You Can’t Live Without A Nursery Chair! Best Brands In Recliners, Rockers And Gliders

Years have passed and the seat cushion of the rocker was in sore need of a makeover. So basically, if you are looking for the best, the highest quality and the most comfortable baby glider, this Shermag glider rocker is the one. I could have climbed in our bed or sat in the old non-rocking decorative Ikea chair that the glider displaced. At first we had the seat cushion coming out at the front of the chair, but I really wanted a slip cover that went under the seat cushion and a separate cover for the cushion so we trimmed off the edges that stuck out and made two foam pieces that went straight down from the arm rest to the seat. Then as I said with the practice slip cover I sewed them together with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

And while I’ve done many feedings on the couch, in the bed, at the kitchen table, wherever, I’ve probably spent HUNDREDS of hours in that amazing chair. Honest to God, that is the most comfortable chair I’ve ever been in, for nursing, for sitting, for sleeping, for rocking a cranky/sick/sleeping infant or child, … the list goes on. Everyone who comes over wants that chair. There are certainly many less-expensive wooden frame glider options available, but of course I fell in love with the overstuffed chair versions.

For the back of the chair we measured how tall we wanted it and then traced out the wood in the back of it with a black sharpie. Priced between $300 and $400, this chair is priced perfectly for the mom who wants luxurious cushioned comfort without breaking the bank. In some situations we ship with UPS, and they will send an email notification, and/or they will make 3 attempts to deliver your product.

Chair gliders make use of the same gliding concept but they are actually padded with cushions, finished with comfortable, soft materials and can even have different gliding systems that mix other functionalities, like a swivel. Kmart has replacement cushions for single seat chairs and rockers that, while in the outdoor patio section, may just fit your glider rocker if you need to save money. _Your chair will see its fair share of spit-up and spills, so make sure the upholstery is up to the task. We bought a metal frame reclining/swiveling glider with padded arms and a high back at Big Lots for $170.

I used sew-on snap closures to hold the opening together (like these ), but if I did this again, I’d use Velcro like I did on the seat cushion (see below) because I think it looks tidier when the slip cover is on the cushion. Wooden rockers have been around for ages, but gliders have recently taken their place as the favorite because of the more subtle, backward and forward movement. The back and forth motion of a glider chair is comfortable for both your baby and yourself and was the secret behind my ‘soul partner’ and my ‘secret naps’.

The chair I used I thought would be ideal; it was a very comfortable office chair with arms and an adjustable seat and everything. Just be careful not to scratch the finished and visible surfaces on the chair with it. However, be careful not to pound too hard, particularly in older rockers, as you might split the wood. Nursery Works nursery rockers are an up and coming brand that is getting popular because of the different techniques they use to make children’s products. You may want to cover them with brightly colored tape to make them more noticeable.