Portable Potting Table Plans Woodworking DIY Plan

Working with a potting bench during gardening season is pure luxury and you’ll find yourself looking forward to puttering away at your own little garden center. When wood filler is completely dry, sand the project in the direction of the wood grain with 120 grit sandpaper. If you make plan to set some stunning plant life with a potting bench in balcony of your property get ready to make a potting bench with reclaimed pallets with the help of pallet potting bench plans. I plan on one of these in due course however, due to finance and space constraints an alternative that I have been employing is a collapsable workmate and clamping a wooden board to the top to create a large, flat, easily cleanable potting bench. Therefore, you have to fill the head of the screws and the holes with a good wood putty.

The plan also includes instructions for building a compost bin and a cold frame – both easy-to-build projects that use similar materials as the potting bench. Filling the holes gives you a bench that is more like a piece of furniture than a work bench. The plans on this website are created by me and are offered for FREE on this website. Keep in mind: This a relatively simple bench to build, but you’ll need to make sure that you’re precise when cutting the sink hole. Of course, if you like to read step-by-step instructions, these are easy enough to follow along throughout the potting bench plan.

A full merchandise refund will be issued on any Wood Plans product returned within 30 days. If you’re thinking about keeping your bench outdoors or in a greenhouse, you’ll want to use pressure-treated lumber. However, a miter saw will ensure perfectly square end cuts, and a table saw is almost essential for cutting the grate slats. Complete plans are available (4 pages of instructions), with an illustrated plan graphic that can be downloaded via pdf ( found here ). This is a portable potting bench for those that have limited space for planting and other dirty garden chores.

Most of the plans on the Web suggest using some type of rot-resistant wood – like cedar, redwood, or at the very least, treated pine. A new line of potting benches at Chicweed, a garden accessories and design boutique in Solana Beach, California, is made from wooden pallets; only the screws are new. Keep in mind: The plans come with detailed instructions on other tools and materials you’ll need as well as instructions on how to properly assemble it.

They were basically two collapsable trestles with a bench made from slaters laths on top. A good potting bench should be functional and something you want to spend time working with your plants. As long as the wood used for the pegs is significantly harder than the wood into which you are driving the peg, it’s possible to challenge this rule. NOTE: Due to outdoor exposure, use only waterproof resorcinol or epoxy glue when assembling the Table. Watering cans and a place to sit and putter are useful additions to a potting bench.

Potting benches are not only a crucial component for tool storages and a work, but also be an excellent way to display your creativity. Another narrower shelf at the top of the back legs and braced with diagonal pieces, and a shelf below for stacking your pots and flats on while you work – congratulations on successfully building your potting bench!

This is another example of a potting bench made primarily from pallet wood that has been creatively reconfigured. The board on the left is the bottom shelf of the potting bench and the board on the right is the top of the potting bench. Our DIY potting bench plans can be simple or complex, made from reclaimed furniture and building materials or have wheels for portability. What was once a workbench in the shop operates just as well outside as a potting bench.

Redwood or Cedar : This is a simple design and perfect for beginner woodworkers, out of all the plans presented here – this one is closest to the one I currently have. Monterey (pdf) : A good starter do-it-yourself project, this is constructed in simple sections, then fastened together with carriage bolts, washers and nuts for easy set up or knock down. If you dismantle three or four pallets, you’ll find you have enough wood for a simple potting bench.

It’s suggested to use pallets that held boxes of tile since they provide the longest and strongest lumber. Put a bead of your construction adhesive (thick enough for the sink top to contact it completely) and then set your sink down into the hole. My client wanted a potting bench for her garden, for seed sowing, transplanting, and potting up cuttings. The free plans to build a Napa Style Inspired European Garden Table are super-simple to construct.

First things first, make sure that you potting bench is square by measuring diagonally accross the back and leveling the legs with a level. If you don’t glue some of the dowels and substitute a hard dense wood for a couple of the components, the bench can be easily disassembled for storage during the winter. It looks professionally made; you’d never know it was your first foray into wood working. One trick to making things easier is to measure, drill and install your screws in place ready to screw into the frame once you have the table frame in place and level.

Sunset Work Center : A table project for the intermediate woodworker, this is another free set of plans made available by Sunset Magazine. Here’s another way to protect garden tools from the weather: place the hanging hooks under the lip of the potting bench. A place not only for potting but keeping items like tags, twist ties, small pots and hand tools.

Note the way the color of the bench blends into the wall behind it. Also, matching baskets can serve as storage for tools, bulbs and seeds as well as functional trugs for carrying supplies out to the beds and for carrying produce and cut blooms to the house. One of the most challenging parts of all the planning was learning that wood lies. Teisl says the potting bench’s 37-inch-high work surface is perfect for potting plants. П˜‰ I actually like yours better than the inspiration piece – it looks sturdier and I like the look of the wood better.

I bought new wood for this – 2x4s, 1x4s, 1x2s – because I didn’t want to dance around with odds & ends of wood. But for a more elegant look, the screws can be counter-bored so the heads are 1⁄4 in. to 3⁄8 in. below the wood surface (a 3⁄8-in. Build a collapsible potting table or BBQ area to provide an extra outdoor surface that can be stored away in the off season. Once you’ve constructed the individual elements, the overall assembly is simple: Just follow the directions on the plans.

Note: The selection of potting bench plans on the Web range from easy-to-build projects – like the Potting Bench / Compost Bin plan from PlansNOW – to a top-of-the line potting bench from Wood magazine. Utilize the space in your garage or shop efficiently with a corner workbench design Mounted to the wall, this bench has a lower tier for storage, while additional shelves and hooks keep the necessary tools and materials close at hand. Additionally, there is not one piece of metal used that would eventually rust and stain the bench. As far as the overall design goes, of all the potting bench plans on the Web, this one from U-Bild may be my favorite.

The downside of this bench is the lack of storage space, although if you want a sink feature, it more than makes up for it. There’s plenty of room to work, but not a lot of storage for your tools. Then I dragged this baby outside because I was never going to be able to move it by myself after I added any more wood to it. If you want to enhance the storage space for the potting bench, we recommend you to attach the 1×2 braces to the back legs, as described in the diagram. I put two screws down through the top of the bench into each leg, then from the side of the bench I put two more screws through the 2 by 4 frame into each leg.

If my Lowe’s had straight 1x6s, the legs and bottom shelf would fit completely inside the table top! Unfinished cedar has some resistance to decay, but the best strategy is to apply a top-quality exterior finish to keep the wood from cracking, splitting and rotting. Hey Steve, I was totally inspired by your video and plans, and even though I’ve never done more than hammer a couple of nails into a 2×4, I posted a request Friday afternoon for any of my FB friends who might have some free pallets. I like your storage bin idea – gonna do that with my potting bench I made from a BBQ table! The bench can now be tipped up onto its legs and the bottom shelf and work surface screwed on.