We also manufacture a large range of commercial outdoor picnic tables made from sleepers.

Start enjoying the sun with your kids as they play in your garden and use the table as their playground. Our benches are made from quality pressure treated, tanilised timber and have 3 bench slats (many of our competitors only use 2) and 5 table slats. For all your benches direct come to the bench warehouse for v decking, decks, decking, chairs, imported patio furniture, walk in benches, barrel benches, dining benches. This colorful Australian-made pallet table is made with wood, timber, and pallet. Choose extra wide benches to give you and your family more room to relax while you eat.

Since we make everything to order, the final shape, wood selection and surface finish is entirely up to you and what will best work with your needs. The wooden materials are first treated with an alkyd-based glaze, which protects the products against UV irradiation and gives them high weather resistance. If you are tired of seeing the same designs of garden picnic tables, you can opt for modern and contemporary designs.

Our range includes: corban, jatham, careen, cottage, classic, entertainer, family fun, forries bar set, love bench, entertainment, benches built, garden pub, outdoor entertainment. With wooden picnic tables Melbourne based specials are sometimes provided to make them even more affordable – especially on volume orders. Choose from a variety of wooden picnic tables, benches and chairs and create attractive seating areas in parks, playgrounds or gardens. This outdoor wooden table has its frame is made from 100x75mm solid ironbark/greygum and the benches and tops are made from 200x50mm solid ironbark.

Picnic tables are traditionally made of wood , but modern tables are often made from plastic , concrete, or metal. Toenail these to hold them in position until the table is flipped over, when you can finish nailing the top. Blow molded plastic picnic tables are becoming more popular because they are lighter, stronger, and less expensive than wooden tables, and require no maintenance.

Nail the 2X4 boards with the 45 degree angle cuts to the bottom of the table top, spaced 4 inches (10 cm) from either end and the third centered between the ends. TK Tables takes pride in building their outdoor picnic tables to the highest quality, and this is often reflected in the feedback and comments that we receive on delivery. Treated wood can be build and it’s ready for outdoors as is. Treated wood can be painted or stained but has to dry out for at least 30-60 days beforehand. If you are not comfortable with chairs without backings, then this picnic bench table is for you.

The beauty and fine craftmanship of our picnic tables and benches will bring years of enjoyment to your family. For most of us dining outdoors is a pleasurable experience and gathering around an outdoor picnic table brings fond memories. We have one size of the Octagon Picnic Tables, one size of the Octagon Pedestal Picnic Tables and then three sizes of the Folding Wooden Tables all in stock ready for your enjoyment! This listing and price is for a 1.2 X 2.4 table with bench seats attached and a coat of decking stain. In the shimmer coated parts, the wood has been treated with primer and shimmer coated.

Since your table will be the focal point you may choose to go with a green or brown neutral color for the stain, paint or polywood. If you choose the picnic bench made with redwood, there will be a clear coat applied to its finish. Compare our Wide-Open Walk-In’s to any other picnic tables in Australia and you’ll see why this will easily be the easiest decision you make today. The outdoor wooden table photographed on the right is 2.4m long and weighs approx 260kg whereas the equivalent treated pine table comes in at under 130kg. You and your guests can admire your herbs, vegetables and flowers growing nearby while relaxing at the outdoor table.