All About Exterior Window Shutters.

Unfortunately, few people understand the complexity of window shutters or the correct way of hanging shutters. Shutters are too narrow to fill window when closed and too long – notice the bottom of shutters extend to the window sill. Historically, native peoples of the Pacific coast prized cedar for its long lasting qualities and used wood and bark from cedar trees for most of their building needs. Western Red Cedar comes from the Coastal Pacific Northwest of North America, which has a short growing season making for a tight grain. Shutters are very popular in locations where houses have windows looking directly out onto the road. So our craftsmen set out to create a fully functional plantation shutter using reclaimed wood.

Ask what its composition is. High grade PVC has excellent properties but is no cheaper & may be more expensive than real wood. To get started on building, first you will need the height dimensions of the window you are going to be mounting the shutter next to. I included the trim in my measurement, but you can make it any size you like. From what I have seen in the New Jersey area, most Victorian and Colonial Revival houses have Edge Mounted Acme Lull & Porter hinges with operable louvered shutters. Start with the shutter – if you like its aged patina, plan to copy it on the rest of the wood.

To complement our range of internal window shutters, we are happy to recommend an industry partner Redishade. Shutters, whether they are going to be functional (mounted on hinges and closed over the window) or not are traditionally sized as if they are functional. Our shutters are manufactured using FSC certified premium grade hardwoods, while we can also offer you an mdf and waterproof Thermalite shutter. By far the most popular color for shutters throughout history is dark green – Benjamin Moore, Essex Green, Gloss to be exact. Most of your options were to buy vinyl shutters or buy the wood and make them yourself.

The shabby white shutters from the porch migrate successfully to the bedroom with a wipe-down and a coating of clear polyurethane to preserve their worn finish. This helps keep the interior cool during the day and warmer in the evening as the heat works its way through the walls. When shutters are in an open position, the louvers will be angled pointing downwards toward the house. Window shutters began to be installed by screwing the shutter onto the siding NEXT TO, instead of directly on top of window casing, and without the use of hinges. We believe that this is the only way to ensure that shutters are fitted to your complete satisfaction.

Measure the shutters that you currently have on your house now (or your windows if your lacking shutters and want to add some). Custom wood shutters can be designed to fit unique shaped windows and are available in a variety of options, including multi-fold panels that allow for full outside views. A few tricks make this stunning DIY headboard The simple square shape makes the upholstery job easy. Thus, if you are looking for Wooden Shutters with particular specification, we can readily deliver these for you. Vinyl shutters are some of the most inexpensive on the market, at $30 to $40 a piece, which can add up quickly.

Building louvered doors hasn’t come up for me yet, but I’ll definitely refer back to this article when it does. But sometimes you just don’t have a pallet on hand or for whatever reason pallet wood won’t work for your project. There are not many places that make shutters today and they’re very expensive; so, maintain your shutters, protect your investment, preserve history, and let your house shine with character.

Goodby House Hello Home shows a great idea for using two shutters with a piece of art in the middle, while Beautiful You and Me shows several shutters lined up next to each other to form a complete headboard. Two single window panels are the perfect alternative to an ordinary headboard To get this look, find windows that measure about the width of your mattress.